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76 /100 PIVOVARSKÁ 107
“Review for the resturant located on “back” of the complex, take the road to the right around the brewery look for the resturante signs. Big parking in front of the cave, it’s a hole in the wall a bit easy to miss. Follow the tunnel in to a reception were u can by beers to go and other brewery related souvenirs. The lady was very unfriendly at first, didn’t have time to talk etc and it was not easy orient oneself since all postings were in Czech. Next tunnel down to a series of bigger serving halls/caves. 3 brews on tap, a lager, the dark one and the unfiltered one. Skip the lager the other 2 were very good. I had a Bohemian soup for starter and pig leg with sourkraut, mustard, horseradish and salad. The mushrooms were very tasty and the pork meat was soft and tender. Not that happy serving but friendly and very swift, Great interior with the cave, old brewery equipment and what not. Back at the entereance the lady was happy again (after a Smoke), helpt me with choosing beers to go. Worth a detour a specially in this part of the Czech. Would love to take a beer spa.... and yeah the brewery tour starts at above mentioned reception at 14.00 one a day. If you are a group of 20 paying visitors- something can be arrang on the side“
Nisse666 448 days ago
78 /100 PIVOVARSKÁ 107
“enormous and beautiful brewery buildings in the centre of Chodová Planá. The shop (znackova prodejna) on the village square offers the whole line-up in bottles and some 5l minicasks. The restaurant served well-prepared food (chicken with garlic and lemon sauce) and they had a special green spring beer on tap. Friendly staff. Worth a detour if you like Czech beer. Not far from Marianske Lazne, by the way.“
Quack-Duck 2961 days ago
76 /100 PIVOVARSKÁ 107
“As it’s written below, there is beer spa, restaurant with good food and beers. You can also take brewery tour. Good place.“
Cuso 3192 days ago
64 /100 PIVOVARSKÁ 107
“They call themselves the beer wellness land with their large facility comprising 2 restaurants, an hotel and an impressive beer bath facility. For about 15$ / person, you spend a fine 20-minute drinking a cold Chodovar svetle lager while smelling the warm hops aroma coming from your bath tub as you sweat your demons out. An extra 20 minutes of relaxation follows, allowing you to drink another svetle while sweating the remnants. A worthy experience. Despite the tourist draw, except no English. Besides the bath, the restaurant on the other side of the complex served us good plates of Czech fare, but the house beers were below the country average with less body and character.“
Rastacouere 3611 days ago
52 /100 PIVOVARSKÁ 107
“Pretty awesome cave setting and huge bohemian dishes. Shame that the service was so unfriendly.“
TheGrandMaster 3948 days ago
70 /100 PIVOVARSKÁ 107
“In a separeted part of the brewery cellar the Chodovar Pivovar offers nearly the whole range of their beers and typical bohemian dishes. Located both near to the german (bavarian) border and to the world famous spa of Marienbad/Mariánske Lázně s rock-cave-like restaurant is a bit touristy, but the beers, especially the 13° are really good there and the dishes tasty and well prepared. Worth a detour ! There’s a brewery-shop (značkova prodejna) in the buildings of the Hotel U Sladka on the village square. Mo - Thu 7.00 - 17.00, Fr + Sa 9 - 11.“
pivnizub 5089 days ago
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