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“On the corner just up from Bayswater tube station, this ground floor open plan pub markets itself as a fish and chip pub, and it reeks of them when you walk in as this is a tourist heavy public house. If you get noseblind to it and make it to the bar the cask selection is bland, but there's a couple of locally brewed keg options available too, albeit brews Londoners would have probably seen many times before.“
ManVsBeer 169 days ago
52 /100 33 MOSCOW ROAD
“Near Bayswater tube station and now a Greene King pub, it serves its own ales, and similar ones to the other Green King pub 50 metres further down the road, however this pub had two local guest ales complimenting the Greene King IPA and Abbot ale. Traditional design with a durability in its furniture, it shows the live football.“
ManVsBeer 169 days ago
50 /100 51 MOSCOW ROAD
“Around the corner from Bayswater tube station on its north side, this is one of two Greene King pubs which are both traditionally urban in design, both show live football and both carry the same beers, however this is the one that doesn't carry any guest ales. Abbott and IPA lovers only in this one!“
ManVsBeer 169 days ago
58 /100 73 PRINCE’S SQUARE
“In the suburban streets between and north of both Bayswater and Notting Hill tubes, this corner pub is bright and airy in a large open plan room with a horseshoe shaped bar in the centre. Traditional in design with a largely wooden appearance, it shows live football on the big screen, and the main cask and keg ales available here are from the Badger range of ales. They have a couple of their main ones in bottle form in the fridges too. Has a few outdoor seats by its door.“
ManVsBeer 169 days ago
“Nice typical English pub, counted 14 taps and about 20 bottles. great atmosphere and nice service. Mostly standard beer on tap, but had 4 rotating beers. Visited 31.11.2017“
nilsas 683 days ago
56 /100 51 MOSCOW ROAD
“Located a couple of minutes away from our hotel. This was a convenient pit stop. Nice relaxed place. Traditional English pub. Not really a great beer selection. But I found some new decent ticks. 2 min walk from Bayswater tube station.“
Cunningham 761 days ago
58 /100 33 MOSCOW ROAD
“Located a couple of minutes away from our hotel. This was a convenient pit stop. Nice relaxed place. Traditional English pub. Not really a great beer selection. But I found some new decent ticks. 2 min walk from Bayswater tube station.“
Cunningham 761 days ago
60 /100 73 PRINCE’S SQUARE
“Located a couple of minutes away from our hotel. This was a convenient pit stop. Nice relaxed place. Traditional English pub. Not really a great beer selection. But I found some new decent ticks. 5 min walk from Bayswater tube station.“
Cunningham 761 days ago
56 /100 112 QUEENSWAY
“Right in the middle of Bayswater, that makes it easy to find or stumble upon if you happen to be in the area. Big, clean, decent pub. Nothing spectacular, though they have a lotta taps. Very friendly service, cool trendy music. Not bad, though not a destination spot either.“
huineman 863 days ago
“A modern place with aprox 8 taps ( 4 cask) beers. Music from the 80’s and fast service.“
TEJA 866 days ago
“Traditional ok British pub with a quite poor beer selection. NOT a Place I would really recommend. I do not understand why all these pubs are listed here either. Had an advertising for a cider I would like to try.......did not have it.......“
Cunningham 1146 days ago
“A pretty cool bowling alley with a well executed vintage feel to it. The lanes themselves are well maintained, and then there is also a bar and restaurant area. The food is quite good, and they offer a sound range of beer and spirits and mixed drinks. While the beer selection offers a few nice, mainstream craft labels, I naturally opted for a White Russian during my visit.

Not a beer destination per se, but a fun place to bowl and have a few craft beers.“
Leighton 1463 days ago
“Good burgers and fries plus they made a special non dairy burger for me. You can tick here 2 beers (Camden Town Byron Pale Ale, Camden Town Byron Lager) made exclusively for the restaurant. Nice if you’re around.“
troubles 1491 days ago
“Nice posh bowling lanes. Good music, fine food, very good beer selection. All within Whiteley’s mall.“
huineman 1618 days ago
74 /100 80 CHEPSTOW ROAD
“Comfortable London pub, nice food serving and dog friendly. Ideal place to meet with your partners if you’re around.“
huineman 1622 days ago
48 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“Friendly staff, good food, but very small selection“
mtangaa 1824 days ago
66 /100 80 CHEPSTOW ROAD
“Very pleasant pub on the edge of Notting Hill. Normally 3-4 casks plus a collection of the usual lagers. Decent food, not cheap but look at the location. Nice if in area, not a beer destination.“
JorgeLee 1865 days ago
74 /100 73 PRINCE’S SQUARE
“I can not rmemeber how many times I visited that one. Luckily it was quite a 30 second walk from our hotel room and the next best thing was the atmosphere in. Until today I have never ever sat back in a pub again reading a newspaper and hanging out there for about two hours or more. The beer selection is quite simple but if you are in for a fine Tanglefoot you are right. Food was very fine, prices reasonable. Whenever we come back to London we drop in there for a pint and even if its just a Guinness.“
MichaelAwesome 1889 days ago
40 /100 73 PRINCE’S SQUARE
“Nice street corner pub with - literally - one real ale and one real cider. Very disappointing…“
pivnizub 1894 days ago
“Very touristy pub on a very busy road; noisy muzak, poor selection, but at least expensive… Not recommended!“
pivnizub 1894 days ago
48 /100 112 QUEENSWAY
“Almost no beer in here to excite a beer geek. You can find something like Courage Best or Fuller’s London Pride but that’s about it. This place is an attractive venue and they seem to do nice food, but there are better options in the area for both drink and eats. Not worth visiting.“
Leighton 2096 days ago
