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Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

FT cycle collab set + dos brunch ISO lambic
FT: Cycle Trademark Dispute Set ISO: Lambic (International)
FT: Guam ISO: new country ticks
FT: 1986-87 Thomas Hardy’s Ale ISO: List
European Summer Secret Santa: Pairings & Hauls!
ISO: Art and Art Plum FT: Lambic
Paris/Brussels - ISO: Bokkeryder, Cantillon, 3F // FT: BA stouts, AWA, Saisons and more
ISO: Stone Matt’s Burning Rosids
FT: Zenne ISO: JCN 375ml
FT: Side Project Styrbjørn, ISO: Top 50 Trio: Aaron, BA Vanilla Shake, BA Bible Belt
European local swap 2/2017 - Pairings & Hauls
FT: Collusion Tap Works crowlers, list ISO: Hops, list
EuroSanta Makes an Appearance at Last!
FT: Fresh Alchemist (many varieties) ISO: List
ISO: Lambic FT: list
ISO: Han Shot First
ISO: Hill Farmstead Festival of Farmhouse Ales Designated Driver, FT: ?
ISO: KBBS FT: Blåbaer, A&T, A&G
ISO: Oude Fermier FT: Fuzzy & Blended Mags +++
ISO: Alesmith Sublime 40 Ft: See Inside.
ISO beer boxes
ISO: Taras Boulba FT: MN locals
FT: Struise Double Black 2010 ISO: Today’s J. Wakefield
ISO: Cantillon FT: Long List ++ IP - Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam
ISO: Russian River 3 liter / FT: Chemtrailmix
IP: Portugal Hill Farmstead and Dieu du ciel

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