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Im in 2 minds about what to do for my holiday this year. One is to hit either new york or san francisco, and iv posted in the local forms there to ask for advice so no need to chip in about those.

My other option is some sort of Bamberg-Plzen-Prague over 10 days. Anyone ever done this? Any advice on it?


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Is the US trip more a holiday with the other half as opposed to a beer holiday?

Consider whether you plan to head back soon and how long you plan spending over there. I regularly do 2 destinations in the states so 5 or 6 nights in SF then 3 in NY would be about right.

Youíll pick up an internal flight for around £100-£125 between the two.

As for the other trip my knowledge lies solely in Bamburg and surrounding areas.

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Done both NY and San Fran. Both awesome, both completely different. San Fran in laid back, and little more easy going these days. Youíll need a car to get around. You can drive up to Napa and Sonoma as well.

NY is more intense, cooler, more attitude. You can get around on public transport and thereís loads to do but hotels are way more epxensive than west coast. Advantage is itís only a few hours away.

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Tom, what time of year are you planning to go?

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Originally posted by EdKing
You can get around on public transport and thereís loads to do but hotels are way more expensive than west coast.

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Originally posted by MannyGoldberg
Originally posted by EdKing
You can get around on public transport and thereís loads to do but hotels are way more expensive than west coast.

Whatís the status of airbnb in NYC? It was on shaky ground for a bit.

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Yeah itís illegal but Iíve never run into any issues. Iíve only ever rented apartments, not rooms, and agreed a story up front that Iím house sitting while the real owner/tenant is out of town.

You need to vet the person youíre renting from quite closely. Read the reviews, ask loads of questions etc. That might seem obvious but you end of having to contact loads of places as a lot of them wonít be available for whatever reason. And vice versa you need to make sure your profile is appealing to anyone whoís considering renting out their home to you.

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For Bamberg you can fly to Frankfurt, Nurenburg or Munich and catch a train from there. Or you can go by train, you can do London St Pancras to Bamberg in about 8 hours or do what I do which is break my journey half way, Cologne or Dusseldorf on the way down.

I now think Bamberg is my favourite beer destination in the world. Itís really cheap, Ä2.40 for a half litre in the city, Ä2.00 in the countryside. Accommodation is reasonable too. Itís beautiful to look at, especially the old town. Itís relatively small so even I managed to walk from Spezial Keller at one end of town to Keesman at the other in the space of time it took to listen to 4 R.E.M. songs. Itís bike friendly if you want to hire a bike at Ä9.50 a day. Everyone understands English. Pubs and breweries open from around 09.00.

The quality of the beer is amazing.

But there were 2 things I liked most last time.

One, I went back fearing that my first visit was with rose tinted specs and the second visit would be less good. I was wrong. The 2nd trip was better.

Second, hiring a bike and touring the bierkellers on Saturday was one of the best days Iíve had beer drinking. Simply joyous. Visiting new villages, new breweries and making new friends on the Sunday was equally wonderful. The people are just so friendly and generous.

Plzen, well youíve been before, depends on whether you can drag yourself away from the pawn channel in the hotel!!

Prague, speak to Gazza. He swears by the place.

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Loved San Francisco and New York the latter I have revisted, but San Francisco was qiite a few years ago now. If you go to the States hook up with the locals, we met up with them in New York and had a great night, there are some fantastic pubs and it is an incredible city, I have really loved it both times.

Love Prague but its been a few years now since last trip, Bamberg is brilliant, as Ian suggests get a bike and get out and about the countryside is lovely and every village appears to have its own brewery and by and large most of them are damn good, prices are unbelievably cheap as well. Bamberg is just great, a world heritage site I believe, beautiful city and enough to keep you occupied. Btw BobinLondon is very, very knowledgable on Bamberg he has been going every year for many, many years and really knows the place inside-out.

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Donít go to Milton Keynes. Itís worse than everyone says it is.

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Iím hoping to go Praha soon to see a mate in Brno. I believe Mario also visits Prague a few times. Itís a very cheap and reliable City. I love the place.