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94 /100
Belga Sörmester (Internet-based)
“Óriási választék belga sörökből, bár a klasszikus savanyú lambic söröket hiányolom a kínálatból. A rendelt csomagom egy nap alatt, maradéktalanul megérkezett, benne a sörhöz kapcsolódó ajándékkal. Összességében maximálisan meg vagyok elégedve!“
BeerMaestro58 48 days ago
“Small shop and bar with outside smoking possibilities. Beer selection is very nice. Lot of Czech traditional beers for very cheap price. There are good germans as well. Great selection of very special hungarian beers, and you can also find a lot of other gems from all around the world. There are only 2 taps and 2 tables inside. Still it is very nice place to visit, you can sit down sometimes, or just stand and talk to everyone. Very nice vibe. Close to Jászai Mari tér or Lehel tér.“
TrappistTamer14 108 days ago
96 /100 KERTÉSZ UTCA 42.
“This was the birth of Beer culture in Hungary, without any exaggeration. Because Armando was the owner of it. Unfortnately there was a change in ownership, but the new guys are also doing great. Not so big place, but (still) the best beer selection in Hungary. Mostly foreign beers from all around the world, but you can find all the very best Hungarian beers as well. Usually you can find very good people here, but mostly crowded. Prices are (still) better than most other similar place.“
TrappistTamer14 108 days ago
50 /100 GANZ U. 6
“It's beer garden in a very nice place in Buda side. Mostly you can sit outside (inside only 2 tables) but that's not a problem since there is a quite big place with lot of tables. And you can smoke there which is awesome. Previously the place was this: The beer selection is much worse now than before. You can only find some middle quality hungarian beer (maybe 10 types in bottle and 4 in tap) The tap one didn't have enough carbonation. Bottle was warm, (but I could chose colder from other type). If you are a smoking person and the weather is nice, and you looking for something in central Buda, then this is the one for you.“
TrappistTamer14 108 days ago
100 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“Great selection of beers, mostly local. Nice food Menu, delicious liver Pâté.“
nora.milbert 218 days ago
“The bar has a gallery and about 10 or 12 taps. All of them have Guri brewery's beers and you can take them away in 1litre PET bottles as well. Whenever I visited there were plenty of sitting places available. Nice decorations, mostly kind bartenders. Not so good on the food front though, I think you can only ask for small sausage pieces or some cold dish like that. All in all a good place to visit for a beer or two.“
lord_totenkopf 230 days ago
76 /100 MESTER UTCA 46.
“wide selection of primator and fuller's beers, as well as some carefully selected Belgian beers (such as Duvel, Pauver Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet, Corsendonk Agnus, Hoegaarden, etc); good place“
Lore 264 days ago
52 /100 JOZSEF KRT. 31/A.
“Just to make it clear - this place is not a brewpub. Though these guys are gypsy-brewing in the city of Pecs. So they have 3 "own" beers + some other craft offering. Not so bad, but as mentioned before - the best thing about this place is the place itself.“
Sokolov 281 days ago
52 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“Decent interiors, nice stuff, good food and so-so 2 local brews. Hope they get better.“
Sokolov 281 days ago
82 /100 SAS UTCA 25
“Tap room for Hedon brewery (located on Balaton). Though there is original tap room by the brewery, it operates only in summer time - so for the cold part of the year this is the only tap-room for the brewery. Now directly to this place - it's great! Stuff is english speaking and eager to help, food is very good, and as for the beer - that's where the best part is. They have a concept of a self-service beer-wall. Upon entrance you get a local payment card from the manager, then you pick up a glass and go for the beer of your choice. First you place your card on card-reader of selected beer and pour as much as you want to - you'll be charged for exact amount you have poured in your glass - from something very small, just to try selected beer to full size pint. Great concept! Speaking of beers - there were about 30 brews, a quarter of which were Hedon's own brews and the others - good selection from other craft breweries. This is definitely a must place for a visit.“
Sokolov 281 days ago
68 /100 VÁCI ÚT 83.
