Le Trou du Diable invades Alberta!

Reads 440 • Replies 7 • Started Sunday, June 9, 2013 3:13:30 PM CT

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beers 387 º places 178 º 15:13 Sun 6/9/2013

Their Shawinigan Handshake, Saison Tracteur, Pitoune, Sang-d’Encre should be in stores later this week. Their IPA the Mosure will be available as draft only offering at Alberta’s better beer bars in the next week or two weeks with these other fine draft offerings their Shawinigan Handshake, Saison Tracteur and Pitoune.

beers 387 º places 178 º 07:44 Mon 6/10/2013

Looks like there will be a mini tap over the tap event at Three Boars this week as an off site Edmonton beer fest event.

beers 10667 º places 346 º 08:12 Mon 6/10/2013

Do you know when this is happening? I’ll be up there Thursday and Friday night, returning home Saturday. Would love to get in on this.

beers 387 º places 178 º 12:03 Mon 6/10/2013

Tony sure it will be happening by Thursday, will post up to the minute details as they happen.

beers 387 º places 178 º 11:37 Wed 6/12/2013

Tony here is your up to the minute. Three Boars plans on putting the kegs on Friday and running them through the weekend until they run dry. They may have some of the beers on Thursday.

There is also a Charlevoix event at Edmonton’s Beer Revolution Lupulus, Milk Stout and Saison on tap at their booth at the fest and on tap at Beer Revolution.

beers 10667 º places 346 º 11:44 Wed 6/12/2013

Sweet! Thanks Mike.

beers 1706 º places 70 º 09:52 Thu 6/20/2013

God I am so happy about this!!! !!!! !!!! !!!

beers 387 º places 178 º 22:54 Sat 6/22/2013

Thanks Kyle. The Pitoune is so insane.

Hope you, your family, your dog and the store are okay.