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“Brewpub located right off the main road crossing town. Large seating area with loads of TVs showing sports (there is a sport related theme to everything they do). Staff is really helpful and they know their beers quite well. Prices are really fair for quality. Worth a stop when passing through town. “
Boutip 26 days ago
“Large brewery located in an industrial sector. They have all of their beers readily available with lots of brewery merchandise. Prices are probably better than anywhere else in town. NOt necessarily worth a big detour but enjoyable nonetheless. “
Boutip 26 days ago
72 /100 48, RUE DE LA LUMIÈRE
“Visited on August 6, 2018, in the evening. Located on the street of the same name (Route 362) in front of Aux portes du soleil Motel (were I was staying), just outside of the village centre. I've been to that store back in 2013 and the beer selection was typical, but fast forward 5 years later and WTF. Very good selection, but mostly 16 oz and up bottles and cans, I avant seen any six pacs. Friendly staff, knowledgeable I don't know. Still a good spot to buy good beer!“
Quevillon 729 days ago
96 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“In a town of few options, this place is worth the stop. All beers from Charlevoix and a few pub specials. Food and drinks are great“
DerrickR 1813 days ago
“Jolie boutique située à même la brasserie dans un quartier industriel. Tout les produits réguliers de la micro s’y retrouvent en plus d’une sélection de produits dérivés (ouvre-bouteille, verres, t-shirts, etc.). Les prix sont un peu plus bas que chez un détaillant. Malheureusement aucun brassin exclusif lors de mon passage.“
Whatup14 1857 days ago
76 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Stopped in here for dinner after a long motorcycle ride. Great location in the middle of a tourist/artisan section of town, great walking village. The restaurant has this huge deck on one side that wraps around to the front of the building. There’s got to be 50 tables on this deck and on this Sunday night they were damn near all full. They had 9 beers on tap but erased one as I sat down as well as a couple of quest taps one was an artisinal cider. Service was prompt and worked around my language barrier. My Burger was serviceable but my desert was pretty fantastic. The beer ranged from great to flawed, I tried the sampler and a night cap. Seemed a bit pricy, but the whole trip seemed pricy to me. I would go here again but I wouldn’t make a special trip for it.“
johnnnniee 1898 days ago
76 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Visited this place with my wife during Christmas time. The ambiance was good, service was good. Waiter for explaining well the different beers available on tap. Around 10 beer available on tap. Unfortunately all those "beers of the moment" weren’t that good except for their Barley Wine. Food was ok. Didn’t like that much the foie gras but the burger cooked in one of their beer was good. Overall I think it’s a good place but if you want to taste one of pub’s beer (not the ones brewed by the brewery then don’t get your expectations too high. I’m still happy that I visited this place“
Stoned99 2091 days ago
80 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Visited a couple of times. Beautiful and cozy pub downton Baie Saint-Paul (a beautiful village). Service is usually friendly and rather knowledgeable. Beer selection is interesting as they have a couple of things available that aren’t available in bottles. Food is usually pretty good with a bunch of local stuff. Price are decent/good for the quality. A nice place and a must visit when coming back from Le Parc des Grands Jardins or Les -Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie.“
tom10101 2312 days ago
“Visited on September 24th, 2013, in the afternoon. It’s been open for a couple of years, it’s basically the main brewery for everything bottled. It’s just off the main highway (Route 138), there road signs for the brewery (cool), it is also about 5 minutes drive from the St. Pub in the heart of the village. They have a store selling all the bottles made on the spot, that you can find almost anywhere in town and any good beer stores in Quebec, and the prices are about the same. But they also have some nice merchandises; glass, clothings and nick nacks, so if you know and like their beers, this is the only reason to visite this place. But if never tried anything and your planning to visit this region, they have tours with beer tasting (reservations are required).“
Quevillon 2547 days ago
80 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Superbe terrasse située sur une rue intéressante de Baie St-Paul. L’intérieur est chaleureux avec beaucoup de boiseries. Le service était efficace et la nourriture excellente (nous avons pris le Lamb-burger et le fish and chips). 9 bières en fût et 1 cidre, la plupart des bières était des régulières disponibles en bouteilles à l’année, ce qui fût une légère déception. Dans l’ensemble, un des beaux pubs du Québec.“
