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beers 16494 º places 1458 º 07:55 Tue 7/23/2013

With the great success and leftovers from RBAG we are already looking at another in Edmonton. Ferfie and myself will be both back from California with some fresh IPA’s and other goodies.

We are looking at Aug 10, with a location TBA. Anyone want to volunteer a big back yard? Under 6 people my place is a go.

Gramity, do you mind working your spreadsheet magic for dates, attendees and beers to bring? To keep things manageable, no more than 10 bottles per person.

beers 16494 º places 1458 º 07:55 Tue 7/23/2013

Oops 2013.1, cant edit header

beers 85 º places 44 º 09:03 Tue 7/23/2013

I can get around 10 in my apartment, but I only have a balcony. The offer is there though. August 10 works well for me.

beers 3827 º places 35 º 09:07 Tue 7/23/2013

I’m available for Aug 10th.

beers 1684 º places 40 º 09:38 Tue 7/23/2013

I may be free August 10th. I’ve got to check and see if my place is available though. If so, I have lots of space in the house and lots of space in the yard.

Either way, I’ll work you some spreadsheet magic.

I can tell you right now that August 17th works better for me (wife is working on Aug 3 and 17th but off the 10th). I still might be able to make the 10th work though.

beers 10664 º places 346 º 09:40 Tue 7/23/2013

I’ll be a passive observer while you guys figure it out. I’m the odd man out, coming from th Hat, so whatever you decide on, I will try to bend my sched to fit, as I DO want to make this!

beers 1684 º places 40 º 09:50 Tue 7/23/2013

Here’s the spreadsheet:


It would be awesome if the 3rd or 17th worked instead but if it’s the 10th I’ll see what I can do.

beers 1022 º places 2 º 10:57 Tue 7/23/2013

I’m in for the 10th but I’ll be in BC on the 17th.

beers 3827 º places 35 º 11:08 Tue 7/23/2013

I’ll be campin the weekend of the 16th.

beers 1684 º places 40 º 12:11 Tue 7/23/2013

Looks like the 3rd is shaping as possible so far. Ferris - will you be back by then?

beers 16494 º places 1458 º 16:12 Tue 7/23/2013

Sorry, I am not back till the 7th.