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74 /100
Two Belly (Restaurant)
“Cheese & beer shop in Clifton. Nothing on draft but there is a decent selection in the fridge. The food is fabulous according to friends who've eaten here“
Cheeseboard 320 days ago
“Community atmosphere to this traditional corner pub in the outskirts of the central part of Bristol. Split level with wood furniture. Four Dawkins beers among the six cask ales. A few craft beers on keg as well. Friendly service. An extra score for the music played at our stay. The beautiful Swedish sound of First Aid Kit made us stay for another half. (Visited with Finn on a Sunday pub crawl in Bristol 30.04.2017).“
Rune 923 days ago
“Small corner pub with a local feeling.“
Finn 943 days ago
78 /100 16 KINGS ROAD
“After hosting the best beer selection in Clifton for a time this smart, modern and design-conscious bar in light woods, with a restaurant upstairs has ditched an intelligent range across all the formats and measures for more of a try-this-try-that bunch of not-so-goods. Better casks have started to lose out to run-of-the-mill kegs and the range favours experimental over established, but hey. Food varies from brilliant to bog standard.“
Tim Webb 969 days ago
68 /100
Oddbins Clifton (Beer Store)
“Just a regular Oddbins chain off-license that was mostly wine till last year and still is, though the beer selection is growing healthily from b-all a year ago to 60-ish now. Bristol >>> southwest England >>> rest of England >>> foreign. Early days“
Tim Webb 1005 days ago
“What a waste. The hotel has been taken over by the Malmaison group and the White Lion has had a major refurb. This could have been a great time to rejig the beer list with a nod towards the fact that the City of Bristol has more breweries per capita than any other in the UK and possibly the world. Oh no. All beers and ciders come from anonymous fonts with lots of crafty-lite brands and a couple of entry-level Brewdog brands. The only cask brand I could spot seemed to be under CO2 top pressure. Sadly Downender’s review (below) remains correct.“
Tim Webb 1028 days ago
68 /100 33 GORDON ROAD
“A pub of the future, opposite the student union. Tied to Heineken until summer 2018 but with two HP free beers, serving good brews from Electric Bear currently. Watch for developments down the line.“
Tim Webb 1029 days ago
66 /100
Lansdown (Bar)
“Surprisingly enjoyable pub off Clifton village, with significant potential to join the beer revolution though it ain’t yet. A few nice cask ales but boring bottles. Food looked acceptable. I will go again, if only for a pre-prandial before the Italian restaurant opposite - which has 2 or 3 beers from Wiper & True + a few Italians.“
Tim Webb 1252 days ago
74 /100
Amoeba (Bar)
“A Tardis of a place, on several levels, most of which are not visible from the street. Entry is easier if / with a young person. Nice front room, though the larger and nicer looking drinking spaces are downstairs. The internal courtyard is for smokers, which spoils what could be the best bit. Let them choke the street I say. The range of international craft beers gets better when her indoors is allowed to take charge. Some high quality info from behind the bar - some not so good.“
Tim Webb 1252 days ago
“A Dawkins pub in a Georgian part of Clifton village, not far from the famous suspension bridge. Dawkins real ales are supplemented by two or three others. A range of Belgian bottles includes Duchesse de Bourgogne and an oude gueuze. Good pro-chatting atmosphere. attracting all ages and types. There is an overflow and events room upstairs at walkway level. Getting foodier.“
Tim Webb 1252 days ago
60 /100
Mall (Bar)
“The last pub in Clifton Village before the Downs.I know it best for underage drinking in the 1980s, but it is pretty solid now, although the guest beer range has been less adventurous of late. Expect Bath Gem, Doom Bar and Tribute. Ok, if you are in the area.“
downender 1295 days ago
30 /100 8 SION PLACE,
“Legendary but crap, I’m afraid. It is a famous cider joint and as with so much modern cider the stuff here is sweet, industrial, unimpressive and expensive. Quite why Ratebeer and CAMRA consider cider to be beer-like I have no idea but the folly is full blast here.“
Tim Webb 1317 days ago
70 /100 16 KINGS ROAD
“Seemingly right in the shopping area of Clifton Village and it rather looks like a shop conversion. Very similar to its sister pub, The Royal Navy Volunteer in the way it advertises, displays and serves the beers with a handy, if sometimes mistaken, beer board. All styles are covered well, the beers are well chosen if a little London centric. Definitely worth a look when you have climbed the hill.“