Whatup14 2584 days ago
80 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Cozy little pub in the old downtown of Baie St-Paul, amidst the historic buildings and art galleries. The food menu was quite interesting, they had some traditional pub food that was well made and some even better regional products for a slightly fancier dinner option (not very much so, but higher than most pubs). The service was good. They have a few beers that aren’t available in bottles, 8 tap lines (3 available in bottles, 5 not). The prices were reasonable, if slightly on the expensive side. Fun place, probably the last beer place on the 138 east, if you’re going out that way, it’s a must stop.“
JulienHuxley 2770 days ago
88 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“C’est un endroit charmant! Très achalandé l’été et l’on comprend. Le service a été un peu long pour ma part, mais le repas était excellent et les bières, fameuses.“
manul255 2826 days ago
76 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Un RV annuel pour moi lors de mon séjour à Baie St-Paul. Bon menu, plein de beer d’incorporée aux recettes. La chance de goûter aux exclusivitées. Belle terrasse dans une ville charmante, bienvenue aux familles. Top Notch.“
sseb69 2966 days ago
86 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Nice little place. Ambiance was great because unlike many other pubs in Quebec, this one did not have the volume all the way up and we could clearly talk to each other. Service was good, however our waitress did not seem to know that much about the beers. Beers available were incredible, I would have preferred a slightly wider selection, but it was very acceptable. We were slightly disappointed with the food, considering its price. All in all, I’d say a great place for having an excellent beer (or a few), but I would not go there to have lunch again.“
VT 3178 days ago
“I visited this shop by accident, on October 6, 2011. Well that’s it, it’s a shop and not their cidery (which is on Isle-aux-Coudres), I guess the reason why Pedneault have a store in this town is because it is a popular distination, as Tadoussac, where they have another store there. The shop itself is small, the selection is less than their cidery but there are tastings, more are located next to the Microbrasserie Charlevoix restaurant (St Pub). The only reason you want to go to this shop is because you can not go to Isle-aux-Coudres, but if you can, do it!“
Quevillon 3270 days ago
76 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Great pub/restaurant. Knowledgeable servers. Great, great beer. Possible some of the best beer from one of the best micros in Quebec. While I’ve had most of their offerings bottled, they’re even better on tap. Fresh, crispy, and extremely enjoyable, this place is definitely worth the trip.“
mr23528 3581 days ago
76 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“nice place and the beer is great. too touristy for me but it does not take anything away from the great beer. they are avangartist in quebec and i wish them luck“
beermagnet 4008 days ago
76 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Nice looking brewpub and a beautiful little town. Yhyey had four of their beers on tap and about 6 in bottles. I was hoping for aore extensive tsp list but this was still nice. The food was outstanding! I had a wonderful venison steak and my wife had rabbit and pheseant sausages. A great experience and a wonderful bar I will be going back.“
robinvboyer 4030 days ago
72 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Visited twice on recent vacation to Quebec. The family all enjoyed their meals so much the first time, we all ordered the same things upon our return. Dissapointed in the lack of variety on the beer front - 3 taps and 4 bottles (all of which could easily be located in local stores). The summer saison on tap was an excellent Belgian IPA, so what was lacking in variety was overcome by quality. Definitely call ahead for a reservation, we had to wait 45 minutes on our first trip and walked right in (with reservation) on our second. A bit pricey by US standards, but in-line with most other restaurants in the area.“
GDTRFB 4050 days ago
68 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Une belle terrasse, un menu intéressant et un bon service, j’ai toutefois été déçu de la qualité des bières offertes au moment de ma visite, relativement à la qualité habituelle des bières de la microbrasserie Charlevoix. Par rapport aux commentaires entendus, il s’agit probalbement d’une malchance.“
Diogène 4157 days ago
86 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Amazing meal. great company, great beer, I ’ll be back.“
Hoser 4192 days ago
