FAO admin - Five Points Brewing - beer deleted that I added ?

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beers 20462 º places 1044 º 13:40 Fri 6/14/2013

Now I might have gone mad but I’m sure I added a beer I picked up last week as ’Five Points Trial Brew London Porter East Kent Goldings’ @4.8% ABV.

Came to rate it tonight and it’s been wiped.

It’s not ...[URL=" http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/five-points-first-brews-no2-porter/210001/" target="_blank" target="_blank" http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/five-points-first-brews-no2-porter/210001/[/URL]

It was clearly labelled ’Trial Brew’ as per other beers that exist under Five Points and it is some 14.2% greater in ABV over the one I linked above.

Anyone any thoughts ?

beers 19189 º places 37 º 13:56 Fri 6/14/2013

Try contacting Chriso or Maeib direct, I know they were working on them as they are extremely confusing.