New brewpub in Helsinki

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beers 18106 º places 345 º 03:02 Mon 5/6/2013

Notice that there is new brewpub in Helsinki, in the middle of touristic centre of the city:

Currently their two beers are brewed by Saimaan Juomatehdas (which has connections to owners), but they have already started their own production. So own beers are available in few weeks. They serve also other Finnish micros on tap.

beers 9357 º places 1569 º 08:18 Fri 6/14/2013

and what a brewery they are! one of the best unfiltered pilsners of the entire trip, and that includes nearly two weeks in Franconia. the weizen was solid, as was the alt. the brown ale was a stinker, though, given the different brewing system that’s not a surprise. if you’re a fan of zwickel pilsner, give this one an honest go.

beers 16953 º places 627 º 04:22 Sat 6/15/2013

Agree. Lovely stuff - the Alt was a perfect match for my tastebuds.

They also have a BB03/2015 Laitilan Imperiaali. I don’t know when it was brewed, but it’s aging *excellently* - I highly recommend everyone getting a rerate there, I just pushed the beer over my 4.0 "wow" threshold.

beers 10859 º places 709 º 21:29 Sun 7/21/2013

I’ll make sure to stop by on my next visit for sure!