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Originally posted by KBeer
This could be, uh, interesting?

This could be ,uh, nasty?

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I like steak and onion rings. Why not dump some into a beer? That can’t be a bad idea.

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Oohh how about next he dump some beer into his beer, that way he can have beer-flavored beer!!

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Tom Seefurth worked with Mike Rybinski of America’s Brewpub (at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse) in Aurora, Illinois, to make this into a commercial brew. I stopped there to check it out and found it to be quite delicious.

While it does smell like a vegan pizza (cheese & meats would make it a mess), it’s actually a tasty Saison. I’d definitely have it again.

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I’m super confused.

What kind of yeast are they using? How do they deal with the fat from the pizza?

Oh, and WHY????

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I’d try it

beers 3016 º places 65 º 15:10 Tue 5/15/2007

Me too

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