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86 /100 KARAPANOU 11
“Its 1 of the most loved beerhouses in Greece that i have been.In athens is hard to find a beerhouse like Foggs!Looks like is in the wrong city!The prices are good especialy in the taps.Very nice place to see a football game and off course to here rock (and other rock genres) music.The house have WiFi and is a place that all ages exist without any problem!“
sportstef 4280 days ago
84 /100 KARAPANOU 11
“This bar is a nice place to have a beer. The only bar in town that has such a variety in beers. Rock and similar genres of music create a nice atmosphere combined with the wooden floor and furniture. Food is not available there, only finger food is offered when you order your beer. Service is very good fast and with mostly good knowledge about beers. Prices are mostly very good although some beers are a bit overpriced in my opinion. Overall this a very good place to go and enjoy a beer with your friends.“
n_dimos 4477 days ago
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