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72 /100 THÖKÖLY ÚT 95
“Basement pub that aspires to be a true Hungarian gastropub for locals without putting on airs. It's located on a busy intersection on the Hungária körút. This place has a surprisingly great variety of Hungarian microbrew, mostly in bottles, at decent prices. They do have to placate those who still want macrobrew, average local wines and Hungarian pub grub but they try to offer some better stuff. Most servers speak no English, but they're accommodating. Quick and easy to get to using the 7E bus or many other buses from the city.“
aeroflotanc 18 days ago
64 /100 1066 MOZSÁR UTCA 9
“There has been a change of management from the Scotsman and his Hungarian wife to a young Hungarian couple who I don't go around and make themselves known to regular visitors. So far I don't see anything noticeably different except for their staff used to be excellent and now they're just okay and occasionally make some errors if you order something not typical. More of a place for whisky but they do have some Bellhaven on tap plus some bottles.“
aeroflotanc 18 days ago
70 /100
Pivo (Bar)
“A true Czech place; small, dark and unassuming in a nice urban neighborhood of Pest. Mostly locals visit here and can sometimes be busy but they usually have some Czech beers on tap that usually aren't found elsewhere in Budapest. The server can usually speak some English.“
aeroflotanc 18 days ago
72 /100 KIRÁLY UTCA 78
“Even though close to the ring road, this place is for locals as the atmosphere is nothing special and the bartender usually speaks little to no English. But if you want to try Legenda's line of beers on tap, this is a good place and they have a good variety. Sometimes they make some a bit interesting that almost no one else does like a brett, barley wine, or smoked stout. Their tap offerings change seemingly weekly.“
aeroflotanc 18 days ago
78 /100 KIRÁLY UTCA 95
“Look for the familiar pink elephant emblem of Delirium Tremens hanging from a modest bar which is a block south from the Lövölde tér trolley-bus stop of the 70 & 78, so it's not terribly far from the ring road. Amazing that this small place always has some Belgian favorites on tap.Their prices for most of these premium beers are very reasonable. They also have a good selection of bottled Belgian beers. Tends to get very busy on weekend nights.“
aeroflotanc 18 days ago
“Small space that has a wide variety of beers from the UK, Belgium, Czech and Hungarian micros. They have a little bit of cider sometimes. Has some offerings that area hard to find elsewhere and has some glassware. One guy there speaks English well enough and is knowledgeable. Generally good prices even with so many places now offering some micros. If I was searching for something hard-to-find this is the place I'd start.“
aeroflotanc 18 days ago
66 /100 HUNYADI TÉR 11.
“Not a brewpub but a basement pub pretty much owned by Szent András Sörfozde where they serve up mostly their own beers. Nice enough service and knowledge. Since this brewery makes a lot of sweet beers, most of them don't really benefit from being on tap.“
aeroflotanc 18 days ago
74 /100
Red Ruin (Bar)
“Rock/metal bar with a disctinctive decorative theme mocking communism, marxism and related unpleasantness. Lots of 'propaganda' all over the place. Tap selection is fairly dull, but they have fridge of what seemed to be about 20 to 30 bottled Hungarian craft beers. Bartender was eager to offer suggestions. Prices are pretty great. An amusing place with craft beers to boot.“
tricksta_p 20 days ago
60 /100 BP. VII. KAZINCZY U. 14.
“I've gotta admit, walking into this famous ruin bar it's hard not to be impressed by the atmosphere and intricate decoration. I can imagine this turning into a living hell in the evenings though, with lots of tourists and hipsters drinking shot and cocktails accompanied by loud music. Fortunately, we visited early. Service was minimal, the downstairs beer selection was as well but there's a small craft beer section on the upper level. This psychedelic ruin bar has to be experienced once I guess.“
tricksta_p 20 days ago
72 /100 JOZSEF KRT. 31/A.
“An easy 5/5 for ambiance with its geeky steampunk interior. Friendly, attentive service dressed the part. Relatively modest selection of a few of their own beers as well as some Hungarian guest craft. I didn't see any bottles. The two house beers I had (Pilsener and IPA) seemed either infected or ineptly brewed, I suspect unclean pipes which would be a terrible oversight for a brewpub in particular. I love the steampunk interior, but that sour pickles / vinegar IPA still haunts me.“
tricksta_p 20 days ago
76 /100 HOLLÓ UTCA 12-14. (GOZSDU UDVAR)
“Appealing cellar bar with two enthusiastic dudes behind the bar on the evening of our visit. Relatively small (8) selection of taps but plenty of bottles. We would haven chosen to eat here as well, but the food option was not clear from the outside and the adjacent restaurant area looked closed. The food I saw served later in the evening looked quite well-prepared though.“
tricksta_p 20 days ago
88 /100 AKACFA U. 38.
