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“Opened just a few months ago. I've there twice. Easy to park ; not that far from the cinema "Le Fauteuil Rouge" and Bocapole. Beerstore and bar : mostly belgian classics, 30% french beers maybe (Melusine, some La Chamoise, La Musse, Tête de Mule, some Popihn and Piggy), a few german " classic" lager beers. Much less interesting than VandB Bressuire for the craft beer spirit but they just opened a few months ago ! Bar section is nice, natural well-lighted. Average classic beers on taps. Not really a craft beer spirit on tap. Ok price. Nice service. I will comeback.“
VDuquerroux 111 days ago
58 /100
V and B Bressuire (Beer Store)
“C'est un V&B, donc faut pas chercher le haut niveau... Les blockbusters belges... Quand j'y suis allé, le caissier ne savait pas ce qu'était la Rodenbach Grand Cru... Alors bon...“
julesxxl 627 days ago
74 /100
V and B Bressuire (Beer Store)
“Update. December 2019. I had to update my rating because of recent opening of La Minute Blonde in Bressuire. The selection has changed a lot since 2016. Much more craft beers. Belgian classics are less common. I bought french beers from Sainte Cru, AeroFab, Piggy, Les Brasseurs du Grand Paris, La Débauche, Effet Papillon, also local beers as usual but not La Chamoise ; also beers from Brewski, La Pirata. Overall, nice selection. October2016. Another V and B ! Same story : a beerstore (also wines and whisky)... and a bar. Near Leclerc supermarket, ok parking. Just opened ! (9/2016). Mostly belgian classic beers as usual (about 150), but some jewels such as "Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru" ; a few german and british beers ; some french beers (local beers included such as La Gabarde). Not enough french beers as usual for V and B (compared to Bières é Chopes, Cholet), but that’s just the beginning. Friendly staff. He knows his stuff. I will come back.“
VDuquerroux 1264 days ago
48 /100 1 RUE DUPIN
“18h. A bit hidden near Place Dupin. I came about 4 years ago, good memories, beers shared with friends. Alas, the ambiance has changed : hard rock theme. White walls. No wood anymore. Friendly staff though. 10 beers max. A bit messy and dirty on the counter ?? Smoking in the bar ? I drank a "Jenlain Or" there, good surprise.“
VDuquerroux 2090 days ago
“A very nice bar in Bressuire. Ambiance was awesome : "retro" decoration. Corrugated iron on walls with maps, tools. They turned road signs into tables ! One bicycle on the ceiling with a sign "Do not park here" ?! Average selection of beer. But no classic Leffe or Grimbergen here, time for a Poiluchette. Good, something different ! Pleasant staff and service :)“
VDuquerroux 2090 days ago
70 /100
Au Petit Brasseur (Beer Store)
“Nice beer store in an old station concourse. High ceiling ! Funny comic on one wall. Seems a bit empty. Friendly staff. Mostly belgian beers (100 or so). 3-4 beers on tap. 20 bottles in the fridge. Pleasant place.“
VDuquerroux 2134 days ago
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