“Even by the standards of this neighbourhood, which are not high, this pub is pretty poor. Uninspiring cask selection, standard lager fare. They do food here but I have never eaten it. I’m sure this place goes over well with tourists who don’t know any better but I don’t know any Londoners who would frequent this place.“
Leighton 2096 days ago
68 /100 73 PRINCE’S SQUARE
“Pleasant pub heading towards Notting Hill from Queensway. Cask ales had quite a strong Badger theme going on, plus some Eurotrash lager. Didn’t eat.“
JorgeLee 2169 days ago
48 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“Very common British pub. A few casks but nothing new for me. Quite crowded and tv showed a friendly game between England and Scotland. You can find loads of better pubs in London if you go there to find good beers.“
rlgk 2252 days ago
56 /100 33 MOSCOW ROAD
“Classic English pub close to Queensway in Bayswater. Signs indoors and outdoors present five casks, but only two were available. Service was sub-par, prices decent. Did not try the food.“
rlgk 2254 days ago
52 /100 112 QUEENSWAY
“Classic English pub. Ended up here since I lived only 20 meters away. Two casks from Courage, and I did not find anything very exciting in the fridges. Decent food, beers were on the pricey side. Not worth travelling for.“
rlgk 2254 days ago
“Tourist pub in the middel of queensway. A few notinterresting casks, and the usual tap and Bottle selection.“
HenrikSoegaard 2284 days ago
56 /100 112 QUEENSWAY
“Deasent pub in the tourist street queensway. Friendly service. 4 Cask beers but no realy interesting. UsuL boring tap and Bottle selection.“
HenrikSoegaard 2284 days ago
“Very cosy pub. Quiet. Food looked good. 4 casks, a few interesting. Friendly service. I could be back.“
HenrikSoegaard 2284 days ago
58 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“A somewhat grimy boozer right on Bayswater Road, a stone’s throw from Hyde Park. There are carpets. The beer roster is fair, with five casks of and a few interesting bottles. They also had about three [fairly shitty] boxed ciders in the fridge. This is a pub frequented mostly by tourists and clueless locals, and the prices reflect this audience; a pint of basic bitter or golden ale will run you four quid. They offer a menu of standard pub grub, although I did not partake on my visit. I’m glad I checked this place out since I live in the neighbourhood, but I doubt I’ll be returing any time soon.“
Leighton 2367 days ago
“I liked this place. Four casks and relaxed atmosphere on a Saturday night.Visit if nearby. “
Bjarte1 2408 days ago
44 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“Popular pub next to the tube station. Loud music and hectic activity. The interior is nice and the service is good but the pub lacks charm. I’m not coming back.“
Bjarte1 2408 days ago
62 /100 112 QUEENSWAY
“That is a pub you won’t miss when you enter the Quennsway in London. It has a nice dark wooden interior which is quite old--school, but also very elegant. The selection is average, nothing that special and the atmosphere is nice but not as great as in my favourite London pub, the "Old Shades". Prices are little bit above average, but okay and it is worth a visit because of the nice view out of it to the Queensway.“
McTapps 2430 days ago
“Have been there after a long day and felt cozy immediately. The looks and atmosphere are rather shabby and old, like the sofa was sat down and it was a little bit dusty. But there was something about this place which I would consider as cozy. There were some seasonal Ales available and teh prices were for Lodon-standards rather cheap.“
McTapps 2433 days ago
72 /100 73 PRINCE’S SQUARE
“Have been there a couple of times; for a quick stop during the day or for having dinner. The selection of beer is wide and you may find lots of good stuff which are mostly local Ales and some international standards. The atmosphere is really comfy and it is easy to forget the time. Food selection is unfortunately not that classical British, it is more cross-over food and Cajun Kitchen.“
McTapps 2435 days ago
“Have been there a couple of times and always had a good pint to enjoy. But the atmosphere is not that cozy like you find it in many other pubs. It is quite loud and crowded and the prices are rather above average. Food selection is okay, more or less typical Pub Food with sandwiches, soups etc. They offer the standard beer brands but also some special Ales of the season. I would go there again because it is located very central.“
McTapps 2438 days ago
“Pub hiding under a corner of Whiteleys on Queensway. Bit of a strange place, lots of lost looking toursits from the cheap hotels nearby. Fairly basic but does what a pub needs, tvs for football and on my visit four perfectly palatable cask ales.“
JorgeLee 2488 days ago
“Byron Burger is a small chain of burger restaurants in London. This is one of their larger branches. The ambiance is fine. The restaurant’s clean, reasonably comfortable. The staff are well trained and responsive. Their burgers are actually pretty good, and not bad value. The onion rings are not to be missed. The beer selection’s quite good by London restaurant standards. You’ll find about 10 beers from the likes of Kernel, Brewdog, and Ska available. Unfortunately, they always try to serve your beer in a frosted glass. Overall, this is worth a look-in if you’re keen for a burger and a decent beer.“
jackl 2495 days ago
“Very good burgers, very decent selection of bottled beer, including The Kernel, SKA, a few from Sierra Nevada, Camden and more. Camden actually makes a beer especially for Byron, so the tickers out there have reason to celebrate a meal here. Burgers are around £6-10, depending on toppings. Beers are around £4 a piece. They also have salads and a nifty range of side dishes. The restaurant, despite its somewhat industrial aesthetic, is quite clean and sleek. A great place to have a high quality burger and a good beer.“
Leighton 2555 days ago
“Nice place, seven cask taps plus the additional macros. Great ambiance. Honestly, I’m very bummed I wasn’t in the UK during the Boss’s concert. Beers could be in better condition overall. A great intersection for departing on your brewing adventure.

