Dover Beer Guide



12-8:00 Mon, 12-11:00 Tue-Sun


Breakwater Brewery Tap

Thursday Noon - 5.30 pm Friday Noon - 5.30 pm Saturday Noon - 5.30 pm Sunday Noon - 5.30 pm


Mash Tun

Closed Mon, 6-10:00 Tue, 2-10:00 Wed-Fri, 12-10:00 Sat, 12-4:00 Sun


Rack of Ale

12-10.30 Mon-Sat, 1-10.30 Sun


Breakwater Brewery Taproom

Thu 6-10, Fri 5-10.30, Sat 12-10, Sun 12-9. See FB/Twitter for Updates


Cullin’s Yard (Tir Dha Ghlas)

10-11:00 Mon-Thu, 10-12:00 AM Fri-Sat, 10-11:00 Sun


Blakes of Dover

11:30-11, closed Sun


Eight Bells (JDW)


Elephant & Hind



Louis Armstrong

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Latest Beer In Dover

Tir Dha Ghlas Pigs Ear
Breakwater Dover's Pale Ale
Louis Armstrong52 days ago
Breakwater Classic ESB
Elephant & Hind53 days ago
Breakwater Cow Juice
Breakwater Hellfire Corner
Breakwater Blue Ensign
Pig & Porter Got The Face On
Mash Tun108 days ago