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66 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“The original BEFED brewpub that has spawn a chain of 23 restaurants (5 of which were brewing on-site). 3 decent brews, good food, nice interiors and friendly service. On a side note - on-site brewing was ceased in all restaurants several years ago and all production is now concentrated in one brewery near Torino.“
Sokolov 210 days ago
74 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“E’ sempre un piacere venire nel primo BEFeD l’unioc ed originale, cerco sempre di evitare venerdì, sabato e domenica perchè c’è il pienone. Si mangiano le arachidi gettando rigorosamente i gerigli per terra e il galletto ai ferri speziato e gligliato alla grande. Poi c’è una buona selezione di birre artigianali prodotte in loco, io predilico la rossa, ma anche la bionda non è male. da tornanrci con gli amici o le famiglie.“
MatteoD. 2578 days ago
62 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“nice locations that inspired the others brewpub of the brand. very nice the idea of the free peanuts! home beer could be good but changes a lot between every batch. good food but not wide selection. slow service due to overbooking“
BaroneBirra 2612 days ago
38 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“Quite a peculiar place. No cutlery, you’re supposed to throw peanut shells on the ground, you eat your chicken bear-handed, no hot drinks,... I guess this is supposed to be more American than Italian - the impression I got was lousy as hell. The beers were disastrous, aroma-less and diacetyled beyond redemption, the chicken was ok but nothing special, especially concerning what lovely food is served usually in restaurants in Italy. The service was ok. And - the place was crowded. With that food "selection" (apart from the chicken only panini/hamburger style sandwiches) and that beer quality it is a mystery to me. Oh yeah, they write that because the beer is unpasteurised and unfiltered, it may taste differently on different days. Pretty lousy attempt at covering up huge consistency problems.“
ElDesmadre 2961 days ago
44 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“Atmoshpere was ok. Went on a Friday and the place was loud and it seemed like most were having fun. The service was average even though it was crowded but they didn’t seem that friendly or interested in their customers. The specialty chicken was great but the food selection was poor. Not much to choose from so I got the specialty chicken for lack of options. Only had 3 different beers available and all were very drinkable and enjoyable. Not a place i would go to often just due to the lack of selection. Could get boring there very quick.“
mcdav2154 3011 days ago
52 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“this kind of place are not for me. beer is made in the same place nto always the same. food in not the best. people is ok and the price too.“
Tommaso 3577 days ago
60 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“Huge place, one of 10 in a chain of similar places. Grab your nuts at the door, head to a table or the bar, and throw your empty shells on the floor ;-)) Only two beers on offer when I visited in early May, but both were respectable. The food was incredibly good. The Americans think they’re being served chicken, which is probably OK, it will teach them that they should read the Italian part of the menu. I need to return when they have some seasonals on tap.“
Travlr 3677 days ago
76 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“This place is a happening place. I showed up around 8pm on a Friday and it was already backed up, luckily since it was only me I found a bar table. The food (their specialty chicken) was awesome. The had three beers, lager, red (which was one of the best I’ve had in Italy in three years of coming here), and a Strong (stout). All were very good. The service was speedy even with the huge crowd. I suggest if your ever in Aviano to give it a shot.“
SHIG 4127 days ago
72 /100 VIALE PER COSTA, 6/B
“Last visited in May 2000 in my pre-Ratebeerian days: In the nice northern Italian town that hosts Aviano Air Base, this is a great respite for beer lovers. The place has more of the feel of a southern roadhouse than a brewpub ... the main menu selections revolve around BBQ chicken and you can spark your appetite with the drums of peanuts in the shell, sitting at a picnic table on the patio. They offered a small number (3 I think) of their craft beers, but all were very good.“
Braudog 5421 days ago
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