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80 /100 AKÁCFA UTCA 38
“Nice cozy bistro right next to Hopaholic. 10 taps,and cca 15 bottles, mainly Synthesis beers with usually 2-3 guest taps. Delicious bistro food, super nice, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Worth popping in for sure.“
midovark 6 days ago
40 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“Well, I'm shocked reading the reviews here, though they don't match at all with Facebook reviews. The service or complete lack there of is below even the horrid average in Budapest. Be prepared to wait. Be prepared to be scoffed at for trying to get any staff member's attention. Be prepared for, "it's on the menu, but we don't have it." Great location and building, but the staff killed it for me. Not to mention the less than exciting offerings (Camba Bavaria and mediocre local brews).“
Cristobal37 16 days ago
82 /100 LÁGYMÁNYOSI U. 19.
“Great burgers, taps are typically Hungarian, Czech and with 1 or 2 randoms. All good stuff. 2 or 3 fridges full of beers from all over. Great spot if you are in Budapest.“
Cristobal37 16 days ago
54 /100 BP. VII. KAZINCZY U. 14.
“very authentic place, but of course it's not a beer pub.“
emincems 30 days ago
80 /100 BP. VII. KAZINCZY U. 14.
“Wasn't expecting much but then upstairs (at the front) was a mad scientist bar with a great range of their beers! The pub is still quirky and mad but the craft beer addition makes it worth going now“
devondonkey 31 days ago
88 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“very helpful staff. cozy place with wide selection. very nice memories.“
emincems 34 days ago
84 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“Kellemes hangulatú, széles választékkal rendelkezo sörözo, közvetlen csapossal.“
Fules 34 days ago
“Small basement pub with 10 Guri beers on tap. Not quite appealing ambiance, low prices, slightly better-than-average beers, easily accessible location (literally a 2 minute walk from Keleti Railway station), I don't know about the staff's English skills tbh. Worth one visit, but nothing extraordinary.“
midovark 47 days ago
84 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“Visit May - 2018
Huge place with any seats both inside and on a big patio outside. Restaurant and bar with a large tap selection. Very friendly staff - helpfull and service minded. They serve also 20cl ... have free Wifi. Food is nice. Beers served was in good condition. This for me is a recommended stop and we will defently be back next time in town.
AMBIANCE 4/5 - SERVICE 10/10 - SELECTION 11/15 - FOOD 8/10 - VALUE 9/10 - OVERALL 17/20“
fonefan 50 days ago
76 /100 DOB UTCA 3
“Visited on Friday night, June 8th 2018, around 10pm. The place was pretty busy but we managed to bag a table for four people. Long and thin bar with table seating, First Craft carried about 15 beers on tap during our visit ... 8 or 9 First brews plus a few guests. We'd just arrived from Jonas where had ticked all but one of the First beers offered here so on another day we could have been ticks in, one of the guests was a tidy tick in the form of To Ol Sherry Goliat. Service was decent here and the vibe was good ... we all eat ... snack type foods in the form of Goulash and Nachos etc ... hot, tasty, fresh and prompt in arriving. Overall a decent city centre stop ... bright and airy place with good service ... didn't have time to investigate the bottle options but certainly somewhere I'd return to.“
Theydon_Bois 52 days ago
82 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“Went here on a Friday night. Not too many costumers, no aircondition and it was a hot day. Staff was very friendly, nice selection of bottles. Good selection on tap. Really enjoyed this place.“
borre_m 53 days ago
60 /100 FOVAM SQUARE 11-12 / FŐVÁM TÉR 11-12
“Went here just after they opened on a rainy day. Nice outside seating, but we went inside. Service was ok, beers were ok.“
borre_m 53 days ago
76 /100 DOHÁNY UTCA 20
“Visited for a couple of hours on the afternoon of Friday 08/06/18. Located over two floors with two different loft spaces up top, this venue carried a nice vibe and I liked the intimate loft spaces one of which our group of 15 or so filled up nicely. 10 taps and 50 to 60 bottles, largely HU craft and covering a good range of styles ... throw in the bottles and this venue had the best choice of beer I came across on my 7 venue visit to Budapest. Not so many other customers but a dozen or so youngish folk occupying the other loft space and a few tables downstairs. Service was friendly enough. Some of our group had fries covered in various sauces poutine stylee which looked good. Less than a 10 minute walk from Neked Csak. Well worth a visit.“
Theydon_Bois 61 days ago
100 /100 WESSELÉNYI U. 13
“Best place in Budapest for beer fanatics!“
Jeronimusz 63 days ago
62 /100 ERKEL UTCA, 14
“Visited on the afternoon of Friday 8th June 2018. We were actually headed to another venue which was closed so jumped in here, added it to RB, and came out with half a dozen or so ticks. Basic back street bar with a decent sized room (may also have been a downstairs?). Beers were all from the Czech Primátor range, about half a dozen on tap and about the same in bottles.There were only a handful of other punters during our 5pm visit hence service was decent. No go to destination but if you're in the neighbourhood you may well pick up a few ticks here that you won't come across elsewhere in town.“