“Stylishly decorated craft beer bar, instant beer geek atmosphere. Three areas to sit in, ten beers on tap and hundreds of bottles. Tap selection had some of the higher level Hungarian craft as well as a variety of Prairie Bomb. Friendly service by a knowedgeable guy. This was our favourite of the bars we visited in four days in town.“
tricksta_p 22 days ago
“Small place with a low ceiling adding to the claustrophobic aspect. 8 taps but mostly well-known international and only a couple interesting local beers. Luckily the bottle menu is extensive with a number of Hungarian microbreweries, lots of Belgians and other international craft. A place to visit, not too busy on a monday evening.“
tricksta_p 23 days ago
68 /100 KAZINCZY U. 20
“This was not on my list to visit, but we walked past it and decided to stop for a last beer of the evening. Tiny place lacking atmosphere with a run down look. Relatively small but serviceable selection of a handful of taps and about 20 bottles. Pretty cheap. Hardly essential but not bad for a few beers.“
tricksta_p 23 days ago
80 /100 DOHANY UTCA 20
“Bit sparse looking modern craft beer bar with about ten taps of Hungarian micros complemented by a large bottle menu, of which we tried several. Prices are fair but not the cheapest in town. They can improve a little by mentioning the brewery on the board though. Definitely worth a visit.“
tricksta_p 23 days ago
78 /100 DOB UTCA 3
“Looking for a place to eat, we stumbled upon this brewpub which wasn't on my list of places to visit in Budapest. It should have been, this place has 19 taps and a fairly large fridge full of bottles. Tasted a couple of their own beers, which were less than impressive, but there's plenty of other Hungarian craft available. Some international guest beers on tap. Our food was expertly prepared, service was good. 100ml pours available for the tickers. Worth a visit.“
tricksta_p 23 days ago
72 /100
Kézműves Csemege (Beer Store)
“small bottle shop with hungarian craft. I came about half an hour before closing time, so the shopman was not too talkative. the selection is very good, however, if you are looking for local stuff (they had some spanish la pirata bottles, when I was there, but it was pretty much all). no taps.“
kto 29 days ago
84 /100 AKACFA U. 38.
“Small pub with 10 taps and hundreds of bottles. Though mostly craft beers, stuff like Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier and Chimay Red were also on tap. Very crowded, no place to sit in rush hours. Worth a visit.“
zvsn 31 days ago
82 /100 KERTESZ UTCA 42.
“Nice store and a place to drink some good local and imported beers. I wish it had more local stuff and more different imported brands, but still one can find some goodies there.“
zvsn 31 days ago
92 /100 IZABELLA U. 37.
“Small and cozy, almost like a neighborhood pub. Great beer selection, 10 taps of top quality beers from best local and imported breweries, plus some good stuff in the fridge. Frequently changed with updated list in social networks. Passionate and generous owners. Cool vibe. Must a visit if you are in Budapest.“
zvsn 31 days ago
84 /100 DOB UTCA 3
“Nice pub, quite spacious, looks like recently opened. About 20 taps and big fridge full of bottles. About ten of them of their own, tasted few of them, not bad. Others are from better Hungarian craft breweries and good imported beers. Fair prices with an option to order 100ml, that allows you to taste many beers. Very much worth a visit.“
zvsn 31 days ago
92 /100 IZABELLA U. 37.
“Relatively new place that after visiting all top craft beer bars in the city I can definitely say it's in the top 3. Great selection of both imports (i.e. hoppin frog) and local top brews (i.e. brew your mind, monyo etc.) of bottles and taps (around 10 if I remember correctly), very warm and friendly owners that are able to assist you in your selections. Open on Sundays! highly recommended“
tlahav 31 days ago
58 /100
Spíler (Bar)
“Service was painfully slow to nonexistent, even with a Hungarian around to move things along, and the 12 percent service charge was annoying--but impressive selection at least for a newbie to the Hungarian scene, and solid atmosphere in a mixed H/foreign crowd.“
ectuohy27 31 days ago
90 /100 AKACFA U. 38.
“cozy, with places either at bar or on the upper floor, nice helpful staff (got to try some extras as well..)“
kto 36 days ago
86 /100 DOB UTCA 3
“19 taps, either at 0.4l or 0.1l at exactly 1/4 the price -- so one can reasonably try all 19 in one evening. ok service, haven't tried the food though.“
kto 36 days ago
90 /100 TUZOLTO STR. 22. / TűZOLTÓ UTCA 22.
“Excellent "ruin" area - with a main courtyard and number of different restaurant/bars on the perimeter. A little distance from the main downtown area, but an easy walk. Nice selection of Hungarian, Czech and Polish beers - maybe not served with a smile, but the quality beer at a good price.“
thornecb 44 days ago
92 /100 AKACFA U. 38.
