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50 /100 MAHNIčEVA 1
“Nice place to have a beer & pizza, especially in summertime. There’s a large patio with a pretty playground for smaller children. Staff can be helpful, but lacks some extra beer knowledge, although enough for beers they brew. Worth of visiting it...“
Kita 1486 days ago
42 /100 MAHNIčEVA 1
“A pizza place with own brewery close to the Ankaran sea side. The food is great, the staff could be a bit better. They supposedly have 4 beers produced there, but at the time only the light version was available. A bit disappointing.“
MarkoNm 2144 days ago
50 /100 MAHNIčEVA 1
“Area specialty: pizzeria-brewpub. So far (opened not so long ago after brewery reconstruction) just one beer - light. A bit better, than from most of the same establishments in the area. Interior is good too. Owner is very polite & nice guy.“
Sokolov 2216 days ago
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