Theydon_Bois 65 days ago
76 /100 FOVAM SQUARE 11-12 / FŐVÁM TÉR 11-12
“Visited on a hot Friday evening, June 8th 2018, from approx 1830 to 2130. Great location served by trams on the banks of the Danube. Think of a party zone with decent beer. We were in a big group (not a stag I hasten to add) of 20 or so and we got one big table on the outdoor patio seating a good dozen or more of us. Bar or table service ... the former probably quicker in most cases but if you're not in a rush relax! Outside and inside bars are different ... outside was about 8 taps plus a few cans from First, inside was a more varied choice in terms of brewers. Inside was akin to a modern barn and rather dark but there was plenty of space compared to outside. Overall a good time bar ... ideal for large groups etc ... not a beer purists venue but I don't always travel with tickers so this provided a great middle ground and the atmosphere was really good.“
Theydon_Bois 65 days ago
58 /100
Kézműves Csemege (Beer Store)
“Visited on the afternoon of Friday 8th June 2018. About 30 or so bottles avaialble here ... largely Hungarian micros, a few non HU stuff that was of no interest to me and some of what I suspect were larger regional HU brewers buying into the craft bandwagon. Service was ok. I expected more from the #1 rated bottle store in Budapest and if this hadn't been over the street from my hotel (Ibis centrum - highly recommended for cost, location and transport links), I'd have been pissed off making an effort to come out here for this amount of beers on offer. I didn't get to another bottle shop during my day in Budapest so have nothing to comapre with.“
Theydon_Bois 68 days ago
82 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“Visited just after opening on Friday June 8th 2018. About a 5 min walk from the nearest Metro station (red line) There were already half a dozen or more punters on our arrival. Long narrow room inside akin to a modern beer hall. Large patio area outside that probably seats 50 or so folks where we retired for some rates. 30 or so taps with 3 of their own beers ... quite trad stylewise (Dunkelweizen, lager and amber), 4 Wild Beer co from the UK then a 40/60 split between Polish and Hungarian micros. Good range of styles offered across the board and pours were 0.2 or 0.4L. Service was really good. I also had an excellent burger here, in brioche, soaking up its own gravy. An excellent place to kick off my pub crawl in Budapest.“
Theydon_Bois 68 days ago
74 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“One of the largest draught selections in town, with over 30. No flights, smallest pours are 0.2L, but staff are happy to give free samples. Lots of the draught was Polish stuff from Stu Mostow. Service is friendly, prices are a bit steep. Place itself is quite expansive and modern-feeling. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 71 days ago
50 /100 KOSSUTH LAJOS U. 20
“Very central and close to many other areas. Taplist was so-so, with only a few interesting things. No flights or small pours, so that is a detergent. Not one of my favourite places in town, but could be worth popping your head in to see what they have.“
mcberko 71 days ago
60 /100 DOHÁNY UTCA 20
“One of the better spots in town and very centrally located. 10 beers on draft, but the menu is written very poorly: without brewery names and staff don’t really know much, so it’s a pain to figure out what you’re ordering / drinking. Flights of 5 available for 1000 HUF, a bit steep for this country. Decent bottle selection of Hungarian locals as well. Comfortable place and good for some ticks. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 71 days ago
58 /100 WESSELÉNYI U. 13
“Nice small place with a modern feel. Decent taplist, mostly non-Hungarian stuff. No small pours, everything in 0.33L pours, which isn’t cool - please provide some size options. At least they’ll do free samples. A few bottles as well that seemed decent. Friendly service. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 72 days ago
28 /100 KAZINCZY U. 20
“Not a very interesting place. They had a couple FIRST beers on tap and a couple other more generic ones. Busy and quite douchey in the evening. Don’t bother.“
mcberko 72 days ago
60 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“Almost directly adjacent to Hopaholic, this place had 10 taps that were soon Hungarian. Not the best list, but I found a new local IIPA that I was happy about. No flights, smallest pours is 0.2L for 450-700 HUF. Very friendly service. The place was completely dead between 8 and 11 on a Friday night, so I wonder how the business is doing. Not a top place, but if you’re next door, may as well pop in to see what they have.“
mcberko 72 days ago
84 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“I think this gets my vote for best craft beer bar in Budapest. 10 amazingly well-curated taps with no fillers. Only 1 was Hungarian, but given the others were things like Brewdog Abstrakt 22 and 23, a Lervig imperial stout and a couple from Põhjala, this is forgiven. Lots of the beers were available in 0.1L pours. Bartenders are happy to give free samples. Extensive bottle list as well. Excellent place - mandatory stop.“
mcberko 72 days ago
66 /100 KERTÉSZ UTCA 33.
