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78 /100 3 CASTLE YARD
“I'm basing this review on my recent dealings with James through messenger during lockdown and him making up a special order for me of 3 bottled draught beers plus a few from his can/bottle stock. They had 2 new draught beers in from Triumph which I wanted and had just introduced a new local bottle delivery service, having just bought a bottle capping machine, and whilst not local, he made an exception to do a postal order for me. Very tasty fresh draught beers, and very friendly service. Hope when lockdown ends I get a chance to visit.“
Grumbo 130 days ago
“2) UPDATE: 16/01/19. Sadly, the Inspire that was is no more. Still a cool place for an ale but it carries far fewer than it did, and what it does is overpriced beyond the reasonable bounds of Wanker Tax. Infrequently open. Clueless kid behind the counter, obviously not an enthusiast. What a pity. 1) A 4min stagger from the station/2min stagger from the registry office and nestled inside the ruins of one of Coventry’s three iconic spires, a truly unique spot dedicated to your beery delectation. Decor ...well, churchy with bare flagstones, pews, carvings, candlelight and candelabra. Gazing heavenwards with a chalice in your hand you will be transported to another time and place. Probably in Belgium. Couple of tables inside, well-heated patio outside- you’ll struggle to get a pew or table indoors of a Friday/Saturday night when it fills with a youngish, Bohemian crowd, the DJ sets up and the spire reverberates with funky sounds from the turntable. Not cheap but this is Cov, remember, and it’s worth paying a small premium to exclude the scumbags (my hometown-I’m allowed to slag it off). Although having said that my penultimate visit was marred by a baying throng of Bluenoses too pissed to stand. But they were with me. 50ish odd tastefully-selected bottles sourced from Alexander Wines (the owners’ other Coventrian concern); Belgian favourites in requisite glassware, Nogne, Marble, Magic Rock, Revolutions, BBF- that kind of stuff. Nothing rare but all desirable and usually something new enough to guarantee a tick. No cask or keg as yet. Passionate staff that know their onions. Let me have the place for nothing for my wedding reception which scores them a straight 10 from me for service. Actually, minor nitpick: pouring sludge-bottomed BC English beers into pint glasses. Let me do that. Essential, atmospheric stop if for any reason you find yourself in Coventry. 59116617=84% “
DruncanVeasey 612 days ago
“popped in at lunch, on a tuesday, the place felt really small, and with lots of tables, you could hardly approach the bar. The pub is wide but not deep, and has a gallery style upper floor. Typical JDW range of beers.“
Mr_Pink_152 942 days ago
“Visited on 5th February 2017. Nice old pub in deepest Coventry, 3 rooms including a dining room st the rear, a nice interior and it was busy but pleasant atmosphere. Beer range was a little uninspiring with 1 guest, Arundel, which was on at another venue plus 3 nationals. Beer quality was decent enough and prices Ok. Stopped for Sunday lunch which looked promising but was sub par school dinner type affair with dry, pre sliced beef and overlooked veg and potatoes. Wouldn’t revisit.“
WingmanWillis 1317 days ago
58 /100 45 CRAVEN STREET
“Visited on 5th February 2017. Irish pub in suburban Coventry, quite a decent sized pub, it was heaving with locals watching the Six Nations game, service was a bit slow as had to battle through unwelcoming locals to get to the bar. A couple of local cask ales on tap, one from Church End and one from Byatts. Beer quality was decent. Prices Ok. Probably would be nicer if a little quieter but not worth the trek out of the city.“
WingmanWillis 1317 days ago
“Visited on 5th February 2017. Really modern but odd 2 floored bar. Seating is a really odd mix of bench and a few nice chairs but doesn’t really seem to tie in with the food side of the business. Beer range wasn’t at all inspiring, prices were OK. Food choice looked good but portion sizes were on the small side and not good value. Wouldn’t be dashing back here.“
WingmanWillis 1317 days ago
70 /100 14-16 BROOMFIELD PLACE
“Visited on 5th February 2017. A proper local pub tucked away in the shadow of a railway viaduct on a cul-de-sac. Nice old L shaped bar with a nice mix of seating and an old pub dog with her own comfy chair to relax and watch the world go by. A good range of local real ales on cask with 4 from Church End, 2 of which were new to the database and an AJ ale. Quality of the beer is good, barman said didn’t brew their own beer. Prices good. Really nice pub.“
WingmanWillis 1317 days ago
64 /100 22 SPON STREET
“Visited on 4th February 2017. Nice old pub, all low wooden beams inside, a few small rooms and cosy nooks and crannies, real fires chucking out heat and just a really nice feel. Seemed popular with the locals. Had a reasonable cask ale range on, nothing too exciting but did pick up a new Arundel beer. Quality was good, prices decent and service friendly. A nice old pub, worth a visit for the interior.“
WingmanWillis 1317 days ago
“Visited on 4th February 2017. Single roomed bar at the base of a church spire with a heated patio, essential in February, to take the overflow. Place was very busy, music pumping and had a good atmosphere to the place. Interesting range of beer but didn’t see anything to stand out, nevertheless it was solid. Prices good. Decent and interesting spot.“
WingmanWillis 1317 days ago
“Visited on 4th February as part of 47574xeCD birthday celebrations, alond with Cloin, Wingmane and FLBH. Located in FarGo Village which is basically a portmanteau of Far Gosford Street. Great open plan space, the bar is really well laid out with plenty of their own beers, bottle selction is also on the tap board. Staff are very friendly, a place I will return to. “
RichTheVillan 1317 days ago
“Visited 2nd December. Recently refurbished venue next to the Lloyds Spoons. Front Entrance into a decent sized room, bar on left with 4 Cask handpulls (Purity, Sadlers, Abbot (yawn) and a house beer by Jennings. Several keg lines of reasonable choice, decent bottle selection too. Pub is on 2 levels, bottom level split as well.“
47574xeCD 1382 days ago
62 /100 2-10 TRINITY STREET

