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“Crowded, tourist bait, big selection of national and international beers. But sticky tables and the noisy environment do not improve the experience“
beertripper73 5 days ago
80 /100 34 RUE DE MOSCOU
“Small, cosy place... about 18 beers from tap. Mostly Ermitage beers (but that´s a good thing 😉) and a couple of guest beers. We´ve been there three times and tried the pizza twice. Just as in their taproom nearby Cantillon, it is always delicious.“
beertripper73 5 days ago
“Great beer bar with possibility to buy beers for take-away as well. Nice selection of beers and in the warmer seasons a fabulous terrace (plain and simple german beer tables) but with a smashing view on the Sint-Servaas church and just nearby Parc Josapath. Super friendly staff pro-actively suggesting some beers based on your preferences.“
beertripper73 8 days ago
84 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Great beers, lambic & geuze heaven... now if we could only get Bertho to be a bit more friendly behind the counter, it would be a splendid experience. Get your act together bartender 🙈“
beertripper73 8 days ago
100 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Pure living history. Cantillon embodies that more than most, and I was glad to learn there's a new museum renovation in the works upstairs. Visited 3 times on the TDG ‘19 trip and each time there was something unique and special to discover. This is mecca for traditional lambic lovers. The tour is not to be missed, it really provides great perspective on the irreplaceable history here. Also be sure to check out the other tasting room upstairs, which is open limited hours. For TDG weekend they had close to 2 dozen different bottles available, which was very impressive. More than anywhere else in Brussels, the crowd was very American here. Shared bottles with generous new acquaintances each time. Spoke with Jean for a bit, and he was also very generous with his time and shared a beer with us. Alberto and Jean-Pierre were friendly and masters at managing the crowd, no one held back opinions here either, which was refreshing. Cantillon is a bucket-list experience, and I hope to return many times in the future.“
emerge077 23 days ago
62 /100
Toone (Bar)
“We came here on 13.11.2021. A very nice location with vaults and colorful, eccentric pictures. Seems this was another puppet theater. Around 50 beers on the menu. Outside of Belgium would be a great selection, but for this city it is only mediocre (good problem to have).“
Schlenkerla 24 days ago
84 /100 RUE DU CHENE 5
“We came here on 14.11.2021. Located next to Manneken Pis, this is a beer restaurant inside of a marionettes museum with a unique and great ambiance. On the tables you see small metal plates with names of Belgium brewmasters. They have at last 200 beers on the menu. We had a Oud Beersel geuze. Outstanding! An absolute must visit place when you are in the city!“
Schlenkerla 25 days ago
70 /100 PUTTERIE, 20
“We came here on 13.11.2021. Huge place with a terrace close to the central train station. Unfortunately they had not one Brewdog beer on tap. The explanation was due to Covid and Brexit they did not receive any deliveries. At least they had some cans we never had before. Service was super nice.“
Schlenkerla 25 days ago
84 /100 RUE DU CHENE 5
“I bring basically every visitor to the city here. Located close to the major sights, it’s perfect for a classic Belgian bar experience. Lovely selection of traditional beers with some good cantillon in the as well.“
5lickv1c 30 days ago
100 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Hands down the best there is.“
5lickv1c 30 days ago
88 /100 AV. EMILE MAX 55
“Great neighborhood bar, always some new local beers and tap. I’ve personally discovered several new/small breweries just by going to have pint or two. Tasty snacks and a good selection of beers for takeaway. Nice Friday market very close by.“
5lickv1c 30 days ago
70 /100 24-26 RUE LAMBERT CRICKX
“I had a few beers in the brewery's taproom. This is a large room with a very simple set up, quite raw. Service is nice, though. There's quite some movement, and it's nice to see all the people queueing for beer there. They had 11 beers on tap (all theirs), plus one or two natural wines. I had tasters (12.5cl glasses), and they were 1.80 each. Good. Overall, nice place.“
rumore 55 days ago
78 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Had a chance to drink at the bar inside the brewery. Ambiance is a common room with several tables, surrounding a bar where a person provides Cantillon bottles, or pours glasses (on this day, of gueuze, kriek or fou'foune 21). It gives a good feeling. Service is as described, very simple, but effective. Selection of beers at the glass is limited (3), but on bottle the availability was wider. Definitely for lambic enthusiasts. Overall, a nice experience to be there, in the mecca of lambic!“
rumore 55 days ago
70 /100
La Brocante (Restaurant)
