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“Visited in October 2016: home to the Corfu beer festival which is why we caught the free bus from Corfu Town to Arillas and then transfered to a mini bus (again free) to reach the brewery and the festival across the road. Liked their beers to be honest: bugger to get there and back though.“
BlackHaddock 1691 days ago
“This, the island’s only microbrewery, is hidden away in the lovely seaside town of Arillas. Pure coincidence that it’s a 20 minute walk from my holiday apartment! Their selection of beers is there for sale at great prices - they’re not bad and a treat compared to the standard lagers here. They have some taps there too and do tours. I didn’t take one - think my family had indulged me enough.“
Sjohnh 1973 days ago
“Corfu Beer brews beers found all nearly all over the island. They brew in a fairly traditional British way and the beer must be had while fresh. I liked their beers, considering the "culture" for beer down here (industrial lagers served as cold as possible), it was a real treat. A handsome place, lovely people and on a gorgeous island. Well worth the trip up north (on the island).“
Splitenz 2160 days ago
“A small village by the sea with very friendly people, a nice microbrewery (the only one in the island) wich make perfect real ale beers and nice greek traditional foods. A "must go" place!“
spal 4447 days ago
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Corfu Beer114 days ago
Corfu Red Ale Special
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