“Very good, proper brewpub. Nice ambiance, good & friendly service plus 10 decent brews. Among them is a solid line of constant brews + very good seasonals - they were my best choice there - Nelson, Mexicano & Imperial Mustache. Though it's a bit far from the downtown, still it's very good place to go.“
Sokolov 281 days ago
74 /100 AKÁCFA UTCA 38
“Nice place, fair prices but the beers weren't anything special. Still, Kispipa is worth of a visit if you're close by.“
Leeale 289 days ago
82 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“This place is a must, just a great enjoyable spot in Budapest with a great selection.“
Leeale 289 days ago
74 /100 ANKER KÖZ 1-3
“We came later in the evening, the place was completely empty which surprised me a bit. We were also informed place is closing earlier than 1 since there are no customers. Medium sized place with classic Brewdog industrial interior Selection was quite good in terms of guest beers, found two Hungarian meads and some solid Mad Scientist beers. Brewdog selection was not that interesting. Worth checking out depending on the tap list.“
Iznogud 290 days ago
72 /100 DOB UTCA 3
“Visited later in the evening. We barely managed to find the place at the bar since the place was packed. 20 or so taps four of which were guest. We focused on their beers which turned out to be mediocre. One of them seemed infected. A shame really. Food was OK. Seems like a popular place trying to do many things, but not doing them particularly good.“
Iznogud 293 days ago
76 /100 RÁKÓCZI U. 13.
“I'd say it's more a beer bar than a store. Seemed quite large, maybe because we popped in just before it was about to close and were one of the few patrons inside. Two fridges with some interesting Czech beers like Matuška and Zichovec. 8 taps of Czech beers which were hit or miss. They do offer beer boards. Prices are OK.“
Iznogud 293 days ago
74 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“Fairly large place with long bar. They had 19 taps, but I think one or two of them were out. Almost all of them Hungarian beers with some special ones from Monyo. They pours 0.2 and 0.4. About 50 bottles in the back. Mostly Hungarian ones, but some of them were quite dusty. Service seemed a bit confused, and not that efficient. Good stop, wouldn't spend a night here but OK for a beer or two.“
Iznogud 293 days ago
86 /100 RÁKÓCZI ÚT 29
“Grreat place to have a beer and food. Godd pairing opportunities and Hungarian Food is here. While I've been here, i've got some taps of Cloudwater! That's nice!“
aka_opex 295 days ago
78 /100 KERTÉSZ UTCA 42.
“Great place to have a good beer!“
aka_opex 295 days ago
88 /100
Beerselection (Beer Store)
“Great place. I've been here for everal times and I remember how it was earlier. This yeat they are better place to sit and to drink!“
aka_opex 295 days ago
98 /100 KERTÉSZ UTCA 42.
“Best place in Budapest“
BeerLover87 295 days ago
86 /100 AKÁCFA U. 38
“Dobre miejsce, spory wybór piwa z Węgier z kranu.“
kacyper 299 days ago
80 /100 WESSELÉNYI U. 13
“Fajne miejsce z dobrym piwem i świetnym klimatem Craft ale szkoda że nie ma lokalnych piw na kranie.“
kacyper 299 days ago
16 /100 WESSELÉNYI U. 13
“Ridiculously expensive.“
SourTicks42 336 days ago
22 /100 BEM RAKPART 12.
“Semi rude service. Generic beers from Belgium, nothing surprising except the prices. Plain nothing from Hungary: Shame. Tourist trap from my point of view. Closing at 11pm not 12am. Cross the bridge and go elsewhere.“
IPASensei64 364 days ago
66 /100 ANKER KÖZ 1-3
“Well, I remember drinking Punk IPA bottled some 8 years ago and todays one doesn't resemble it at all. General score: average.“
brtk 375 days ago
90 /100
Élesztő (Bar)
“In what seems like a partly covered cul-de-sac into a block of buildings, there are several long tables. There are three bars surrounding it (two to the sides and one at the end) one for beer, another for food and the other for spirits/cocktails. Lots of 20-30 year old people. The beer selection includes about 18 different taps, all of which appear to be Hungarian craft beer. The prices for the beer are a bit higher than expected, just a bit cheaper than England. The service is attentive and helpful. The food is nice and good quality for money.“
Rhombic 385 days ago