80 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Late night. Excellent meal, friendly service, good beers and and a couple of surprise bottles were found that were not on the menu. Started with a sample tray and then alternated IIPA and Blanche with and after my steak. Had a very good time. In Quebec they seem to take the food as seriously as the beer. Was somewhat distracted so I was not looking at the place from a bar perspective as much as a good restaurant with very good beer. Not sure what it would be like for a few beers in the afternoon. It would be nice to see more guest taps in some places.“
presario 4205 days ago
62 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Établissement visité le mercredi 10 octobre vers 18h. Ambiance: Lumière tamisé le soir, petite musique en sourdine. Service: Ça été très long pour prendre notre commande (Environ 20 minutes) alors que nous étions presque seul dans le pub. Par contre la serveuse connaissait bien les bières maisons. Sélection: 4 bières maisons en fût dont une saisonière ainsi que 4 bières maisons en bouteilles. Nourriture: Nous avons pris en entrée une crème de brocoli et une crème d’oignonade gratinée au Migneron. Pour le plat principal nous avons opté pour les moules rosée provençale ainsi que le Lamb Burger. Le tout était une coche au dessus de correct. (62e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4721 days ago
84 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“This Pub is very busy in summer, so reserve in advance. The food is good and the beer is excellent, the service is friendly. The only thing is that in summer you eat outside unless it is rainning, to bad because the interior is warm and inviting.“
LadySusan 5303 days ago
82 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Visité à plusieur reprise, donc la dernière fois était en fin de septembre 2007 (pour ma fête et plus). Puisque on peut trouver leur bouteille dans la pluspar des magasins à bière au Québec, c’est bon d’esseiller leur produit en fut. Parlant de leur bière en fut, il n’y a que deux format 12 oz et pichet, un pichet de Doubel IPA c’est assez intéressant! C’est un must!“
Quevillon 5351 days ago
62 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“An OK if somewhat turistic place in a cozy small town, where a really old tractor with a forklift is used for putting up dexorations for a town festival. The interior seemed nice, though we sat in the nice airy patio enjoying the nice Quebecian summer. The selection was OK, 3 taps and 5 bottles - there should have been another one on tap, but it was out, quite a disappointment when You’ve travelled 7000 km or so to get here.“
Ungstrup 5511 days ago
54 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Large terrace, mostly a restaurant. Touristy location. The road is a lot tougher, but it gives me the impression the visit would be more interesting during winter. Offers their range of bottled beers as well, though at twice the retail price. Beers were a bit disappointing, but I feel it was a bad day and there were only 3 of them,“
Rastacouere 5531 days ago
62 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Fairly standard restaurant/patio combo that is geared for the small, summer-touristy town it’s located in. Nothing particularly characteful about the place. I didn’t eat. The beers are generally pretty good, however there were few unique offerings. It was mostly the stuff that is normally bottled. I wouldn’t say worth going out of the way, but I’d be surprised if there was a better beer spot in the region.“
Oakes 5538 days ago
40 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“Dark wood panelled bar with brewery visible behind, though the expansive terrace and gazebo (that are well-covered in case of rain without blocking the sun) are the stars here. Quaint if somewhat touristy town. Service was efficient if somewhat disinterested and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. Disappointing selection as only three taps were functional and the beers that were on were mostly not in good shape. The bottles were good as usual, though they are commonly available in the city. Prices were fairly expensive. I had high hopes and left feeling quite disappointed.“
tiggmtl 5546 days ago
76 /100 2, RUE RACINE
“These guys brew fantastic Belgian-style beers in a tiny brewpub in a cute little town filled with art galleries. They also have a few English stylings with a decidedly Belgian twist which are also quite good. All the Belgian styles are from the bottle only, which might be disappointing to the beer traveller as you can buy them in convenience stores all around, but they have a couple very decent lagers on tap and a couple more. The food is very good for a brewpub-style restaurant the lamb burger can be exquisite, just like the bison tournedos. These guys have a huge microbrewery coming up soon (fall 2008), so their production will sextuple and this Saint-Pub will become experimental grounds for future brews and one-offs. Very exciting indeed!!“
MartinT 6083 days ago
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