new WI taps..

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Water Street- Black IPA...pretty nice

Delafield Brewhaus- Imperial IPA (dry hopped with citra,cascade,simcoe, Delooz-N_It Grand Cru
(The Imperial IPA was certainly one of the better beers Iíve had there, but with such disgusting offerings as their Kolsch and Mango Lager, Iíll be sure to steer clear of DBH for awhile)

American Sky- Citra Pale Ale, Red Rye, Wit
(Wasnít that impressed with anything here..the Citra Pale Ale was nice though)

Lazy Monk Brewing- Amber Lager, Maibock
This place is making some phenomenal lagers...Slovakian brewmaster is nailing it.

Tyranena- Cherry Saison
not as good as it sounds.

Milwaukee Ale House- 1892 Rauchbier
havenít had this one yet but am eager

what else is new and interesting?