BrewDog: Haway Man, get a grip

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beers 725 º places 36 º 05:04 Thu 6/13/2013

Upon reading this: earlier today, I can safely say that BrewDog has taking pisser-pulling and chain-yanking to all new heights.

Anyone else feel that they should just get back to brewing some bloody beer and quit this intolerable media-focused shite?

beers 19341 º places 37 º 05:09 Thu 6/13/2013

I don’t bother reading anything any more about BrewDog’s stunts, I just turn up to the bars in London and drink anything new that’s on.

beers 22327 º places 1044 º 05:21 Thu 6/13/2013

First of all, it looks like this new project is ’separate from BrewDog’ beer or something. But anyway...

Generally speaking, I like BrewDog beer. I don’t really pay any attention to their marketing nonsense; however, their marketing nonsense has attracted countless fans to their brand (who knows, perhaps even to their beer!) and allowed the company to grow at an astronomical rate. I cannot imagine any reason why they would stop with their social media overload. It’s working for them and I’ll bet they pick up 10 new customers for every beer geek like us that they annoy.

I think BrewDog makes some excellent beers. The only time I have to come up against the gimmicky aesthetic they put out is when I go to BrewDog bars. I will admit, though, that I go to BrewDog bars less and less now since they are all but unvisitable in the evenings (crowded, loud and noisy, the people are mostly obnoxious, etc.) and the prices BrewDog charge for their beers are well outside the range I would consider normal. It’s a pity, but so it goes.

I’ll keep drinking BrewDog beers because many of them are good (and some great). And while I’m not crazy about their marketing practices, I don’t blame them for continuing on the course they have charted.

05:23 Thu 6/13/2013


beers 120 º places 11 º 05:27 Thu 6/13/2013

totally agree, let the beer do the talking! look at kernel for example good beer and no noticable advertising!

beers 21656 º places 720 º 05:29 Thu 6/13/2013

What a load of baloney

beers 20636 º places 1046 º 05:40 Thu 6/13/2013

As Leighton touched on, all my trips to Brewdog bars have been afternoon jobbies, always been and gone by 5.30pm before the hipsters descend!

beers 25992 º places 405 º 05:50 Thu 6/13/2013

to be honest im finding them more and more mediochre, the market has caughtup and passed them.

and the marketing isnt even different any more, its just been there done that already.

beers 5302 º places 174 º 06:33 Thu 6/13/2013

what did the article say..its disappeared now...

beers 7065 º places 28 º 06:37 Thu 6/13/2013

Originally posted by Theydon_Bois
As Leighton touched on, all my trips to Brewdog bars have been afternoon jobbies, always been and gone by 5.30pm before the hipsters descend!

My one and only trip to BrewDog Camden was last year and it was 3pm-5pm mid-week - it was fairly quiet, the staff were chatting with one another but quite friendly, I did not feel rushed, out of place or surrounded by hipsters. I plan on a return visit this August, but at approximately the same time of a weekday. I never read their PR nonsense, or anyone else’s for that matter. Their beers are hits and misses and homer runs and strikeouts (sorry - sixes and LBWs) - just like most breweries, with or without the attitude. I anticipate at least 6-8 BrewDog ticks this visit.

beers 25992 º places 405 º 06:43 Thu 6/13/2013

Originally posted by Beersiveknown
what did the article say..its disappeared now...

oh i suspect be back at 6pm when it was meant to go up :-)

but media garbage

they have made a lower abv version of bismark and are marketing it as a cool hip new never done before spirit.