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100 /100 VIALE MATTEOTTI 470
“Molto Bene, Posto tranquillo... spine e frigo pieni di belle cose! Very good, quiet place ... tap and fridge full of many beautiful things!“
TrappistStave10 103 days ago
98 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“A Cesena non si può trovare di meglio. Ampia scelta, pronti a seguirti , posto da provare“
waltersangiovese 189 days ago
“Molto bene! “
ReSickBoy 765 days ago
100 /100 VIALE MATTEOTTI 470
“Molto bene...“
ReSickBoy 765 days ago
100 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“Top of Romagna!“
ReSickBoy 765 days ago
“New craft beer bar in the centre of Cesena, 100m away from the historical Mastro Birraio brewpub. Very good visibility. Nice clean bar, kind staff. Selection is not bad, with 8 draft and 2 cask, plus two fridges of bottles/cans. Didn't eat, and sorry, I can't remember how much I spent. Overall, a nice addition to the Cesena craft beer scene.“
rumore 781 days ago
“Underground brewpub in the centre of Cesena. Used to go there often in the past (when I was living in a more nearby city, and elsewhere offer was weaker). Location is good both in terms of logistics, and in terms of the appearance of the underground cellar where most of the place is accommodated. Service is kind, all young waiters. Selection is of nine draft beers, all internal. Food was OK. Price was fair. They improved from previous years, as they welcomed the craft beer revolution. On the other hand, the beer-production infrastructure has disappeared from inside the place, so maybe they've moved production elsewhere (to a larger location, for example).“
rumore 781 days ago
“piccolo circolo in una frazione di cesena. cinque spine e 2 frigo per le bottiglie“
Teo 69 1001 days ago
76 /100 VIA C. BATTISTI, 26
“ci sono stato tempo fa e non mi ha colpito favorevolmente. dovrebbe aver chiuso“
Teo 69 1001 days ago
“e' situato in pieni centro della citta le birre proposte sono le loro. cibo non particolarmente intrigante. “
Teo 69 1001 days ago
100 /100 VIALE MATTEOTTI 470
“ottima e vasta selezione sia alla spina che in bottiglia.“
Teo 69 1001 days ago
“Circolo con ottima scelta di birra artigianale in bottiglia, e cinque taps. Spina n°1 blanche de namur Spina n°2 moschof original pils (per i nonnini del circolo ha ha ha ha) Spina n°3,4,5 in continua rotazione con birre artigianali provenienti da tutto il mondo, possibilità di gustare la tua birretta comodamente seduto all’esterno del circolo.“
manu_03_beer 1046 days ago
“Locale bellissimo, molto diverso dagli standard abituali. Il servizio ci ha soddisfatto anche per la simpatia di Simone. Ottima selezione di birre alla spina che in bottiglia. Altamente consigliato.“
Orlet 1535 days ago
“Ottimo abbiente ideale per incontrarsi e ristorarsi in compagnia dopo il lavoro o tra amici. Il locale presenta uno svariato catalogo di birre sempre aggiornato dalle più leggere alle più particolari e ricercate. “
Jack90 1535 days ago
“Located in the middle of Cesena city centre, in the middle of the shopping district and 5 minutes from the old castle, fits in nicely into a night around town. The place is basically a restaurant / brewpub, with the brewing equipment behind the counter for everyone to see that, and several wooden tables to be seated. It is located underground in an old brick and wood cellar sort of space, very evocative. They had four lines of taps on my visit, with four of their beers brewed on site. Very traditional style of beers, so not necessairily a go-to place for tickers, but a great place to drink good artisanal beer and eat very well, too. The food menu is in fact extensive, restaurant-like, with a wide choice of more simple "pub" food (hamburgers of various types, brushettas, etc.) and meat and sharing platters. Sausages, ribs, pancetta, etc all were top notch and for a very resonable price, too.“
teorn88 1990 days ago
82 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“Heard a lot about it in the small Forli-Cesena beer circles. Visited with the Unper100 crew. Solid tap selection of Italian beers but also of other international names with some of the upcoming London brews and some US, Danish draft that you don’t get to see too often in Italy or even in Belgium. Also a decent selection of bottles in the fridges, some tapas to nibble on and sandwiches. Prices were reasonable but along the Italian lines running at 3-5€ depending of the glass size.“
sebletitje 2054 days ago
80 /100 VIA C. BATTISTI, 26
“More centrally located than its previous address. Small shop and the only good beer address in Cesena in terms of bottleshop. Friendly service by Manuel, albeit only in Italian who shared some nice bottles. I did not really find anything new in terms of Italian beers that other beer shops don’t carry in Bologna but the selection was nice with a nice selection of foreign beers, mainly Belgian and UK/US + solid Canadian beers from Dieu du Ciel. Actually hung out there several times during my stay and had a good time. Just bad the whole town literally closes for 3 hours during lunch hour 12h30-15h30. A great shop for a small town and definitely worth to the visit if not to buy to go but to drink a beer from the refrigerated selection.“
sebletitje 2054 days ago
88 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“Posto accogliente, personsle gentile disponibile e molto preparato. Selezione di birre alla spina e in bottiglia sempre di ottima qualità.“
Frangiflutti 2350 days ago
88 /100 VIA C. BATTISTI, 26
“One of the best place in Cesena, if you want a large choice of beers.“
PraBeer 2549 days ago
100 /100 VIA C. BATTISTI, 26
“Finalmente un BeerShop a Cesena!“
SuperAle 2551 days ago
86 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“Uno dei migliori posti che abbia mai visitato. Ottima scelta alla spina ed in bottiglia, personale molto cortese“
Pippuccio 2695 days ago
“Pub discreto per passare una serata in compagnia.“
SuperAle 2732 days ago
“Organizza eventi settimanali come live, Dottor Why, ecc.“
PraBeer 2735 days ago
“Ottime bariste“
PraBeer 2736 days ago
“Circolo ARCI, è necessario essere tesserati (costo 8 euro/anno). Consiglio: Grimbergen Blanche“
SuperAle 2736 days ago
88 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“The place is quite close to where I live but I never heard about it. I think this pub would deserve more attention from the Italian craft scene. Anyways.. Ambiance is good, not excellent, old style pub, wood, cozy atmosphere. Service is very good and rapid. The owner is a very nice and knowledgeable person. Selection is wide enough and focused on all sorts of imports and sours. Very well selected bottle. 5-6 tap lines with mostly light styles (IPAs, blanches, etc.) and good turnover. Food is just basic with panini and topped toasted bread slices. Prices are in line with other pubs in Italy (high) but always affordable, also on the few real treats they offer. Overall, highly reccomended.“
teorn88 2990 days ago
88 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“E’ uno dei migliori pub d’Italia. Tra gli addetti ai lavori ha molta più fama che tra la grande folla.“
Moliere 3023 days ago
80 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“really good pub, the publicans are passionate and share both passion and rare beers! they have some rarities from north europe and USA“
barleybrave 3410 days ago
84 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“E’ un posto molto convincente, sicuramente a Cesena nessun’altro regge il confronto. Personale simpatico e soprattutto preparato. Per quanto riguarda le birre ottima selezione, (Mikkeller, BrewDog, e molto altro...). Ottimo raga, continuate così.“
mildoval 3488 days ago
82 /100 VIALE OBERDAN 618
“Very nice pub, with passionate landlord & collaborators, with a huge worldwide selection. Nice warm ambiance. A must.“
Scauca 3492 days ago
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Pata Negra 282 days ago