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52 /100 ENGHAVEVEJ 14A
“3 fridges packed with canned and bottled beers as well as ciders. Always beers from Dry&Bitter, Flying Couch and Boegedal. Beers in fridges sorted in brewery order. Not price tags on everything, no explanation of brewery or beer type. You will have to take the products out of the fridges to see what it is and for the majority of them you will have to ask for the price. Bad service. The beers on tap were mentioned with types. I only remember 3 of them pilsner, american lager, DIPA. If you would like to know the brewery names and the name of the beers you will have to ask. Bad service. Prices for the beers on tap mentioned on a sign behind the bar. At the bar were 4 plastic garden chairs. At the fridges you could sit down at a table, again on plastic garden chairs. Prices OK, staff friendly. Did not see any food or snacks.“
Skinnyviking 50 days ago
“Should be very easy to find with the entrance to the train station (Hovedbanegården) on the other side of the street, and tivoli in the backyard. 26 beers on the tap list, all of them Danish. They do beer flights of four beers with 180ml in each glass, priced Dkr.120,-. Beers from both Denmark and other countries in the fridges. Modern style place, divided into differents section with outdoor seating facing the tivoli garden. Polite service. (Visited with Skinnyviking 20.10.2021).“
Rune 62 days ago
“Just wow....“
Wirralbeerveg 77 days ago
80 /100 ISTEDGADE 61
“Been to this place quite a few times, just to pop in for the latest beers or for one of the beer events they host. Shared Mikkeller/People Like Us selection, but also lots of guest beers. Good selection overall, more or less the same selection you will find at M&F in Nørreport. Staff are friendly and helpful. Lots of shelf space and many fridges. Very nice location, and close by to the many other good beer locations nearby, recommended.“
Desverger 81 days ago
“Nice location just opposite the main entrance of the central station. Also entrance via Tivoli. Large place with 3 seating areas, 1 near the toilets, 1 near the bar and the kitchen - which you may look into and watch the food being prepaired - 1 near the Tivoli entrance. Everything modern and friendy. Staff quick, friendly and efficient. Pricelevel OK albeit the pizzas seems a bit overpriced. Selection of bottled and canned beer very good both with regard to number and selection. Haven't eaten at the place.“
Skinnyviking 87 days ago
76 /100 ISTEDGADE 61
“Friendly and welcoming. Right on Istedgade. 5 minutes walk from hovedbanegården/hauptbahnhof. I snatched some fridged fresh cans from Track, The Veil and Cloudwater. Selection is not as big and bright as Kihoskh around the corner, but a cool place to stop by.“
Dedollewaitor 217 days ago
“Visited on 5th May 2021. Official opening on Friday 7th May 2021. Currently 7 taps and 65 bottles. All mentioned on a nice menu. More taps and bottles will be added shortly. At the centre of the place there is a small bar, without bar stools. The room has two rows of tables. One along the windows towards the street and one towards the toilets. All tables, chairs and bar stools are black. Some of the tables are high with pleasant bar stools. Sometimes I get a pain in my legs sitting on a bar stool. This was not the case here. Lit candles on all tables and beer mats. Service was quick but a bit unfriendly. Odd glasware. Prices in the high end. Selection OK but there were not many beers I had not already tasted. Did not see any food, just snacks which I did not have.“
Skinnyviking 261 days ago
76 /100 ISTEDGADE 61
“Opened on 28th November 2020. Not everything is in place but a lot of beers, by far the majority, is stored in fridges. This was my first visit to the place and the enthusiasm of the staff was thrilling. Price level quite varying. Selection dominated by Neipa, IPA and DIPA. Had expected to see beers from both Mikkeller and People Like Us but did not see any from the latter, could be my fault. Prices were mentioned on the front of the fridges. Would have been nice with type descriptions so you don't have to take the stuff out to seee the contents. Guess this will be corrected. Impressive amount of interesting beers.“
Skinnyviking 405 days ago
60 /100
Trows (Bar)
“Opened in December 2018. Bench outside. Two rooms. Front room with a bar without bar stools very small and cosy dark painted wals, small tables and a few tables as well as a bench at the wall and at the window towards the street. Larger room with more and larger tables behind the bar. Scottish beers on tap and bottles. A couple of ciders on bottle as well. Maybe the beer selection is not with a lot of rare beers, actually the attraction of the place is the intimate athmosphere of the front room. Frindly English speaking staff. Price levwl in the high end albeit not exceptionally expensive for Copenhagen places.“
Skinnyviking 836 days ago