Birmingham Beer Bash 26-27 July

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beers 7690 º places 620 º 07:22 Wed 6/12/2013

Tickets on sale here:

Four sessions: some interesting breweries lined up.


04:09 Wed 7/17/2013

Soooooooo who else is coming?

beers 10917 º places 1174 º 04:25 Wed 7/17/2013

Indietracks Music Festival that weekend for me, so sorry but I’ll not be there.

beers 13 º 04:34 Wed 7/17/2013

I’ll be going. Most likely will just be doing the Friday evening session.

beers 3943 º places 15 º 05:15 Wed 7/17/2013

I should be there.

beers 13500 º places 44 º 05:37 Wed 7/17/2013

Anyone know what the token to beer ratio is?

beers 120 º places 11 º 06:16 Wed 7/17/2013

Aye will be there Friday first session :) the cracking open a mikkeller Stella 3 and 4 afterwards with some friends :)

06:23 Wed 7/17/2013

we are friends

beers 4546 º places 334 º 11:04 Wed 7/17/2013

Up to the minute beer list:

Keep checking for more updates


beers 4546 º places 334 º 11:10 Wed 7/17/2013

Also, I believe someone called Ryan Witter of some outfit called Siren Craft Brew, will be delivering a fantastic tasting of 5 of their beers, on Saturday evening.

Sounds quite good.

beers 7690 º places 620 º 11:53 Wed 7/17/2013

Had to bottle out: not going.