RBAG 2013?

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Hey Alberta! Are we going to gather in 2013 for another loaded tasting?

We should. I am going to be trading and travelling my way to a pretty nice selection by the end of July. Hitting up Portland.

Comment if you are interested and maybe we can get the ball rolling to pick a month.


beers 1283 º places 2 º 20:33 Fri 4/26/2013

Yes I like the way you think!!!

beers 85 º places 44 º 21:20 Fri 4/26/2013

+1 to the above .

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Been meaning to float out this exact idea-- thanks Graham for getting the discussion going.

It goes without saying that I would be happy and honoured to host again! However I am very aware that Medicine Hat is quite a long way to travel for some of you, so I am open to other suggestions too. Part of my delay in getting disussion rolling is that we are still sorting out our family summer plans. Should have it figured out in the next couple of weeks though.

I have a huge stash of brews again-- just got back from Chicago and carted home 26 bottles of various awesomeness, all of which are totally for sharing. Going to Vegas next week, then Montreal in June, so there will be more to come.

I will post my blackout weeks and my best-fit weeks soon. Meanwhile, everyone check their schedules and post what DOESN'T work, then we can build from there.


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I am doing a SoCal trip Aug 1-8, so preferably after that if you want fresh Alpine goodies.

beers 3713 º places 34 º 08:01 Sat 4/27/2013

99% sure I would attend..

beers 85 º places 44 º 07:57 Mon 4/29/2013

I don't mind being the driver again, if we're travelling to the next event. I get too bored being a passenger!

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I don't mind being a passenger - although I can also drive my vehicle which seats 5 comfortably (and another 2 a bit tight). With plenty of room for beer.

I can't do July 8 - 19 or August 1 - 11. The rest is fair game.

I would be happy to travel to Medicine Hat again; however, if that doesn't work for some reason we can do it in Edmonton at my house. I already know I have been out-hosted on just about every level but proximity. I'm not about to challenge Duff for the hosting crown. I'll happily be a Plan B though.

beers 85 º places 44 º 09:32 Mon 4/29/2013

Only weekend I can't do is Aug 24/25. Got a driving job going to wineries in Washington & Portland.

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beers 10549 º places 339 º 10:02 Mon 4/29/2013

Originally posted by gramity
Here are the choices of weekends: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiP8mdneZ0o3dDB0SVBYcGJMYnFJWV91X3BLRjZKNWc&usp=sharing

Add a "No" to any you can't do.

Fuck your accountant skills ROCK!
Need some info organized? There's a Google spreadsheet for that!

...but I can't get it to accept changes .

Little help here?