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64 /100 FLÆSKETORVET 51-55
“Big store with a lot of interesting beers and merchandise. The beers may be found at the windows, at the centre of the store but first and foremost in quite a few fridges. The fridges are marked with the type of beer but you will have to open them to see which beer you are looking at and as the names and breweries of the individual beer is hard to see you will have to take them out to see that. Could be better. When I visited the store - on a Friday evening - there was only one person available. He did not seem interested in servicing me and did not address me but he took care of the people coming in after me. Prices are, as you would probably expect, high but the selection of beers is good and you will find many beers that you will not find elsewhere in Copenhagen. Did not look for food or snacks.“
Skinnyviking 98 days ago
52 /100
Irma Axelborg (Grocery Store)
“Grocery store like you would expect from an Irma store. Goods at a high quality but also at relatively high prices. As I visited the Irma grocery store at Industriens Hus the same day without finding any unrated beers my expectations were low. Therefore I was pleased to find 4 beers that I had not rated at the samll beer department. Not rarities but still a nice surprise.“
Skinnyviking 122 days ago
30 /100
IRMA Industriens Hus (Grocery Store)
“The wine selection is huge. The beers and ciders are have a small space in one of the corners. The goods at Irma are excellent albeit somewhat high priced. The beer / cider selection was not impressive, not even for tourists. I guess there were totally 4. None which I had not already tasted. Not bad though, more so so middle of the road. Admosphre and staff pleasant, location supurb. Service, well I did not buy anything.“
Skinnyviking 123 days ago
62 /100
1420 (Bar)
“You may sit outdoor at small garden tables or indoor at black leather chars and dork tables with candels. The room is realitively dark so the candels give the room a nice athmosphe. At my visit old soft rock music was played at a low level. Had a lambic which was hand pulled resulting in less carbonation. Guess I prefer the ordinary versions. Did not see any beers apart from the sour ones. Snacks availalbe. Sensible prices and friendly English speaking waiter.“
Skinnyviking 126 days ago
“Small but cosy bar where the walls are pink, the charis wooden and all different, the only 3 which are the same are the bar stools. Candles on the tables. Industrial lamps above. Music is kept at a low level and is soft rock and pop. The majority of the beers are, of course, from people like us but you will also find some from other small local micro breweries. Should you want to sit outdoors there also tables and benches for that purpuse. Friendly and experienced bar maid. Prices relatively low for Copenhagen. Dont know if they had snacks or food.“
Skinnyviking 126 days ago
36 /100
Spidsroden (Beer Store)
“This is a grocery store which is specialising in organic and vegan food and beverages. A good deal of wine, some juices and ciders but unfortunately I only found 2 beers. Bottled. I had tasted them both. A lot of interesting things but definately not a bottle shop. Frindly staff with a nice sense of humour.“
Skinnyviking 129 days ago
82 /100 ISTEDGADE 44
“Generally speaking I am not a cider drinker, so I cannot evaluate if the range of ciders is good, very good, excellent or even better. What I saw was a huge selection stored in fridges, I bought a botte, too much for just one person but some nice people before the shop were willing to share it with me (I paid for it). The prices seemed a bit high but the one I got was good and not so strong. Friendly staff, nice to sit in front of the shop.“
Skinnyviking 130 days ago
100 /100
Wisła (Beer Store)
“Sometimes he has Żywiec Porter, the king of beers!“
Clausagerskov 142 days ago
“Visited many times“
fonefan 145 days ago
“Nice place, helpful and friendly staff. Prices are high as any where. Great brews!“
faroeviking 221 days ago
90 /100
“Besøgte det her i corona tiden med hele familien. Dervar stor begejstring over nogle alletiders burgere med virkelig gode fritter til. Tasters til 100 kr for 4 er god pris for Kbh midtby. Udvalget er alligevel lidt tyndt med 48 haner, men det er en virkelig minor ting. Supergodt og anbefalelsesværdig sted, med superb betjening.“