imdownthepub 1321 days ago
72 /100
Lansdown (Bar)
“Traditional pub in the smart Clifton Village area at the top of a near vertical climb from the Hotwells Road. We positioned ourselves in the front room but there appeared to be other rooms and a patio garden where a marquee had been sited for the Lansdown Shakespeare Beer festival. All the beers seem to sourced within a 30 mile radius, I’m not personally a fan of locale policies, but I don’t live there either. A very pleasant pub with friendly locals and worth a visit.“
imdownthepub 1321 days ago
70 /100
Lansdown (Bar)
“Pub in a Georgian building in a pleasant part of the city. Beer range is solidly local, without being ’craft’ orientated, with the likes of Twisted Oak and New Bristol to the fore. Food is very enjoyable, with the beef pie being a favourite. A friendly place with good service and generally happy atmosphere. Beer festivals are held in April and October. Trivia Point - landlady is the sister of Damian ’Homeland’ Lewis.“
downender 1336 days ago
“For me the best authentic pub in Clifton. A Dawkins house but free of tie on bottles, with a growing range from various backgrounds and traditions. Also an oasis of Tiny Rebel. Pub quiz on Tuesdays. Open fire in winter. Proper pub atmosphere encouraging conversation.“
Tim Webb 1414 days ago
74 /100 16 KINGS ROAD
“The former Hophouse, reopened by the same owners as the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer after a refit. The approach is the same as there - 20 beers and ciders on offer, including a mix of cask and keg beer, all British and from brewers uch as WIld Beer, Arbor, BBF, and Northern Monk. Service was friendly. It will be interesting to revisit once it is fully up and running.“
downender 1488 days ago
70 /100 18-20 ALMA VALE ROAD
“Another local haunt. Large foody pub, unique in Bristol and rare in the UK for its 48-seater theatre upstairs, which hosts drama, standup and other stuff. Well above average food. Solid if unadventurous cask list and a few bottled craft beers but experimenting a bit. They have pickled eggs hidden away.“
Tim Webb 1547 days ago
66 /100
Mall (Bar)
“Deceptively large pub, part of the M&B chain,close to Clifton Suspension Bridge. The street level bar on the corner is just the start. There is then a three-tier restaurant / secret garden area, sometimes hosting quite large parties. Starting to dip a toe in craft beers generally but as yet nothing hugely adventurous - ditto the cask range.“
Tim Webb 1547 days ago
“This is a stripped back, street corner boozer on the edge of the Clifton area of Bristol. Happy and plenty of banter, rickety furniture and a tiny loo area, a great mix with the type of pub that is fast disappearing. We were there for the St. Georges day Festival, so lots of choice on our visit, but I’m sure that there would be enough under normal circumstances. A little cracker.“
imdownthepub 1688 days ago
“We visited here on Saturday 3rd January 2015. As has already been mentioned this pub sits close by the Clifton Suspension Bridge, we walked past the pub to walk across the magnificent bridge which on a day of continual misty rain saw the bridge earily shrouded in low cloud and mist. We walked back down to the pub marvelling at the stunning victorian houses all about, btw Clifton is mega posh. The pub however despite being amongst this opulence is thankfully a little more grounded. A cosy place that would have been more atmospheric were it not for the fact that there were just the two of us in here. Beer choice was a little limited, but there was a good choice of bottled beers that I hadn’t noticed until after I had ordered. I had a Dawkins Bristol bitter but was a little disappointed with it, condition wise it was fine, it just tasted a little boring. The pub is accessed at the lower street level and is a small bar with just a few tables and chairs. H“
Fin 1798 days ago
58 /100 18-20 ALMA VALE ROAD
“Large pub that is usefully situated between Whiteladies Road and Clifton Village. Beer range is made up of common regional bitters, but is served in good condition. If you are passing by, worth a visit.“
downender 1919 days ago
66 /100 18-20 ALMA VALE ROAD
“Nice bar and theatre in a well heeled part of Bristol. Good selection of real ales and relaxed aimosphere“
undercurrent25 2191 days ago
“Truly awful place, which trades off the fact that its terrace has wonderful views out over the Avon gorge. Service has been terrible for at least a decade and beer range is limited and dull. Avoid at all costs - cross over the road and visit the Portcullis instead.“
