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86 /100
GIST (Bar)
“Un superbe bar à bières qui évoque les stam cafés bruxellois typiques, avec un peu plus de lumière. Une quinzaine de bières au fût, une trentaine à la carte. Le service est super sympa, le patron connaisseur et de bon conseil et les prix raisonnables. Terrible adresse à Bruxelles pour les amateurs de bières.“
Ysok02 25 days ago
76 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Very interesting place with lots of information given. Typical Brussel friendliness greets you. Changing availabilities to drink in and take away. Great place steeped in history.“
t-randers 36 days ago
“Good vibe to the bar, great choices of beer. Staff was brussel-friendly, could help to make a good choice of beer. Prices were fully acceptable. Place got pretty packed though.“
t-randers 36 days ago
68 /100 67, RUE DES ALEXIENS
“I visited this place two years ago but apparently forgot to rate it, so here we go: a kind of dive bar in a centuries old cellar in the city of Brussels, with a Celtic theme, wooden benches and so on. Very crowded and loud at the time I visited it (on a Saturday evening) with lots of young folk, too much so for me actually, but the beer list was kind of interesting, with local craft beers from Brussels breweries as well as lambics, and of course a lot of Belgian classics. Not sure how this place has evolved since then, maybe I should pay it another visit to find out.“
Alengrin 36 days ago
70 /100 RUE DES PIERRES 50, 1000
“Came to listen to some Jazz (Frank Sinatra imitation band). The beer selection has 17 Belgian biers. The servos was good but they were under staffed. Overall nice evening.“
Aggiebob 40 days ago
56 /100 PUTTERIE, 20
“Very spacious open bar, where one feels a bit lost... a typical Brewdog selection on with a few Belgian beers available you usually do not see in other Brewdog bars. Service was slow and looked bored. Had no food as we were only travelling through. Beer was standard.“
BarrelChamp46 40 days ago
“Nice, place to have a beer in the middle of a brewery.“
nora.milbert 50 days ago
98 /100 RUE DES HARENGS, 2
“Good location in the center of Brussels, very knowledge staff, great selection of Belgian beers, also aged. Very tasty cheese plate to combine with the beers.“
nora.milbert 50 days ago
82 /100 24-26 RUE LAMBERT CRICKX
“A lovely place very close to Cantillon serving well-crafted beers and a few snack options: cheese, sausage, and a pizza. The service is pretty good but they do enjoy talking to each other at times while they ignore the patrons, but they do eventually get back to you the patron. The place is a bit rustic but that creates an awesome feel; they are keen on using wooden pallets for decoration and function.“
BeerandBlues2 52 days ago
“Wow fiquei muito impressionado com este lugar. Que festa louca“
ResinousMonger41 58 days ago
60 /100 33, RUE DES GRANDES CARMES, 33
“Decent little pub, we ended up here because the Poechenellekelder was slightly over crowded and my other half was desperate for a sit down and a drink. Good selection of beers and ambiance, not quite as impressive as 'that pub opposite', but still better than most the pubs in my hometown in the UK!“
AndyTF2 61 days ago
68 /100 RUE DU CHENE 5
“Visited a few years ago now, i need to review again properly as it was absolutely heaving when we visited so i couldn't really appreciate the decor or ambience. We had to grab a drink and sit outside. From what i did see this looks a fabulous place, and a superb selection of beer. We sat outside and watched hoards of tourists take selfies in front of the Manneken Pis.“
AndyTF2 61 days ago
90 /100 RUE DES HARENGS, 2
“A great place on the Brussels scene, opened since late 2018. Just off the Grande Place in an old fish shop with art nouveau features in a UNESCO designated building. Choose a style (tripel, saison, porter etc) and a glass is poured, all from Belgian micros, either a 33cl bottle or a pour from something larger. Good selection, friendly service and a decent price for the location. A place that deserves to thrive“
taylorrg 74 days ago
