Looking for a post-BCTC ride from Cooperstown->Schnectady or Albany

Reads 300 • Replies 4 • Started Tuesday, June 11, 2013 8:14:52 AM CT

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beers 2360 º places 104 º 08:14 Tue 6/11/2013

Hoping to meet up with my parents who will already be on vacation at Lake George in the Adirondacks that weekend. If I can get to Schnectady or Albany I can get to Lake George somehow. Will anyone be heading through Schnectady or Albany after BCTC? Alternatively, any Vermont Ratebeer people who might be coming to BCTC I should get in touch with?

Cheers & thanks,

beers 6103 º places 423 º 16:47 Thu 6/13/2013

Yo Rudy, depends if I’m going... Who is going from NY? Is Spider Bite pouring at BCTC?

beers 5073 º places 31 º 14:32 Fri 6/14/2013

Originally posted by Glouglouburp
Yo Rudy, depends if I’m going... Who is going from NY? Is Spider Bite pouring at BCTC?

I dont think we are pouring, but if I go, I could give you a ride towards Albany on Sunday. Still not sure if I will show up though. It will be a last minute decision I think.

beers 13188 º places 578 º 16:18 Fri 6/14/2013

I’m definitely going, and I think I’m just going by myself. And I can definitely give you a ride to Albany or Schenectady.

beers 6103 º places 423 º 11:56 Mon 7/8/2013

I was told by someone close to the source (almost sexually close) that the mighty Spider Bite wasn’t pouring at BCTC this year. According to this Spider Bite is in fact pouring at BCTC
Can anybody confirm/deny this?