Dating Old Rasputin

Reads 3323 • Replies 5 • Started Wednesday, March 8, 2006 9:13:34 PM CT

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beers 6538 º places 6 º 21:13 Wed 3/8/2006

Is there a way to tell what year a bottle of Old Rasputin was brewed?

beers 11606 º places 95 º 21:31 Wed 3/8/2006

Sorry to be a pain in the ass and not of any use - but when I saw the title of the thread all I could think of was that ole Rasputin was quite the ladies man

beers 117 º places 2 º 22:05 Wed 3/8/2006

I know that I wouldn’t want my sister to date either an old or young Rasputin.

beers 10878 º places 12 º 22:20 Wed 3/8/2006

The ones I’ve seen since the late 90s have the bottle dates embossed into the bottom of the bottle. Not exact but close. I’ve never seen much change, positive or negative, in old old rasputin.

places 1 º 09:21 Fri 3/10/2006

Man I took the title to mean something totally different.

Well, I guess if you actually dated Rasputin, you may have already seen this:

beers 10878 º places 12 º 10:02 Fri 3/10/2006

Or if you had access to the OT-Dark forum.