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54 /100 5-9 UNION STREET
“The taplist wasn't very inspiring, with mostly core range Brewdog which I can get at home as well. Didn't notice the beers in the fridge until later, since they are not on the menu and staff didn't point this out. Too bad, because that's where the fun's at, but we noticed too late :(“
PietS 8 days ago
46 /100 213 UNION STREET
“They have a few beers on tap, but that's it. Won't recommend this for the beer. They do sport an amazing whisky selection though, with over 200 single malts if I remember correctly. In general a nice pub and good service. So, worth a visit, just not for the beer.“
PietS 8 days ago
30 /100
McGintys (Bar)
“Not really a ratebeer-worthy spot, but they did have a couple of "interesting" beers. Food wasn't very inspiring. There are a lot of better places in Aberdeen to have a beer / whisky / dinner / whatever.“
PietS 8 days ago
84 /100
CASC (Bar)
“This was the place we've been looking for on our trip through Scotland: 28 beers on tap, all from Scottish brewers, an extensive bottle list as well, with some rare finds as BA Struisse. On top of that they have over 300 whisky's, also sporting some rarer bottlings. Staff is very knowledgable and kind, helping where needed to pick something out of the huge selection. If I would have to name some downsides it would be the kind of generic (but still nice and cozy) interior and the prices are a little on the higher end of the spectrum. But overall, great place, not to miss while in Aberdeen.“
PietS 8 days ago
76 /100
Fierce Beer Online Shop (Internet-based)
“Bought some beers from here, quick delivery, good choice, ability to mix/match, prices pretty fair.“
JorgeLee 89 days ago
“Great pub atmosphere, food and super attentive friendly service gets high marks from me independent of the beer selection. Pretty typical old style pub keg and cask beers but a couple of modern craft IPA on the keg list.“
Gerbeer 199 days ago
“Bigger and busier Brewdog location in Union Square mall. On top floor. Pretty much same as other locations though busier and therefore service is not as good. Mostly Brewdog beers on tap with a couple more guest beers than other locations. Guest beers all seem to be collabs though… Smaller take away bottle/can selection than other locations.“
Gerbeer 200 days ago
66 /100
CASC (Bar)
“A cellar type bar hidden off the street with a small street level patio. Tap list is worldwide include Belgian Trappist and German weizens plus several UK breweries currently a small bottle selection of cellared beers (big and sours). Bread cheese and meat plates.“
Gerbeer 201 days ago
74 /100 17 GALLOWGATE
“Small for a Brewdog. Booths and tables. Pretty standard taps with a few guests taps and a small bottle/can selection. Just snacks and charcuterie. Good, but Brewdog Castlegate may be a better choice“
Gerbeer 202 days ago
76 /100 5-9 UNION STREET
“Nice place a short walk from Union Square. Wood and stone but still very Brewdog. Mostly Brewdog on tap with four guests. A couple of nice stout on tap this visit“
Gerbeer 202 days ago
78 /100 4-6 EXCHEQUER ROW
“Nice cozy modern bar located a short walk from train station. Good selection of Fierce beers plus a couple of guest taps. Definitely worth a stop“
Gerbeer 203 days ago
62 /100
Fierce Beer Online Shop (Internet-based)
“Online shop only. Speedy delivery to Norway via DHL, who, however, spent several days getting the parcel through Norwegian customs, and charge a high handling fee. Reasonably well packed, selection of the brewery's own beers (and spirits and merchandise) only.“
Sigmund 398 days ago
72 /100 213 UNION STREET
“Visited years ago, but as the latest reviews say ,I think the Grill its still similar ... single room pub with dark wood and small selection of 5/6 hand pumps with not big fantasy ... the selection of whisky is absolutely fantastic.. I hope for the ladies they changed their toilet ;)“
jorge76 718 days ago
“april 19“
everhate 884 days ago
80 /100 5-9 UNION STREET
“april 19“
everhate 884 days ago
100 /100 17 GALLOWGATE
“Great location“
pb 895 days ago
80 /100 500 KING STREET
“do keep in mind this is a student bar, staff and customers are really friendly, nice place to have a couple of pints after class or work. food is good, nothing special but does the job nicely. 25p pancakes on tuesdays and 25p chicken wings on wendsdays are amazing.“
BrewRespek45 1063 days ago
“Aitchie's Ale House is a bit of an Aberdeen institution. It is located right by the train station and offers refreshment for weary travellers from early morning though eve. Feels like it should be rougher around the edges given the harbourside location and the fact that it is a favourite with proper boozers and stag dos, but it just isn't. Traditional and well-kept. Very good service and a well maintained bar. Winner of the best pint of Tennents in Scotland in the 90s apparently. Anyhow I digress.... they offer a very well kept permanent cask tap of Dark Island and Beer Story on Keg, as well as a couple of their offerings in cans / bottles. Food is scampy fries and pies/bridies. Not really a beer scoopers go-to, but a worthwhile visit nonetheless.“
Scopey 1073 days ago