“Medium sized place with patio outside. The beer list seemed focused on the Belgian modern classics and a decent number of common lambics. Pretty intensive smell of kitchen inside. Didn't go for the food. Seems like a decent neighborhood bar.“
Iznogud 55 days ago
“Nice beer bar , with a good amount of space inside, a veeery long bar to which to sit, and tables outside (at least for the summer). Service was very kind, one of the employees was eager to discuss beers together and offered several samples. 37 beers on tap, plus the obvious bottles (probably mostly by Cantillon) in the fridge. Prices were OK. They don't cook anything, but I had a nice cheese plate. Overall, a very nice experience.“
rumore 56 days ago
76 /100 AV. EMILE MAX 55
“Nice lively neighborhood beer place with relatively small interior and a patio outside. Nothing super interesting on tap, but they had more than 100 beers on shelves. Those are meant for takeaway so you'll be charged extra fee (on otherwise very good prices) if you decide do drink in. Alongside modern Belgian breweries they had some lambics from Tilquin as well as the imported Italian and Scandinavian brews. Only problem is most of the beers are not in fridges. If you're in the neighborhood certainly worth checking out.“
Iznogud 57 days ago
80 /100
Pasta Madre (Restaurant)
“Pizza place close to the Moeder Lambic Fontainas. Nice interior and a big patio outside. They had 4 or 5 taps including Fou Founne. About 20 Cantillon bottles with prices ranging from 20 to 50 euros. Once we realized you have to place orders inside the service was very friendly and pretty quick. Pizza was really good. Bit hard to rate, depending on the preferences (or should I say willingness to spend extra cash on lambic) this can be a great place for beer lovers. Otherwise it's a great pizza place with solid beer selection.“
Iznogud 58 days ago
“Beautiful traditional pub next to Galeries Saint-Hubert. The interior is worth checking out, even if you don't like the beer. Not only do the have Mort Subites, but many other Belgian ales, including some trappists. Food is decent and they have a small terrace on the sidewalk.“
huineman 96 days ago
“Finally visited this new hotspot of craft brewing in Brussels a couple of weeks ago; it is located in a large indoors marketspace as part of a project dedicated to fairtrade and ecological durability (it is worth noting the second-hand clothing shop next door – but, more importantly from a beer perspective, that Fermenthings is also located in this ‘Be There’ market, as it is called). Ample room to sit – but even in this spacious environment, I can imagine it getting quite crowded on a Saturday evening (I visited it on a Thursday afternoon). Quick and very friendly service, always new beers on tap of generally high quality and full-on ‘international craft style’, relaxed atmosphere: this is a must visit for any beer geek when in Brussels. On top of this, En Stoemelings, another craft brewery, is located just around the corner too, so ideal to combine. I want to get back to La Source as soon as possible, in any case…“
Alengrin 97 days ago
“Nice brewery within a really beautiful building. Staff are helpful, chill and friendly.“
Syfher 104 days ago
“Short visit. Was allowed a beer straight from the tank. Located in an old factory hall, now filled with various shops and this brewery. Friendly service, in English and Wallon. The beer I had was quite OK. Located out of the city center, close to the royal palace in Laken. Probably worth another visit, I will then use public transport.“
bierkoning 109 days ago
76 /100 34 RUE DE MOSCOU
“Medium sized place with a nice patio outside is located in the lively part of town. It was a joy to see a busy and vibrant bar, after seeing some places are struggling. They have about 18 beers on tap, mostly theirs with occasional guest like Zenne Pils or even Cantillon. There is a variety of styles, only downside being good number of the beers are not very good, mostly just OK to good. Small pours available. They serve quite good pizza. Anyway it's a good place, if they worked on their beers could be excellent.“
Iznogud 122 days ago
76 /100
GIST (Bar)
“Medium sized pub, not far from the center of Bruxelles. Sort of hipster place with records, old furniture. Friendly service. However it seems to be heavily struck with the pandemic since a lot of pour lines were empty. Somehow we've managed to choose few beers we haven't tried and one Cantillon they had on tap. Couple of dozen bottles as well, but nothing too interesting. I hope they'll get back to the normal soon.“
Iznogud 123 days ago
80 /100 DRÈVE ANNA BOCH 19-21
“Located outside of city center De La Senne is close to few other breweries like La Source. Very nice patio outside with bocce court. Large interior with lots of wood. Long bar is dominating the interior. I was hoping to catch some of their collab beers, but they had only core range + Bruxellensis Reserva and 3F 100 PAP Bière Solidaire. Seven beers on tap in total. Good, profesional service. If they upgrade the offering with some special bottles and few guests this could be a top notch place.“
