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This july iím going to Norway on a trip, and I have a few questions for norwegians:
1-Good places to drink/buy beer? Iíve seen on this site Cardinal, handverkerstuene, patricks pub og restaurant,...
2-Any problems with taking some beer bottles to spain? And taking them from Spain to Norway? (I know thereís a limit of 5 liters for beer below 4.7ļ, what if my beer is above that? I apply the limit of the wine?)
3-Bars/restaurants sell beer bottles to take away?
Thanks in advance
PD. iíll go from Trondheim to the south.

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Iíll leave #1 to those familiar with places in Trondheim.

For #2 5 liters is correct if beer is the only alcohol you bring, but thereís really no limit at 4,7%, as long as itís classified as "beer". So bringing stouts at say 10% is no problem. (There might be an exception for destillated beer such as Sink The Bismarck etc, not sure about that).

For #3 Bars and restaurants are not allowed to sell any alcohol for takeaway.

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I think RB places is quite representative for good pubs, just be aware that for many of these places the regular staff are on holiday in July so the summer staff might not be fully up to speed regarding what they sell or could recommend. In addition for week-ends and most of the summer the party people rules most of the town with their need for the local lagers and make it even more difficult to have a chat with the barkeeper so you would probably not have the same experience as the regulars for most of these places.

We donít have any real good bottle shops as they are not allowed to sell beers above 4,7% ABV so the state monopoly is actually the best place to shop. Their web site shows where they are located under BUTIKKER on the right side here You could also find other useful information here such as witch shops has what beer in stock, but you probably need a little help if you donít read Norwegian.

If youíre interested in visiting breweries I have made a simple map that close to updated. Be aware that many of these breweries are really small and sometimes have limited opening hours. You would not find so much more information in my map than the location, so itís best used together with the RB places section.

If youíre visiting Bergen you must definitively visit ďHerik Ýl og vinstoveĒ, one of my favourites.

Please keep posting when expecting to be at any particular place or town if youíre interesting in meeting any of the local ratebeerians. They are all great and would show up if possible.

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All the best beer places in Norway will be found in RateBeerís "Places" section.

Bringing beer to Spain wonít very likely be a problem.

You can bring 2 liters of beer duty free to Norway (regardless of strength, AFAIK), or 5 liters if you donít bring any wine or strong liquor / spirits. You can bring much more (canít remember the exact volume now, but more than you can pack in a normal suitcase) if you go through customs in the red zone, and pay duty / tax for the amount exceeding the duty free allowance.

Bars and restaurants are definitely not allowed to sell bottles for takeaway. Doing so would jeopardize their licence.

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Thanks to all.
One last question, al vinmonpolet shops have the same beer or there are ones better than others?
Itís going to be a very busy trip, but if someone wants to meet and/or do an IP trade, Iíll go to oslo, bergen, stavanger, trondheim and many other cities.

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Vinmonopolet in Vika (Oslo) and Valkendorfsgate (Bergen) is definitely the best. If you stop by these two the other ones arenít really worth visiting imo.

And bringing beer back to Spain is no problem.

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If you go to Stavanger, I might be able to meet you for a drink or possibly a trade. I work at Cardinal, but will have some days off during summer to spend in my cabin.

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Have you planned your stay yet? If you come to Bergen, Iíd love to organize a tasting for you or at least have a beer or two at Henrik, the best beer place in Bergen.

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You can bring 5 liters of beer per person without paying taxes, and then up to 27 liters (if you can get that much in your checked in luggage :) ) extra per person at a rate of 20 NOK per liter.

Vinmonopolet info in English:

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Thanks once again. In a few days iíll know the dates and places iíll visit, so we can arrange any meeting with local ratebeerrians.

beers 2860 º places 108 º 13:34 Sun 6/30/2013

Sorry for the delay, here are dates & places:
So if any ratebeerian wants to meet/trade, now is the time to arrange it.
Pd. Iíve only listed most important cities. Iím visiting some other places, from tromso to the south. If there is any ratebeerian on any other place who wants to meet, just ask.