“Brewdog's first foray into the shopping centre market! Sounds odd, but it is in a great location. Upstairs in Union Square shopping centre, which is perfect for the train or bus station. It is set up more like a restaurant with staff welcoming you at the door and finding you a table, although there is some "casual" seating on the right near the bar. Typical identikit BD interior. Manager here is super friendly and always has a chat. Good service. There are 20ish taps with a 50:50 mix of BD to guests. Has good rotation due to busy central location. Fridges to drink in or to go are located right at the back near the kitchen. Offers something a bit different to the other BD bars in town in a very hand location. Decent.“
Scopey 1073 days ago
“This place is now part of Brewdog's Drafthouse chain, in the premises formerly occupied by the Musa restaurant. Quite a transformation, the downstairs area is much larger. Big screen sport now being shown. The beer selection is frankly fairly dull, the Drafthouse beers that Brewdog have had brewed aren't great. The jury is out on this place, for me“
Cheeseboard 1119 days ago
“Food led Brewdog bar in the Union Square shopping centre. Handy for the main railway station. It's a big space with a mixture of booths & tables, with table service for both food and drinks. 20+ keg lines, the usual mix of Brewdog's own beers plus guests. Super friendly staff, if anyone ever thought that a bar in a shopping centre wouldn't work this is proof that it does“
Cheeseboard 1119 days ago
68 /100 2 GUILD STREET
“Located down near the harbour, close to the bus & train stations and around the corner from CASC. A cafe bar vibe with coffee seemingly a large part of the offer. 16 beers on offer via a large chalk board on the wall. The selection was reasonable, prices were moderate to steep. Think this place will struggle to attract the craft crowd, with plenty of competition close by“
Cheeseboard 1131 days ago
“Part of Brewdog owned Draft House chain in a former Musa building. A nice space over two floors. Live football on big screen gets plus points from me. Food looked good though didn't try. Beer list not most exciting though Schneider Weisse house beer was lovely. One cask ale on at a reasonable 2.90 per pint. One guest beer was off as staff were having pouring problems. Another wasnt as advertised as line had changed but not pump clip (resulting in having a stronger beer though we were undercharged given this). Visited in first week of opening so hopefully these problems will smoothen out.“
joetownpunk 1155 days ago
“As the other review stated, not the type of place you would choose to drink as more of a restaurant feel (food is good) but handy for location for trains and cinema or to break up a shopping trip. Usual Brewdog tap selection with some guests so can’t complain about beer selection. Service was really good.“
joetownpunk 1232 days ago
“Nice little pub, always good atmosphere. Candles on tables. Not the best for selection, 2cask ales (often not the most exciting and from past experience can be a bit hit or miss) and Pilsner Urquell on tap.“
joetownpunk 1232 days ago
“Definitely more of a restaurant than a bar, Brewdog certainly aren't obvious with their bar locations. Slap bang in the middle of a shopping centre, the look is trad Brewdog, but it doesn't really have much of a drinking area, feeling very much arranged for fast food diners as opposed to serious drinkers. Still quite handy for a last beer before a bus or train.“
Scotty001 1281 days ago
36 /100
Blue Lamp (Bar)
“This really shouldn't be on RB. Bryne's description is pretty accurate.“
Scotty001 1295 days ago
70 /100 17 GALLOWGATE
“So this was the original BrewDog bar. I could have guessed some of the decor was just a bit tried. Smaller than many BrewDog bars also a smaller selection and the fridges were almost empty. Maybe a passing visit on the way to BrewDog Castlegate.“
Mr_Pink_152 1307 days ago
78 /100 5-9 UNION STREET
“Visited on a Sunday trip to Aberdeen. Look and feel much like many a BrewDog bar. But like the old granite arched windows with the steel and ducting inside. Plenty on tap. Collabfest on my visit. Also lots in the big fridges. Usual BrewDog food although burgers not pizza. Nice place.“
Mr_Pink_152 1307 days ago
84 /100 4-6 EXCHEQUER ROW
“Really liked this bar in what I assume was the centre of Aberdeen. Very much the modern Craft bar feel. About half the beers were their own with guests on the other tap. Big fridge selection including northern monk, wylam, wander beyond and more. Certainly worth a visit. Dog friendly.“
Mr_Pink_152 1307 days ago
84 /100 4-6 EXCHEQUER ROW
“A quality addition to Aberdeen's beer scene. This is Fierce Beer's first (and currently only) bar. It is located right behind BrewDog Castlegate on Exchequer Row. They have a swanky electronic display for the beers currently on draught, which cover 20 or so lines. There are usually about a 50:50 split between their own beers and guests. Check out their twitter feed for which beers have come on recently. There are also a couple of fridges with Fierce & guest beers to drink in or takeaway. Prices as you may note are rather good (especially in comparison to their craft neighbours). Knowledgeable and friendly staff. They regularly hosting special events, including tap takeovers/Meet-the-maker type things from breweries which are rarely seen in Aberdeen. More recently they have added some light food options - sandwiches, cheeseboards and the like. A great spot.“