Iznogud 123 days ago
74 /100
Fermenthings (Grocery Store)
“Located just next to the La Source brewery this place carries food (not just fermented I'd say), but also beer and wine. I'd say there is about 100 different bottles/cans in fridge and shelves. Alongside imports and Belgian micros there are few Cantillons here as well. I assume you could drink the beers in communal area of the market.“
Iznogud 123 days ago
“Bit outside of city center, but close to other breweries La Source is located inside of some kind of market. Most of other establishments inside the market were closed. Very cool modern/hipster interior. They had around 10 taps on, but also some cans and bottles were available. Plenty of different styles. Quality is good to very good, they're missing just that something to be excellent. Very friendly service, girl working there was super nice and patient. Well worth checking out.“
Iznogud 123 days ago
74 /100 PUTTERIE, 20
“Visit 2018“
fonefan 147 days ago
“Visited Marts 2018.“
fonefan 147 days ago
78 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Visit many times.“
fonefan 147 days ago
74 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Visited back in 2002 so it was like an Early Learning Centre for Belgian Beer with me. Lovely to see the traditional brewing methods and processes, followed by a few samples. Recommended.“
ManVsBeer 160 days ago
70 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“El lugar es encantador. Las hordas de aficionados hacen que haya perdido bastante magia que tenía sentarse y disfrutar de una lámbic. Aun así, merece la pena visitarlo una y mil veces.“
IBUChamp71 195 days ago
94 /100
Dekkera (Beer Store)
“Wonderful store and bar, with great tips on what to buy !“
Syfher 347 days ago
100 /100
Guidoni Corsica (Internet-based)
“Good website/place for all your Corse products in Belgium. All their products can be found @LeMaquis (Corse bar in Brussels center).“
Syfher 433 days ago
“One of the newer players in Brussels as far as craft beer pubs are concerned and already a fixture, located at walking distance from Moeder Lambic Original in Saint-Gilles. Relaxed atmosphere, the people sitting at the tables outside were ordering food from an African restaurant across the street, others were watching a football game on a television screen at the back of the pub. Friendly and quick service, with a series of fridges at the back displaying their extensive collection of craft beers, with some of them made by breweries hitherto unknown to me, but the emphasis is on Belgian craft including lambics, of course. Had a Kernel IPA and a Moersleutel stout here and generally enjoyed the place a lot. I will certainly go back – always in combination with a visit to Moeder Lambic Original, how convenient can you get when wanting to drink good craft beer in Brussels…“
Alengrin 458 days ago
“There are places you like. There are places you always feel welcome and this brewpub with a special atmosphere is certainly one of those. This brewery has quickly become earned a great reputation in the city. They produce loads of really good double IPAs, sours and more. Inside it has a cool overall woody, warm atmosphere, with lots of recycled pallets in use, the bar is central with the brewing equipment behind that, and random barrels around the room, ageing beers. It's pretty cheap for what you get in return too! I just hope they stay as authentic as they are now. It's efinitely one of the best breweries in the country (IMO).“
BierDudeOtto 512 days ago
“Basically a brewery that is open for off sales. The "shop" area is more the front of the Warehouse / brewery. Not that you need to make a place look pretty when the beer is this good. Founded and run in 2014 by two passionate young entrepreneurs. They brew unique and surprising authentic beers. Taste, authenticity and humour are at the rendezvous.“
BierDudeOtto 512 days ago
76 /100
Nüetnigenough (Restaurant)
“Another iconic small Brussels place, it can be hard to get a table here since it is usually very busy and very full. Good selection of local craft and traditional Belgian beers but the main attraction is definitely the food! Delicious traditional dishes on the menu, make sure you have a reservation...“
karrjin 538 days ago
76 /100 56 RUE GHEUDE
“Iconic place in Brussels, depending on how busy it is card payments are accepted for the bar, there is a small shop for take-away and you usually have to pay by card there. Availability of the bottles will vary depending on the day, how busy it is and other factors so keep coming back. Nice tour to explore the brewery, another Brussels must-see!“
karrjin 538 days ago
“A hip, modern place right off the canal towards Molenbeek. A bar and bottle fridges in front, and a seating area with brick walls, barrels and open view to the brewing facilities in the back. Tap list with regulars, collabs and experimental brews. Friendly service.“
tmrmwel 564 days ago