Woodman’s Waukesha Now Open!

Reads 412 • Replies 4 • Started Friday, June 14, 2013 8:02:38 PM CT

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beers 995 º places 20 º 20:02 Fri 6/14/2013

Hi everyone!
I’m proud to say that Woodman’s has officially opened a new store in Waukesha at the corner of Main and 164. We already have some pretty interesting brews in the store and our beer distributors have lists of other beers that are in the progress of making their way to the shelf. I hope to see a few of you in the store as I love to chat with people that know their beers. If you ever have any questions or special requests feel free to message me anytime as I am the one that will be doing the purchasing!


beers 6099 º 20:49 Fri 6/14/2013

OMG! That place went up fast.

beers 13869 º places 136 º 08:30 Mon 6/17/2013

wait so a woodmans with an actual beer guy?

beers 995 º places 20 º 17:16 Mon 6/17/2013

I try to be. I’ll be the first to admit it’s difficult to balance a liquor store with a great beer selection when you have to do all the buying for wine and hard liquor as well. Thankfully for the craft beer side I was given a good bunch sales people that are on the same page as me. I love drinking good beer and trying new stuff as much as the next person on here so that greatly helps when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

beers 2046 º places 163 º 14:51 Wed 6/19/2013

I’ll definitely be stopping by!