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72 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Ooh wow... Start at the train/bus station, walk past a lonely appartment building (between the highway and the tracks... these people must have fun) and then under the bridge/overpass. A sign on the dilapidated ruins of a sugar factory housing a metal scrapyard will point you towards the brewery, in the very heart of the complex, standing out very much in those surroundings. Decorated with care (mostly), they tried to make it a museum of sorts too and the atmosphere on the inside is quite nice. 10 beers on tap, 8 of theirs, one collab of theirs, and a Chodovar guest tap. Very well distributed style-wise, even if all of theirs seem to be lagers, and nothing's that modern. Hit and miss - Klepáček's a tasty polotmavé for example (35kč), the filtered Zlatý Kúň (25kč)... not that great. Their 8° is for 20kč and a steal. Their 8.5% Baltic porter is even more of a steal at 40kč, and the PET bottles (gotta love some of those labels) are cheap too. You get the gist. Service's friendly, attentive, but a language barrier might occur if you don't speak at least basic Czech. Food prices are good, and the potatoes with bacon (Brambory paní sládkové) excellent for 38kč, we didn't go for anything more concrete. A very fun brewpub that's not without its flaws (come on, put a key into the toilet), having hit and miss beers, but if in Beroun, it's a must visit.“
Marko 209 days ago
70 /100 ČESKÁ 140
“The Yin to Berounský Medvěd's Yang, or vice-versa, this is a central, modern restaurant, a bit on the expensive side for the area perhaps, with three rotating taps - two dedicated to their "own" beers (right now a "winter" APA brewed by Permon and a "Christmas" polotmavé brewed by Všerad), it has a well-integrated dog theme, as YULbier said burgers and Tex-Mex food and prices that are almost on Prague level. Basically the complete opposite of BM. What else to say... the service was quick and professional, friendly enough. Apart from the two of "their" beers, Matuška Čert was on tap, which is a good choice to add to the other two. There's a fridge with Všerad beers in 0.75l bottles available to go, which is cool too Their house cheesburger was quite good. I wasn't "wowed" maybe, and I didn't feel it was the "best in Czech Republic" as you can read sometimes, but very tasty it was - making me want to try their more experimental ones next time. In any case, a should-visit when in town, almost a must visit. Not a thrilling beer place, but a pretty solid one nonetheless.“
Marko 209 days ago
58 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Great brewery restaurant with guest taps“
vladeath 232 days ago
60 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“7 local beers on tap. Good value for drink and food. Good ambiance. Average food. Unlucky with the service in the beginning because the place was full and took some time until the first order, but after that was OK.“
efeesse 762 days ago
64 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“[6/26/08] Decent place on the way from Prague to Pilsen.“
DSG 1467 days ago
70 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Nice brewpub , Not too nice surroundings , Helpful staff , Had 6 local beers , Pretty cheap , Cool brewpub.“
tampierre 2383 days ago
62 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Pivovar uprostøed šrotištì, posezení venku kvùli neustálému hluku není pøíliš pøíjemné, avšak interiér výèepu je velmi úhledný a pùsobí pøívìtivì. Obsluha je opravdu jedna z nejpøíjemnìjších za poslední dobu, úsmìv na rtech a vstøícnost i v èase plnì nabytého lokálu, dalším plusem je i rychlost. V pivu v rámci pivovaru, není znát sebemenší vada na chuti z mích pìti piv mìla všechna míru a sklenice byly øádnì vymyté. Celkovì se jedná o velmi pøíjemné posezení, leè nepøíliš dobøe situované.“
Jamedra 2468 days ago
16 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Awful. Stunk to high heaven, barmaids were unhelpful and even managed to spill the beer all over me without an apology. The home beers range from mediocre to truly awful. I was excited about visiting, but what a massive let down.“
pivoveskotsku 2941 days ago
72 /100 ČESKÁ 140
“Very good burgers & Tex-Mex food (tacos, quesadillas, burritos). Two shitty beers + 1 rotating beer from a small countryside brewery on tap, on my visit they were pouring the excellent Matuska Raptor. Nice terrasse. Cool staff. Well worth the 10-minutes walk from the train station.“
YULbier 2957 days ago
58 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“This place is part of the PIV alliance, so you can expect beer in its freshest condition. Only problem, their home beers sucked. Big time. The guest beers were clearly the best options. I don’t recommend making the trip from Prague only to go there, but you can easily combine this visit with a visit to the nearby Karlstejn Castle. Also, a better option for eating in Beroun is the Blackdog Cantina, a burger joint run by an american expat. As for the Berounsky Medved, it will probably not be the highlight of your day...“
YULbier 2957 days ago
70 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“We took the modern two story train from Praha to explore Beroun. It is about 10 minutes walking to Beroun main square. A nice little town with remains of an old city wall and two intact town gates. Back to the trainstation and heading for the brewery, just follow the big yellow signs with picture of a bear. You enter the scrap yard walking on old cobblestones and gravel/mud. My wife became skeptical, what kind of place is this! She breathed more easily when she entered the nice looking yellow building. In short: food was cheap, tasty and served in big portions. 3 beers on tap, varying from excellent to average. All in all, a nice half day trip from Praha. (Visited 24th February 2012)“
