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50 /100 106 HIGH STREET
“A classic Birmingham pub and music venue well known for being the place UB40 played their first gig in 1979. Pretty sure they've hosted bands regularly since then, certainly seen quite a few bands myself over the years. It's a lovely old Victorian building, with all manner of rooms, walkways, bars, staircases, doors and alcoves to explore. It's as much a pub as a venue, with plenty of people drinking downstairs while upstairs is home to two venue rooms that host DJs and club nights as well as touring bands. Beer-wise it veers towards Purity's offerings, as well as a Gamma Ray and probably Brewdog, didn't really pay much attention as was seeing a band upstairs. Good atmosphere, and interesting place, but not a beer destination.“
minutemat 462 days ago
65.7142857143 /100 9 INSTITUTE ROAD
“Called in here before watching Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs at Hare & Hounds (who were great btw!). Small box unit converted into a bar, tucked away about 5 or 6 shops down Institute Road, off the main Kings Heath drag. Easy to think you're going the wrong way, given how dark and closed all the other shops on the street are, but open it is and quite busy it is too. Simple set-up, long table town the middle with smaller tables along the side, couple of comfy chairs with various greenery dotted about. Tap list is scrawled in big marker pen on wallpaper wide sheets taped to the wall. 3 handpulls, and around 10 keg lines, a nice selection of local breweries (Green Duck, Halton Turner, Burning Soul and one from new Harbourne brewpub Ostlers) as well as the likes of Fyne Ales and Pomona Island, all styles represented. Also quite refreshing to have a tap-list that isn't heavy on unaffordable 14% barrel-aged hype. Some Hogans cider bottles, plus one on tap I think. Nice vibe about the place, and clearly popular with the locals.“
minutemat 462 days ago
“Independent bar and bottle shop a short walk up a side street from the main bus route in Kings Heath. 10 rotating keg lines and 3 cask beers on offer, plus bottles and cans. There is also a select range of whisky and gin. Single room with a variety of seating. Enjoyed beers from Wilde Childe, Green Duck and Burning Soul breweries last Saturday, and Kinver, Rat, Burning Soul and a Cloudwater sour beer today. Draft beers served in 1/3 2/3 1/2 pint and pint measures and tasters available. Well worth a visit. Opening times changed Feb 2019. Sat 2 till 11 and Sunday 2 till 10. Beers on 2.2.19 are 2 Church Farm and a Kinver on cask. We are having keg Buxton Big Claw DIPA 8.0% and Salopian Auric 4%“
gillhalfpint 553 days ago
66 /100
Juke (Bar)
“Decent little craft bar inn the Kings Heath area. Feels a bit sterile - they've just had a refit - but the shininess might appeal to some. The choice won't change your life, but they had one cask beer (Backyard) and six keg beers (three from Mad Hatter). Pretty expensive - my half of sessionable craft porter was £3.60 - but it's friendly and pleasant. Worth stopping if passing but maybe not worth that special trip out.“
jjsint 640 days ago
82 /100
Juke (Bar)
“Called in shortly after they opened in July and found a friendly craft bar with 5 taps which include a cider, and 1 real ale beer. Great selection available and we chose a Dig Brew cask and a Hopcraft tap beer. Called again last week and enjoyed a Tap beer from OPW (Old Print Works) brewery. There are bench seats outside the front and inside you go past a kithen area into the bar at the back with tables and chairs. Also available are bottles and cans. Good addition to Kings Heath beer scene.“
gillhalfpint 670 days ago
70 /100
Red Lion (Bar)
“Called into this Ember Inn which has large comfortable rooms in Ember Inns style. Selection of real ales from their portfolio and we chose My Generation which is a Black Sheep beer, and Jennings Snecklifter. We were early and didn’t try any food from the impressive menu.“
gillhalfpint 1200 days ago
78 /100 100 HIGH STREET
“I have always walked past this as a coffee lounge, but an A board advertising craft beers caught my attention and wow, what a selection for a coffee lounge. Worldwide craft beers, ciders, and gluten free beer available in fridges. Cosy seating with tables and chairs or sofas, coffees and nibbles, tapas and some good looking food being brought out. Free wifi. Turns into a trendy bar at night with wines and cocktails also available, but we will be back for the beer selection.“
gillhalfpint 1203 days ago
62 /100 106 HIGH STREET
“Heritage pub, a bit run down chain feel to it. Student type of clientele, not really my sort of place these days.“
Scotty001 1442 days ago
64 /100 106 HIGH STREET
“Nice English pub with small but decent beer selection on tap (including some by Purity) and a small selection of bottles. Ok prices, good service.“
DrGD 1878 days ago
72 /100
Ruprai Food and Wines (Grocery Store)
“Very good selection for a neighbourhood convenience store. A good selection full stop. Lots of real ales, lots of top quality Belgian and German staples and loads of Thornbridge. Great value too.“
DanielBrown 1916 days ago
“Pretty ropey in terms of clientele and reputation. However, does have quite a long selection of cask ales. And is cheap.“
DanielBrown 2480 days ago
64 /100
Ruprai Food and Wines (Grocery Store)
“I’m slowly working through what Ruprai have to offer. Side one is typical supermarket options but with a few treasures thrown in. Round the other side is where the good stuff sits. Good range of Belgians, some Oakham, Flying Dog, BrewDog, Brooklyn, the odd lambic and gueuze. It’s round the corner from Bish so I pop in when I take him home from work.“
Dommod2011 2693 days ago
“A large open plan Wetherspoon in a modern high street building. Situated on the heart of this southern suburb of Birmingham there’s plenty of room inside to service whatever function your visit entails. The bar is well stocked with two rows of ale pumps and long enough not to have to queue deep if it gets busy. Food is of course available and the WiFi worked fine.“
ManVsBeer 2710 days ago
64 /100
Ruprai Food and Wines (Grocery Store)
“Ruprai have only recently entered the craft beer scene. They have always had a good selection of the classic supermarket ’real ale’ fare (i.e. not real ale, probably, what do I know, stuff like Thwaites, Titanic etc). But now have added a range of bottles from around the world and some now from UK too. These include Rochefort 6,8,10, Cantillon, Flying Dog, Brooklyn, Maredsous, Nogne, Brewdog, Marble, Oakham, Schneider Weisse, Duchesse de Bourgogne, Thornbridge ect. Decent and growing with very good value. They are a convenience store but have this increasing interest. All good for my local though they don’t know much about what they are selling but are very friendly indeed.“
The_Bish 2737 days ago