“Right across the street from Csak a Jó Sör and very much worth visiting. Solid taplist of mostly Hungarian beers and mostly hoppy stuff. No flights or small pours, just 0.2L and 0.4L pours. Staff are happy to give free samples and are very friendly and helpful. Place itself is kind of impersonal and is basically a burger joint. Prices are higher than other places. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 72 days ago
62 /100 KERTÉSZ UTCA 42.
“Very small taplist, but it’s a well-curated one. Just 2 of the 6 were Hungarian. No small pours, but the bartender did give samples. Had an incredible berliner on tap, and samples an armando_otchoa beer that wasn’t to my tastes. Good bottle selection too, mostly imports. I don’t get how this is the #1 rated bar in Budapest, but it’s certainly worth a stop.“
mcberko 72 days ago
66 /100 FOVAM SQUARE 11-12 / FŐVÁM TÉR 11-12
“Beautifully located right on the Danube, this place has a strange layout. There’s a big outside patio with FIRST beers on tap, then inside you have mostly Reketye beers. No flights or small pours, except for a couple beers that did come in 0.2L pours. Reasonable prices. One of the beers I sampled tasted like they hadn’t cleaned the lines; so I notified the staff, and, much to their integrity, they took the keg off and replaced it with something else, and comp’d me a can of beer of my choosing. Now that’s some grade A service. Fun place to chill out over a beer.“
mcberko 72 days ago
46 /100
Kézműves Csemege (Beer Store)
“Very close to MONYO, so I decided to have a look. Tiny shop with a few dozen Hungarian locals, and maybe a few non-local beers. Service wasn’t engaging. Nothing special, but probably a good spot for Hungarian beers.“
mcberko 72 days ago
72 /100 KÁLVIN TÉR 7
“Fairly centrally located and a pretty cool place on a very main road. 10 taps, 6 being house taps. 0.2L and 0.4L pours available; the bartender is happy to give samples and is very friendly. Prices were reasonable. House beer quality ranges from solid to not great. Big bottle list too that I didn’t indulge, but it had some of the better rated MONYO beers. Recommended visit.“
mcberko 72 days ago
74 /100 DOB UTCA 3
“Cool place in the central hubbub of Pest. 20 taps, 14 of which were flowing and 8 of which were house beers. Beers were available in 0.1L pours, which was hugely appreciated and good for ticking of course. Very chill and friendly service. Super reasonable prices. House beer quality ranged from solid to bad. Worth a stop for sure.“
mcberko 72 days ago
36 /100
Pater Marcus (Restaurant)
“Very close to Buda castle and not a bad stop if you’re looking for a Belgian beer, but you won’t find any Hungarian beer here. A few unique beers on tap made specially by Van Steenburge for the place, so it may be worth a quick stop for those. A bit pricey and they tacked on a 5% surcharge to the bill without stipulating it - not cool. Not recommended.“
mcberko 72 days ago
28 /100
Belga Sörök Háza (Beer Store)
“Just down the street from the Belgian beer bar, this shop has a pretty generic Belgian beer selection. Nothing interesting or rare, with almost no lambics. No point coming here.“
mcberko 72 days ago
36 /100 BEM RAKPART 12.
“Very close to Buda castle, this is not a bad place to get some pretty generic Belgian beers on tap, and somewhat more interesting bottles. But for Hungarian beer, you’re out of luck. Not a very interesting place - I don’t know why this is rated so high. Wouldn’t recommend it.“
mcberko 72 days ago
78 /100 KAZINCZY U. 20
“Good spot, friendly service. Good bottle selection“
borre_m 72 days ago
70 /100 HOLLÓ UTCA 12-14. (GOZSDU UDVAR)
“Centrally located and close to many other bars, this place had 4 Csuhar beers on tap when I visited - available in 0.2L, 0.3L and 0.5L pours. Prices maybe a tad high, but the beers were very good quality, especially the RIS. One of the managers was there and gifted us a couple of free bottles to go - super nice of him. Cash only, which can be annoying, since the closest ATMs all charge exorbitant withdrawal fees. Definitely worth a visit.“
mcberko 73 days ago
64 /100 IZABELLA U. 37.
“Old-style feel, down the stairs and smelling a bit antique-like. 10 taps, 7 of which had something pouring. They had a tap takeover from a Portuguese brewery when I visited, so not much local beer available. Generally, 0.25L is the smallest pours they do, but the bartender was kind enough to do 0.1L pours for me. Pleasant place.“
mcberko 73 days ago
72 /100 HUNYADI TÉR 11.
“Cool spot downstairs, with an old-style, intimate feel to the place. 10 taps, with 0.2L pours available - all prices are under $2 for that size. The bartender was extremely friendly and offered help on all the beers. Some good bottles as well. Definitely worth a stop.“
mcberko 73 days ago
76 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“The outdoor area is a very enjoyable in the evening. There is a good verity of local beers on tap, in 200ml and 400ml sizes. The food is also nice.“
rayaron 75 days ago