“Small place with 3 levels of seating. Excellent tap selection and small, but well-chosen coolers. Spent a couple of nights here and enjoyed excellent service. Selection was very good for local HU drafts. Full pints were around $3-4 - maybe a bit pricey for Hungary, but a great deal for travelers.“
thornecb 44 days ago
86 /100 DOB UTCA 3
“Csinos kis bár, tele vendéggel (foglalni kell!), 19 muködo csappal, egész jó üveges kínálattal. A személyzet nekünk jutott tagjai kifejezetten figyelmesek és kedvesek voltak. Egyetlen csalódás volt, hogy kaja nincs kb semmi, csak 3-4 hambi (és azon van még mit fejleszteni - nem túl készíteni a húst, zamatosabb keveréket készíteni, a szósz és feltét arányokra figyelni, bucit (több?) vajon pirítani, ...). BBQ-nak se híre, se hamva. Illetve majd pár hét múlva lesz, ha minden jól alakul. (Pont emiatt esett a helyre a választás. Pffff....) Jó lokáció, remek sörválogatás a csapon. Szerintem hamar ki fogja noni a gyerekbetegségeket és vastag ceruzával beírja magát a legjobb sörbárok közé. :-)“
luser2000 44 days ago
90 /100 KERTESZ UTCA 42.
“Small place with 6 taps - 3 were dedicated to Hungarian beers. Small cooler for on-site consumption and warm bottles around the perimeter of the bar for take-home. Nice mix of foreign and Hungarian offerings. And the $ and € go a long way in Budapest... Definitely worth a stop.“
thornecb 46 days ago
8 /100 KIRÁLYI PÁL U. 10
“CLOSED - not sure what the reviewer from 2 days ago is taking about...“
thornecb 54 days ago
92 /100 IZABELLA U. 37.
“Best beers in Budapest. “
Kristoffer1 72 days ago
74 /100 HOLLÓ UTCA 12-14. (GOZSDU UDVAR)
“a must go destination in budapest if you love craft beers! they have several taps and lots of bottles; i suggest you the porter made of forest fruit and four types of malt“
BattBeer 86 days ago
72 /100 KERTÉSZ UTCA 33.
“This place looks more like a bistro / restaurant than a beer pub. They had 7 active taps when I was there but nothing in the way of bottles that I could see; all taps were hungarian craft. The two / three beers that I tried were all pretty good. Service was decent. Didn't try the food. Prices were good. Not bad, worth a visit if in the area.“
UKBeerGeek 88 days ago
96 /100
Beer Shop Budapest (Internet-based)
“I have received beer packs for the third time now from the Beer Shop Budapest. They have great selection, very good prices & the team is awesome. I now had some personal issue with the delivery due to a misinformation from the delivery guys, it was my fault, however customer support handled it for me within an hour. Thank you for this again, I am looking forward to seeing the company grow. I can only recommend them if you care for good beer and great service.“
upeter 96 days ago
72 /100 HOLLÓ UTCA 12-14. (GOZSDU UDVAR)
“Visited 2017-09-01. Small bar in a basement with a selection of ~10 local beers on tap and bottle. Friendly staff and simple but good food from the kitchen next door.“
mikkellund42 98 days ago
86 /100 TUZOLTO STR. 22. / TűZOLTÓ UTCA 22.
“Visited 2017-09-02. Located in a backyard with a few street food style food stalls and two small bars. One specializes in cask ale (although none available on my visit) and one has 21 beers on tap, most of which are local beers. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and good service.“
mikkellund42 98 days ago
“Visited 2017-09-06. Nice small place close to the waterfront. Selection of ~8 local beers on tap and a few simple but nice sandwiches. Service and prices are good and decor is modern and clean.“
mikkellund42 98 days ago
64 /100 BP. VII. KAZINCZY U. 14.
“Nice spacious ruin pub. Not impressive selection of local and international beers, however, it is worth visit as one of the best decorated bars I've ever been.“
karpik 99 days ago
76 /100 TUZOLTO STR. 22. / TűZOLTÓ UTCA 22.
“Ruin pub coupled with beer hostel in the city centre. Good selection of mainly Hungarian craft beers, also wine and coffee rooms. Worth a visit in Budapest.“
karpik 99 days ago
64 /100 KÁLVIN TÉR 7
“Centrally located bar in Pest near the metro station. Mostly MONYO beers on tap as well as in bottles. Nice place, worth a visit.“
karpik 99 days ago
68 /100
Kézműves Csemege (Beer Store)
“Small beer store located in the city centre. Mainly Hungarian bottles, friendly staff, good prices. Recommended if you are looking for some local craft beers.“
karpik 99 days ago

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