“Visited on 10th January 2020, and a few times over the past few years. An established venue close to the Bourse and not far from the Grand Place/Grote Markt. Convivial and friendly bar in a long, narrow, split-level pub. An overhead blackboard sorts beers by colour and taste, handy when the bar is busy, although of course a proper beer menu is available. The range is, of course, not limited to lambic; a diverse selection is offered from breweries as local and as small as the Nanobrasserie L’Ermitage. The decor and lighting lend themselves to a relaxed feel whether you are in a group or alone, at the bar or at a table. Music volume kept at a level that affords civilised conversation to buzz just above it. Give it a go!“
ladnewton 84 days ago
90 /100 24-26 RUE LAMBERT CRICKX
“Visited on 10th January 2020 and twice before. Friendly vibrantly ambient taproom in the backstreets close to Lemonnier metro and not all that far from Brussels Midi/Zuid. A mostly young crowd gather here of an evening to sup the tasty range of beers which are served in a number of sizes down to taster volumes. Knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic staff with a great sense of humour. English spoken, not unexpectedly. Bar food/snacks include pizza and sausages. Well worth a visit, with plenty of time to enjoy the beers.“
ladnewton 84 days ago
78 /100 34 RUE DE MOSCOU
“New place just round the corner from Malt Attacks. 6 or so of their own beers, with a further 10 or so guests. One cask pump. Fairly smart place with a spiral staircase up to further seating. Potential to sit on the street in warmer weather by way of large patio doors. Friendly enough staff, although on our visit on a quiet night we were somewhat rushed while they closed up shop way earlier than advertised. Decent, simple pizza. Good beer. Will re-visit.“
Garrold 87 days ago
“One of the most popular bars in the craft beer community. Mainly because of their good bottle list of lambics and sours. Great selection of beers, mainly Belgian with some foreign ones as well. This place can get very crowdy and staff can be very arrogant at times.“
BelgiumQ 95 days ago
78 /100 24-26 RUE LAMBERT CRICKX
“Extremely close to Cantillon and thus perhaps worth a visit for a little variety. 10-12 taps, with flights of 4 x 12.5cl for €7, a good deal indeed. You can also order single 12.5cl pours for €2 or less. Beer quality is quite good, especially their jasmine pale ale. Worth a visit before or after your train’s arrival/departure since it’s so close to Midi.“
mcberko 117 days ago
74 /100 RUE DU CHENE 5
“Very close to Moeder Lambic (and many other places), with a pretty impressive lambic list. It’s primarily a restaurant, so if you’re hunting lambics specially, better go to Moeder or other nearby places; but if you’re looking for dinner, and want some good lambics to go along with it, this might be a good spot.“
mcberko 117 days ago
78 /100 PUTTERIE, 20
“Directly across from Brussels Centraal, so can’t get much more convenient. Huge place, with high ceilings and extensive seating options. 20+ beers on tap with custom flights of 4 available, charges by the beer, so it can get expensive if you order the sexy stuff. Very friendly and helpful staff. It feels a little commercial, but the beer quality is there and it’s a comfortable enough place. Don’t know if I’d recommend it as a top Brussels beer destination, but it’s a good spot.“
mcberko 117 days ago
“Great location“
pb 122 days ago
100 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“That's simple for me! Great place and people. Unfortunately there's not a lot geuzes to go.“
aka_opex 127 days ago
68 /100
Nüetnigenough (Restaurant)
“Just had a drink some time ago.“
Geert74 129 days ago
64 /100 RUE DE STASSART 131
“Je ne vois pas bien pourquoi ce restaurant ait été ajouter sur RATE BEER. Ceci est un restaurant pas une brasserie...“
pure_demo 136 days ago
“Local con decoración cine-fila, bar de paso.“
fombe89 138 days ago
66 /100
Monk (Bar)
“Amplio cafe bar Local, para disfrutar de una clásica cerveza belga.“
fombe89 138 days ago
“Pequeña cafería con una pequeña selección de cervezas, Acogedor Local, para disfrutar de una clásica cerveza belga.“
fombe89 138 days ago
86 /100 24-26 RUE LAMBERT CRICKX
“Brew Pub, cerca de Cantillon, buen ambiente y servicio, cervezas buenas, recomendable.“
fombe89 138 days ago
76 /100
GIST (Bar)
“Visit september 2019“
KegTickers59 140 days ago
82 /100 RUE DU CHENE 5
“Multiple visits“
KegTickers59 140 days ago
70 /100 24-26 RUE LAMBERT CRICKX
“Visit april and september 2018“
KegTickers59 140 days ago
68 /100
Nüetnigenough (Restaurant)
“Multiple visits“
KegTickers59 140 days ago