Scopey 1314 days ago
58 /100
JK Fine Foods (Grocery Store)
“Delicatessen with a small but decent beer selection at the back of the shop. Perhaps 35 beers if you are lucky, but as it is a delicatessen there is the chance of picking up the occasional out of date bargain.“
Scotty001 1379 days ago
48 /100
McGintys (Bar)
“Ever changing bar (used to be a gothic masterpiece called Frankensteins), fairly standard high street bar. Has 3 cask beers and a couple of craft keg offerings,but not really what would be thought of as a Ratebeer outlet“
Scotty001 1396 days ago
66 /100 9 ALFORD PLACE
“A bar that I never went out of my way to visit, it has recently been done up and was a pleasant surprise. As well as the usual offerings, is Brewdog Clockwork Tangerine, Beavertown Gamma Ray and Neck Oil (though these are bound to be popping in more places lately) and most surprisingly for a bar like this, a line for Cloudwater beers. Prices were probably about standard for these drinks (so not cheap), they also offer Tennants straight from the tank (I'm not sure if this makes Tennants lager seem more appealing) as decent selection of cans from the likes of Wild Beer Co., Magic Rock etc. They show football on multiple screens here which makes this bar probably now the bar with best beer selection for watching football other than Queen Vic though you wouldn't go for the beer alone.“
joetownpunk 1402 days ago
“Old school bar, great service and consistently wonderful Dark Island. Perfect spot for a quick pint before catching a train/coach. Recently taken over by the local Beer Story brewery, but the only real change is addition of one of their beers on keg, and Sunday openning.“
Scotty001 1448 days ago
“Beautiful wee pub! A stones throw from the train station meaning you can go from stepping off the train, tired after a long journey to being sat with a pint in a matter of minutes. As soon as you arrive they offer a place for your luggage and sit you down having taken your order. Amazing service and super friendly staff. As a cask ale drinker there was only one on offer but being Orkney’s Dark Island I definitely can’t complain. Beer is in great nick. Couldn’t help but order another. Highly recommended.“
kylemew 1468 days ago
82 /100 4-6 EXCHEQUER ROW
“As you'd expect, good selection of Fierce draft beers on keg, some good guest beers (Thornbridge, Tiny Rebel) and a heap of bottles. Prices seem reasonable (by which I mean there is nothing over £5 on tap). Bar still looks a bit unfinished (quite minimalist) but this a very welcome addition to Aberdeen's craft beer bar scene with 6DN, both Brewdog, Casc, The Craftsman and Krakatoa only minutes apart from each other.“
joetownpunk 1483 days ago
76 /100 4-6 EXCHEQUER ROW
“New bar from Fierce Brewery in the road directly behind Brewdog Castlegate. They’ve rushed to get it open in time for Brewdog AGM weekend. It’s a decent sized rectangular space. 16 to 18 keg lines plus bottle fridge. Good selection of Fierce beers plus guests. A nice addition to the craft scene in the city. Noted that some beers in the fridge were considerably cheaper than in the Brewdog bar round the corner (I’m looking at you Brewdog brewed Very Big Moose)“
Cheeseboard 1500 days ago
“Spoons pub situated on a corner at the eastern end of Union Street. Usual food & typical range of beers, 12 ish cask lines plus macrokeg.“
Cheeseboard 1500 days ago
76 /100 4-6 EXCHEQUER ROW
“Just had a soft opening (amazingly enough it coincided with the Brewdog AGM), now closed again for a few days to complete the fit out. Hours, etc should be confirmed more after being open a bit longer. Difficult to figure out how it will grow over time in Aberdeen's vibrant little craft sector.“
Scotty001 1501 days ago
“Does not deserve to be listed on RateBeer. Had nothing even remotely interesting on when I visited.“
Sigmund 1502 days ago
“I've been here at least four times, but never thought of adding the place to RateBeer, as they have only one cask ale. However, Aitchie's was my introduction to the lovely Orkney Dark Island. On three occasions the beer has been in perfect nick, on one occasion it was not. The staff was always friendly and polite.“
Sigmund 1502 days ago
40 /100 17 WINDMILL BRAE
“Not sure what the point of this place is, not on the main drag and empty when I visited. This location has had a multitude of incarnations over the last few decades, can't see this one lasting for very long.“
Scotty001 1519 days ago
“Aberdeen institution, but a pale shadow of the bar it was pre-Belhaven/Greene King stewardship. Beer quality is generally OK, and the range does usually have a few casks from Scottish micros (Swannay, Fyne, Cromarty).“
Scotty001 1533 days ago
76 /100 2 GUILD STREET
“Newly opened from the remains of the iconic Schooner bar, seems to be more focussed on the coffee than the beer (the taps are hidden below the bar counter for some strange reason. Probably too much competition close by to ever become very highly rated, but will get custom because of the location so near to bus and train stations. (original rating from July 2017 - 66) Re-rated 9 months after initial visit. Busier than I previously suspected it would be, the range of tap beers is proving to be more interesting that I would have predicted. Very worthwhile.“
Scotty001 1533 days ago