2nd Annual Sour, Berliner Weisse & Lambic Festival

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beers 92 º places 124 º 11:37 Sun 5/5/2013
beers 1383 º places 21 º 14:53 Wed 5/8/2013

I missed last year’s. There’s no way I’m missing out this time! This sounds like too much fun.

beers 92 º places 124 º 17:00 Wed 5/8/2013

Going to be some great beer!!

beers 92 º places 124 º 08:08 Sun 5/19/2013
beers 1069 º places 32 º 11:30 Sun 5/19/2013

I only drink Florida Weisse

beers 92 º places 124 º 02:57 Mon 5/20/2013

And anything CCB!!

beers 1069 º places 32 º 08:07 Mon 5/20/2013

Originally posted by PaulUnwin
And anything CCB!!

Don’t forget 7venth ;)

beers 92 º places 124 º 11:05 Mon 5/20/2013

How could I ever forget 7venth Sun, there’s going to be a whole lot of blending going on!!

beers 353 º places 18 º 12:10 Thu 6/13/2013

Hello, if anyone is interested in going to this using the cigar city brew bus let me know. I bought one for a friend who had to leave town unexpectedly. It leaves cigar city at 1, complementary beer on the bus, includes entry to the fest, and complementary beer back at 6:30. It normally sells for 60, but I would hate for this to go to waste so if anybody wants to offer me something (cash or some good beer) they can have it, we can meet at cigar city saturday and settle up. Please send me a message if your interested, and if you know someone who would be let them know. Thanks, cheers!


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