Bryne 3049 days ago
68 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Visited this place with gnoff, diar and DSG. After a nice beertasting in the train from Prague to here, we at first struggled a bit finding it, but the place was rather obvious and nice after finding out how to walk from the trainstop. Lots of old panzer- and warstuff in the yard. Very friendly service, though there was a slight languagebarrier. Beers were really good at the brewpub, and the food was also very pleasant for being the Czech republic. Nice decor inside.“
oh6gdx 3670 days ago
72 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“As everyone else said, location. If you think your lost, your spot on! Just an easy 5 minutes walk west from the railway station, when you enter the scrap yard, you are there. Find your way to the nice building to the left, and once inside a different worlds opens up. This used to be an old sugar plant, which are now renovated and house the brewery and resaurant. Enormous wooden columns and beams make this a perfect location for a meal and some nice beers from the house. This place seems popular amongst the locals, was almost filled up in lunchtime. Good service, a little bit slow, but normal according to the number of people served. OK food, nothing extraordinary, rather big portions. “
gunnar 3764 days ago
66 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Close to the train station, but quite hard to find. I am wondering if the address is right at all. My GPS led me to the other side of the river, but in fact it is just a few hundred metres from the train station. It seems to be on the premises of a scrap yard. Seriously. Inside it is nice and the atmosphere is friendly. Average food.“
MiP 4181 days ago
68 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“I won’t try to make a good description of this pub location. Middle of nowhere loses its meaning here, you don’t even know where nowhere is when you get to this pub. In the middle of a scrap yard. Old rusty WWII tank and weapons on one side and a huge pile of detritus on the other, the view is like nothing you have ever seen. Interior is surprisingly warm and unsurprisingly authentic. IMPORTANT: From what we understood this brewpub doesn’t brew off-season. We were there in April and they only had two decent guest beers on tap. Supposedly they start brewing in May, I don’t know when they stop. 60 to 80 can sit on each of the two floors (upstairs was closed when we were there). Extensive food menu, very greasy, my goulash was below average. This place is a must, not for the beer, not for the food, not for the ambiance, but really for the location. Quite an experience.“
Glouglouburp 4300 days ago
66 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Rather hard to find, even from the train station. Walk out from the main hall, turn left and then walk under the bridge. Strange surroundings with old tanks and stuff. OK food and beers. Quite cheap to buy take-away PET-bottles. Nice detour when going by train between Prague and Plzen.“
gnoff 4385 days ago
68 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“A memorable brewpub, this is. As you walk in the direction you were told to walk, you constantly ask yourself: it can’t be here, can it? A muddy side road, huge apparently-abandoned buildings with broken windows, olden trucks, scrap everywhere...and a sign of a bear with a pint of beer with an arrow confirming you are on the right track. Following this sign, you soon encounter an old tank, heaps of wood, canons, and...scrap everywhere. Oh, and this white building in the middle of it all. Fascinating. The dark wooden interior with sculptures in the walls is strikingly beautiful and cozy for the area. The place was amazingly crowded for a mid-week lunch. The only downside was there weren’t any house beers available that day and we weren’t able to get an explanation from the Czech-speaking waitress. She was still able to tell us the house beers were coming back in May. In the meantime, they were serving Klaster’s 10-degree Svetlé and Chodovar’s Tmavé. Pints were 17Kc, so 1$ at the time I’m writing this. The smoked duck in a potato pancake I had was delicious, if not extremely fat. I’d come back here anytime just for the experience, but also because they must be brewing quite ’’natural’’ lagers here...“
MartinT 4450 days ago
60 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“Set amidst old tanks, rotten buildings and scrap metal, this small brew-pub is nevertheless worth a detour. Located only a few steps from the Beroun railway-stati, it is a good place for a break when You are travelling by slow trains from Prague to Pilsen.......“
pivnizub 4661 days ago
70 /100 TYRŠOVÁ 135
“restaurant next to the brewery and next to the scrap metal store. Good food, excellent beer. 3 different beers on tap, pale lager, Dunkel and half-dark (polotmavy). In the building next to the restaurant there is a nonstop beershop open 24hours a day, where you can buy al beers in 1,5l bottles. Friendly staff and the brewery is conveniently situated near the D5 motorway from Plzen to Prague.“
Quack-Duck 4794 days ago
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