Sydney - Brisbane - Melbourne - Geelong - Tasmania

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My original message
has been frozen, likely due to it being so long ago since I posted first, so Iíll do a new one.

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Originally posted by fletchfighters
if you feel like trading while in Sydney. Hit me up. Or can do a bottle share as well.
Do suggest a sweater for Sydney. Currently 18 here and nights get down to 7-8 in the city. Insulation is terrible here. Always cold in the house.

Iíll be backpacking for 5 weeks, so donít think Iíll have any room o bring beers :(
Wouldnít mind sharing some bottles when Iím in Sydney or just meeting up at some brew pub or beer bar.
Seems Saturday 13th of July is the only day that Iím busy so far, 10th to 12 th and 14th to 17th Iíll be beer hunting around the city.

Have heard about the cold, so planning to bring some clothes to keep me warm as well, thanks for the heads up!

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Originally posted by hawthorne00
Not so into trading, but if youíre free sometime in Melbourne and would like to meet, give me a yell.

Iíll be beer hunting with a mate of mine, but always fun to meet up with other ratebeerians!
Likely busy Saturday 27th July, but 25-26 and 28-31 is more beer hunting around the city.

Singapore July 8-9
Sydney July 10-17
Brisbane July 18-24
Melbourne July 25-31
Geelong August 1-3
Devonport August 4
Launceston August 5-6
Hobart August 7-9
Sydeny August 10

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Is Red Tape Brewing Co. that do the beers for King St. Brewhouse and Restaurant in Aydney by Darling Harbour really not at all in the database?

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Itís quite possible. I went there and found it rebranded but not yet brewing. Looking at notes, I had a Fat Jackís Stout there, but apparently never got around to adding it.

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Ok, thanks!

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Sydney and Brisbane have ben good to me, off for Melbourne tonight and some more beer hunting for a week.

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Bells Hotel in south Melbourne doesnít brew any longer, edited the place to a bar, guessing the brewey should be set to retired?

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James Squire Brewhouse @ Waterfront City in Melbourne no longer brew at that site, only a JS tap room with some extra macro taps on.

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Yep Bells should definitely be retired.

They never actually brewed at the JS Brewhouse. They used to get beer from the one in the city (probably rebadged) but now they donít even have that. It actually shut down completely for a while, so there was probably a change of ownership or something.