Defreni 223 days ago
“Visited here many times and the location (with metro/train/bus terminal hub) makes this a really well connected easy place to visit. On entering they have done a very good job on the decor, lots of the well known excellent artwork recognisable from the beer labels regaling the walls. Plenty of taps of both Amager core and their specials available on tap, a few guest beers as well. Excellent tick friendly options on the pours with a 5 x 100ml beer flight available. Also some bottles available as well both Amager and guests. Friendly staff, good service and prices are fair, overall a must visit location.“
Desverger 256 days ago
80 /100 EGILSGADE 20
“Visited just the once on a Saturday afternoon with friends soon after this place has opened. Really nice cosy basement location, with the bar at the back as you enter. Plenty of taps with Amager core and special range on offer, with a few taps of guest brews, and staff friendly and knowledgeable. I like the fact that this place does have TV's for sport, which you don't find often here yet it does not dominate the whole place (we watched our match in the long backroom with large TV) Overall a great place and really wish this place was here a few years back when we lived very close by. Recommended.“
Desverger 256 days ago
“Visited just the once a month after opening, located close to the other Mikkeller locations on Viktoriagade. A small venue with lots of bright neon type lighting. Beer wise just 3 or 4 taps if i remember rightly but was primarily there to try the food. For those of us that like very spicy food really recommend the spicy chicken wings which were great. Not a beer destination as such but worth a visit for those ticking off the other close by Mikkeller locations (Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade/Hyggestund/Øl & Brød)“
Desverger 256 days ago
64 /100
Hyggestund (Restaurant)
“Visited once during MBCC events for beer release, and once for a late breakfast (went for the waffle/maple syrup offering) consumed alongside a Beer Geek Breakfast. Staff and service were good and they have a few beers on tap on offer, but not really a "beer destination" as such, but makes sense for tourists to combine by ticking off all the the Mikkeller destinations.“
Desverger 256 days ago
“Visited a quite a few times now over the years, great Smørrebrød (open sandwiches) on offer and a good selection on beers on tap. Friendly efficient service and well worth combining with the other nearby Mikkeller locations (Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade/Hyggestund/Chinese Food)“
Desverger 256 days ago
“Small shop in a market building. Being a small space the selection is understandably limited, so PI don't really see the point of this place“
Cheeseboard 258 days ago
72 /100 FLÆSKETORVET 51-55
“Pretty much next door to Warpigs. A decent selection available but the big glass windows make it a massive suntrap in the summer and the stock much be getting roasted daily. Needs more refrigeration I feel“
Cheeseboard 258 days ago
50 /100
Johns Hotdog deli (Restaurant)
“Worth for the pricey hotdogs, not much for beer. Ok service.“
faroeviking 297 days ago
70 /100 VENDERSGADE 22
“Cozy small place. Great service. Quite high proces but great beers and even better drinks.“
faroeviking 297 days ago
“Lots of yes mikkeller beers. Good service, very high prices...“
faroeviking 297 days ago
74 /100 ÅLBORGGADE 20
“Tiny spot in my old neighbourhood with 4 taps and some bottles. Beers are brewed five meters from the bar. Also offering cider and perry from March 2020. Beers are clean, fresh and well made, nothing extreme or with ingredients that leaves you wondering why? Nice owner/brewer/barman that gave me a tour on the first visit. Very nice local vibe, easily worth a visit if in the area. Gets crowded late nights.“
brnandersen 310 days ago
84 /100
1420 (Bar)
“Visited in may 2019!“
KegTickers59 315 days ago
“Visited in may 2019, extreem small shop!“
KegTickers59 315 days ago
76 /100 EGILSGADE 20
“Amagers nye bar på Bryggen. Hyggelig hjørnekælder med et interiør af træ. Hanerne er primært Amager med et besøg af Dry and bitter. Hvilket var godt. Rigtig lækkert sted.“
Defreni 318 days ago