Shitty Beer Night!

Reads 2226 • Replies 80 • Started Tuesday, July 23, 2013 3:18:03 PM CT

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beers 7672 º places 620 º 15:18 Tue 7/23/2013

During August I intend to have my own private ’Shitty Beer Tasting’, you however can also play: just have a line up shittier or equal to mine. No date yet, I’ll let you know.

These are the beauties I’ve got ready so far, six of the very best ’Shittiest Beers’: I hope the wife helps me out!

Cuvana (Rum flavoured)
Sombrero (Tequila flavoured)
Desperados Red (don’t ask what flavour)
Melville’s Craft Lager (the Raspberry one)

And my Polish ’piece de resistance’;

Two Karmi bottles (bought without the aid of glasses)
1st The Classic (0.5%ABV)
2nd The Malinowa Pasja (0.5%ABV and Raspberry flavoured)


beers 3937 º places 15 º 15:38 Tue 7/23/2013

Well, I’m down with this idea. Sure I can find some shitty ciders at b+m.

beers 7672 º places 620 º 15:53 Tue 7/23/2013

Originally posted by tommann
Well, I’m down with this idea. Sure I can find some shitty ciders at b+m.

It’s called a ’Shitty Beer Night’ Tom: have your own ’Shitty Apple Juice Evening’!

(Smiley face thingy, with an apple up it’s arse)


beers 1701 º places 129 º 16:35 Tue 7/23/2013

Don’t tell Leighton he’ll be very jealous.

beers 15325 º places 1156 º 23:17 Tue 7/23/2013

Already on it. I’ve been using up my dodgy stuff for a couple of weeks now as it’s a good time to drink them almost frozen.

beers 13475 º places 44 º 00:07 Wed 7/24/2013

Ha ha I also have a bottle of the karmi raspberry at home.99 p from my local polish shop.

If this is an online tasting ill join you in the karmi tasting.

beers 3937 º places 15 º 02:34 Wed 7/24/2013

Best get my area in Lidl then!

beers 21656 º places 720 º 04:31 Wed 7/24/2013

I recently did a comprehensive trawl of Lidl in my area (all in the cuse of admin research of course) so I have a pretty complete roster of their stuff to get through. This could be a perfect opportunity. Doubt I’ll drain the whole 3l bag in box perry in one sitting though.

beers 1701 º places 129 º 06:24 Wed 7/24/2013

Save that for the shindig, the first person to arrive has to down a litre.

beers 1813 º places 45 º 10:03 Wed 7/24/2013

Fine idea, I have some out of date Desperados sitting in the garage and could probably go and raid aldi & lidl. Admittedly, B&M vrings the odd beacon of light to Carlisle.....

beers 5300 º places 174 º 10:20 Wed 7/24/2013

Could pick up a few bargainstore specials for the occasion