Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

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22:04 Thu 3/7/2013

Anyone here going? I'm planning on volunteering!

beers 85 º places 44 º 05:35 Fri 3/8/2013

I was going, was working every event at 2 booths. Really looking forward to it, but have other plans now and will be in Europe when the event is on.

beers 387 º places 178 º 11:08 Fri 3/8/2013

Edmonton Beer Festival or a trip to Europe. How did you ever make the decision what to do Sid, flip a coin:)

beers 85 º places 44 º 14:20 Fri 3/8/2013

It was a tough choice....it really was (n't). How could I pass up the chance to go to our wineries in Penedes, Montilla & Douro? Thankfully, I'm back just in time for the EBGA Cask Day 2013....now that I can't miss.

beers 3733 º places 34 º 17:12 Fri 3/8/2013

I might go... not sure.

beers 387 º places 178 º 19:54 Fri 3/8/2013

Until then there is the DdC take over the tap event at Underground next weekend. I will post the list when all is finalized, all the beer is in Edmonton but there are some details making Underground and us anxious. For those who attended the last one at Accent Lounge there 12 are different beers this time and bourbon aged Peche is one of them.

beers 2521 º places 54 º 21:44 Fri 3/8/2013

I'm going to Europe this summer so I wont be attending. But I will be attending Copenhagen Beer Festival. :)

beers 85 º places 44 º 22:52 Fri 3/8/2013

Mike, will you be at Underground?

beers 387 º places 178 º 00:23 Sat 3/9/2013

Sid yes, once again logistics not figured out yet but probably up in Edmonton Saturday or Sunday night for sure.

Patrick that festival is insane from all I heard from the DdC boys. Make sure to get out Mikkeller's bar in the red light district which we have been to and their store although expensive has tons of rare cool stuff from great American and global breweries. Also you will see the Dane's love of european wieners which is a little odd.

beers 2521 º places 54 º 10:22 Sun 3/10/2013

The hostel I booked is literally 15 steps from Mikkeller bar. I'm also visiting de Molen, Cantillon and a few others in Belgium I haven't decided upon.

beers 387 º places 178 º 11:21 Sun 3/10/2013

Talk to me before you go. If need be will help you with setting up some brewery visits and don't bump your head entering the Mikkeller bar.