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56 /100 #1 - 9360 MILL ST
“A cavernous brewery tasting room in downtown Chilliwack, same spot as the old Chaos & Solace. Service was quick, several guest taps as I suppose they're just finding their footing with brewing beers. Neither amazing nor bad, simply average, though pretty easy to reach as it's right downtown and not way out in the farmlands like the other Chilliwack brewery's tasting room.“
DeanF 390 days ago
32 /100 #1 - 9360 MILL ST
“They’ve taken over from Chaos & Solace, and reportedly are still trying to ramp up production. Still the same grungy interior. When I visited, there were only three beers on tap, and all were uncarbonated - the bartender thankfully acknowledged the problem and refunded me my money. Let’s hope they figure things out. I will revisit next time I’m in Chilliwack.“
mcberko 408 days ago
56 /100 44550 S SUMAS RD #404
“Nice, semi-modern tasting room in the middle of farm country with plenty of seating. A dozen or so beers on tap. Flights of 4 available for $9++. Beer quality is okay, but nothing special. Service is decent. Nothing special, but worth a stop if you're out this way.“
mcberko 414 days ago
72 /100 44550 S SUMAS RD #404
“Set way out on the edge of Chilliwack in an industrial area this is a standard tasting room setup. Clean and comfortable enough. Many beers are pretty good and they were pretty chill about setting up tabs or doing flights. Seems like 10 taps are usually available. Nice stop though very far from anything.“
DeanF 551 days ago
68 /100 44550 S SUMAS RD #404
“A nice front end taproom in a working brewery. Very quiet and service was pleasant. Not much new in the beers so if you had them all you may only find one. They do cheap flights, but single tasters are expensive. No Wifi.“
Ferris 1051 days ago
72 /100
Sardis Liquor Store (Beer Store)
“A large place in a strip mall that has some nice surprises. A pretty good selection of local beer and cider, check dates though some are pretty old. Better than anything for many miles. Prices are good with a discount on large purchases and free ice. If you are on the way to the interior this is the last good stop. If not, stop anyways, they have a few gems.“
Ferris 1112 days ago
66 /100 45585 LUCKAKUCK WAY
“Visited here for dinner while on vacation. nice casual kind of upscale corporate type restaurant. Had outdoor seating, which was nice. Beer selection is not huge, but have about a dozen or so craft selections including a few brewed exclusively for them by Kamloops. Food was pretty solid, lots of choices, priced about right. Servicee was friendly, but just a tad slow. Not a beer destination, but a good solid restaurant.“
PorterPounder 1422 days ago
80 /100
Sardis Liquor Store (Beer Store)
“Visited here while on vacation in mind-August ’16. Store is part of a mall, the entrance is outdoors though. Typical retail liquor store with a huge walk-in beer cooler. The cooler easily has over 250 different Canadian, mostly BC, bombers. Plenty of six packs and a few singles here and there. Do not see much of any US craft, but I was looking for Canadian, so I was pleased. Pleasantly surprised at the checkout when the cashier handed us a big empty plastic bag and directed us to the ice cooler to fill it up with free ice! It may be this way at every store, who knows, but we thought it was great!“
PorterPounder 1422 days ago
80 /100
Conner’s Wine Cellar (Homebrew Shop)
#307 - 44500 SOUTH SUMAS RD.
“Fresh whole and pellet hops, malts, grains, yeasts, adjuncts, and brewer’s equipment and supplies“
BeerCal 3156 days ago