Note: I wrote this review after an evening of drinking, and I don’t know what that last sentence is about. I’m also surprised I included that thought about Springsteen, although it is true.“
Leighton 2636 days ago
64 /100 33 MOSCOW ROAD
“An alright spot. Five casks, two of which were interesting on my visit. The place has a classic pub feel. There are carpets - always a curious choice for a pub. There was a no-guff old lady handling bartending duties - a big plus. The pub seems well-organized. Prices are about average for London. An alright option for the area, although it isn’t as good as The Cleveland Arms, which is about a ten-minute walk from here.“
Leighton 2759 days ago
66 /100 33 MOSCOW ROAD
“Best pub just around Queensway. 5 casks and nice ones too. A few bottles availeble. Cosey average standard pub. Some locals, in this touristed area.“
HenrikSoegaard 2782 days ago
54 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“A Taylor Walker pub, handy for a pint and a bite to eat after a stroll in Kensington Gardens. The Black Lion is on Bayswater Road, just opposite one of the entrances to Kensington Gardens. There’s a rather touristy food menu, which was a bit pricey for what looked like standard fare, but it struck me as just the kind of place that many (non-beery) tourists would like. It’s been knocked through and refurbished, presumably to represent a “typical” Victorian pub, with bottle glass windows, etched glass panels, ornate dark woodwork, red leather banquettes, an impressive ornate ceiling (probably original) and an interesting beaten copper panel which, unfortunately, was partly obscured by a television screen. The beer isn’t very exciting (there are four hand pumps, one of which was off when I visited, offering staples like Fuller’s London Pride, Young’s London Gold and Old Speckled Hen) but it’s a pleasant enough place and the service was friendly. There’s a patio to the side, away from the road, and free wifi. (Visited 27 December 2011).“
Boudicca 2795 days ago
“Typical english pub at the tourist area in Bayswater. Some locals though. Two cask taps, only one with beer. Boring bottle selection. Sportsbar.“
HenrikSoegaard 2912 days ago
56 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“Typical english pub just north og Kensington Gardens close to Queensway. Not that cosey and only three cask taps and only to of them with beer. Boring bottle selection.“
HenrikSoegaard 2912 days ago
64 /100 33 MOSCOW ROAD
“A chain pub that serves 4-5 ales on tap, usually having one Youngs, one Adnams and some frequently changing guest beers. Beer is generally well kept and staff friendly. A bit touristy given location near those cheap hotels but if you’re in the area you can get a nice pint here!“
JorgeLee 2950 days ago
“Decent London pub. Beer selection is unremarkable. A few Fullers taps, plus some other real ales you can find anywhere, and of course the Guinness/Stella/Fosters triad. Very nice decor, lots of seating, a few TV screens. They seem to offer a good food selection but I didn’t have anything on my visit. I’m sure most people would have a great time at this place. Through a beer lens, though, this pub leaves much to be desired. If you just want to hang out, watch a match, that kind of thing, I think the Redan will do the trick.“
Leighton 3290 days ago
30 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“I’ve been staying in the Bayswater are for a couple of weeks now and have avoided this place despite its visual appeal from the outside. Finally made it in and stood around for a while before a desultory young lad appeared and poured me a London Pride. The only other real ale was Greene King but they were out. This is a real wayfarer’s stop given the area, so everyone is from somewhere else and no one stays for long. It appears that the service and quality (and price) fit the pattern.“
dbasil 3889 days ago
62 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“After a long walk through the Kensington Gardens I had to stop for a pint. There wasn´t any special ale on tap so Hoegaarden Witbier was a good choice for the sunny day (6.8.2008).“
lada66 4050 days ago
72 /100 123 BAYSWATER ROAD
“The food is really good, and it is one of the better places to eat and drink in Bayswater. It’s just across the road from the path across the park to Kensington High Street. Queensway, Bayswater, is just a stroll away. Great place to stop.“
bhensonb 4452 days ago