downender 2792 days ago
“basically a hotel bar that has been given licence to ’do it’s own thing’. only two ales on offer, both badly kept and served. a few macro lagers and a paltry array of bottles. surly staff and a clientele of annoying daddys girl students or bored business men (me!). and there are too many televisions. get yourself up to the Coronation Tap! the one redeeming feature is the sun terrace which over/under looks the bridge and catches the sun pretty much all day and evening.“
superflyguy 2829 days ago
70 /100
Amoeba (Bar)
“decent little bottle bar away from the bustle of the city centre. very much let down by not having ’proper’ beer, but the bottled selection mostly makes up for that. a choice of most styles and a barman who knew his onions. clearly focused mostly on the weekend cocktail crowd. split over three levels with good seating and lighting.“
superflyguy 2829 days ago
“Great little pub which is hard to find unless you have an address or you know where it is. Was there in 2008 and should be there again in 2011. Enough cask ale to please myself and almost a living room atmosphere, this really is a tiny pub that could easily get full with 30 people!! “
PaulUnwin 3245 days ago
“On a back street between Whiteladies Road and Clifton village, this is a small street corner pub that, like all the other Dawkins’ ones, offers a decent selection of local real ales and some decent cider and Belgian beers. Food is limited to snacks. Holds regular beer festivals.“
downender 3773 days ago
“Pub close to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, split over two levels with the bar being in the lower one. Decent selection of real ales, with Dawkins Brassknocker and Green Barrel being permanent features and seven well chosen guests from micro brewers, with Moor and Brewdog particularly prominent. Cider is from Broadoak and there are some Belgian beers available too, including something on tap and the occasional unusual bottle such as Duivels Bier Donker. Food is tasty and good value, especially the Pie Minister pies. Regular beer and cider festivals offer a decent selection of quality drinks. Part of the Dawkins group of pubs.“
downender 3773 days ago
30 /100 8 SION PLACE,
“Visited this place on a quiet Tuesday evening in Bristol, after a number of recomendations, and the place was rammed full of people watching a jazz band (jazz music is not my bag so not a good start). The locals were less then friendly, a mix of pretentious jazz-twats who refused to let anyone past and people who elbowed their way through the crowds. This place is mainly about the cider and there seems a decent choice of local ciders, the beer selection appears to be very small and nothing special, mainly macro beers. The prices were rather steep, and the staff rather terse (perhaps because they were so busy). Very dissapointing after the fervent reccomendations, but maybe we caught it on a bad night with the jazz crowd.“
gary07734 3783 days ago
46 /100 8 SION PLACE,
“As mentioned below, visit this pub for the cider not the beer. The Exhibition (downgraded to 8.4% ABV but still served in half pints) is powerful stuff. As with many cider houses, the Coronation Tap has a lively atmosphere but it is a lot more expensive than most other cider pubs in Bristol, offers a lot less choice and is more of a tourist trap/student hangout. The Cotham Porter Stores, the Apple and the Orchard are much better alternatives IMHO, if harder to find.“
downender 4585 days ago
60 /100 8 SION PLACE,
“Situated in Clifton, quite hard to find if I wasn’t led there by a friend. Very small ceilings in this place with a wooden interior. Local selection of ales with cider too. I didnt try the ciders and actually didnt rate many beers but the beer I had I enjoyed the same.“
Gethinbeer 4725 days ago
66 /100 8 SION PLACE,
“The urban hub of West Country cider, the Coronation Tap is situated in a quiet corner of Clifton, by the famous Suspension Bridge. The pub’s interior is non-descript, but the wooden barrels lined up behind the bar featuring cask cider are anything but. They feature both major and minor producers here, but there’s always four or five on the go. A must for people who think Strongbow is good cider. Oh, and I must mention that if you’ve been drinking pints of bitter and mild for a long while, you should take into consideration that a lot of these ciders are twice the strength so be careful. (Beer list is pretty boring, if you’re wondering)“
Oakes 5796 days ago
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