Mass online Tasting / Memorial to Simon

Reads 2989 • Replies 123 • Started Wednesday, July 3, 2013 10:55:15 AM CT

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beers 26100 º places 405 º 10:55 Wed 7/3/2013

Its been a while since we had a mass tasting

and the 26th of this month is 5th Aniversarry of me meeting Simon

So heres the Suggestion (and i know its a friday)

anyone that wants to take part. Go find a Beer simons rated, You have 1234 to choose from. Pick one that suits you.

Dont tell anyone till the night.

Then we can all get together, raise a toast and talk good times and why we chose the beer we did.

Ive added an event (as either way i’ll be drinking at toast to our meeting)

beers 19425 º places 37 º 11:06 Wed 7/3/2013

Wow Craig just Wow.

Fantastic idea and I will be there.

beers 7536 º places 720 º 11:11 Wed 7/3/2013

Good call. I’ll do my best to participate.

beers 8749 º places 12 º 11:19 Wed 7/3/2013

If I can I definitely will join in. It’s a great idea Craig.

beers 19425 º places 37 º 11:38 Wed 7/3/2013

Anyone who doesn’t know who we are talking about, it’s Simon H Johnson (twitter name Simonhjohnson), known on the beer scene as Haddonsman

See his user profile and as Craig says pick any of the beers he has rated and drink it on Friday 26th June.

Simon unfortunately passed away at the too early age of 44 in May and is a much missed part of the UK beer scene.

Without doubt the funniest, wittiest and erudite member of this site I have ever met. And that really is saying something.

The Sheffield Tap on Platform 1 of Sheffield Station just won’t be the same without him.

beers 3760 º places 321 º 13:06 Wed 7/3/2013

I’ll have to give it a try but of course that is the one weekend this month I am not around Derby (where it would be hard to throw a stone without finding one).

beers 158 º places 80 º 15:30 Wed 7/3/2013

I’m in the country so will endeavour to take part... Making sure to choose one I’m ’allowed’ to rate under site rules of course

Incidentally there might be a small beer event in Simon’s memory next month in the people’s republic, more details when known/confirmed

Great idea, I will be there.

beers 10980 º places 1176 º 14:00 Thu 7/4/2013

We will be at Indietracks a small music festival with numerous Indie Bands at a Heritage Railway station, free steam train trips during the w/e with one of the stages actually the bands playing on the trains. The festival is nr Ripley, Derbyshire, probably just 12-15 miles from where Simon lived, I think he’d approve. I will certainly raise a glass and take part, a lovely idea Craig :-)

beers 3145 º places 1 º 16:12 Thu 7/4/2013

Excellent idea, Craig......I’ll have a rummage through his list (Who is going to do #1234????)

beers 10980 º places 1176 º 21:22 Thu 7/4/2013

Just been reading some of Simons reviews Brewdog Ipa is Dead Sorachi Ace and Magic Rock Human Cannonball made me chuckle. However as for beers to try well I have plenty of Rochefort 10s which sit top of tree and I also have some Bracia which I kniw he absolutely loved and its a great rating btw, that sits 2nd on the list and I still have one of the original bottles that he would have rated so maybe I should crack open that.