We visited The Flying Standard on a damp and miserable July morning it was Saturday 9th July to be precise. Other than Beer Gonzo shop, the Ricoh stadium and Twisted Barrel Brewery Tap I am unfamiliar with Coventry, however this places appears to be quite centrally located, it is a very short walk from the Cathedral which should be an easy landmark to get ones bearings by.

Its a fairly large JDW, there are a few seats outside to the RH side of the entrance. Inside there are two levels, with the main bar downstairs but a smaller bar upstairs along with the toilets. We were sat close to the entrance and it was really interesting to see the amount of people who sneak in to use the toilets and sneak back out again with absolutely no intention of buying a drink. The pub takes its name from a type of car that was built in the city back in the heyday of car making in the UK.

Beer choice looked quite run of the mill, there was a reasonable Cask selection but nothing lept out, anyway it was early so we just had a tea each and a breakfast. The staff were friendly and pretty quick at serving. Loz commented on the amount of people here who looked unhealthy, I agreed there were a lot of folk who looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders and others who were not long for this world, anyway with that cheery thought it was an alright place, far too dark as ever otherwise fine.

Fin 1529 days ago

We visited The Twisted Barrel Brewery Tap on Friday 29th April 2016. We parked Frank up close by about 1/2 mile away and walked the short here. The brewery tap is on what is described as a village (FarGo village) but it is a village in the arty, crafty, artisnal way as opposed to duck ponds, village greens and cricket pitch perception of a village. I guess FarGo just being the abbreviation of Far Gosford Street rather than being named after the great Cohen Brothers film of the same name. So the brewery shares this little trading estate area with a coffee shop, food vendors, a scooter place and others. I haven’t tried getting here from the city centre, so cannot provide details but I am guessing the reviews below give some indication of time taken and best route, though it looks straightforward on Google maps anyhow.

We arrived here just after 6:30pm but the place was already quite full with a nice cross section of folk young and old, male and female. It is a good sized unit, the bar is ahead on you right as you enter with seating on the opposite side running all the way down and into the brewery section itself with some seating actually alongside the brewing kit. Interior wise it was as I tend to write regularly now quite simply furnished, some small above head height heaters providing a little warmth, lighting was novel and was provided by some sort of red woolly netting with lights inside this was strung/dangled between the metal roofing supports.

Onto the beers, these were displayed on a blackboard behind the bar. There were eleven Twisted Barrel beers on offer and one guest which was a lager by Freedom brewery. All beers were on keg and covering a wide array of styles. Prices were excellent value and ranged from £3.30 - £3.70 a pint with a 7% beer being the most expensive, you could pay by contacless card payments or cash. We tried quite a few of the beers on offer and was impressed with all we tried. The service was good, staff very friendly and knowledgeable and offered tasters if you wanted.

We really liked it here, we nipped out for a very good and inexpensive Turkish meal in a very good restaurant full of Turkish folk just 2 mins away on Far Gosford Street before returning here to finish the evening. We will definitely return here and can think of few negatives at all, save perhaps for the music which whilst ’mostly’ fine did appear repetitive at times with Michael Jacksons - Beat It, Queens - Bohemian Rhapsody and The Killers - Mr Brightside all coming on a couple of times, we were even subjected to The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush at one point, ah well it made us chuckle. Occasional dodgy or repetitive music aside this was a really great place, the beers, atmosphere everything was great, I think some of the UKs trendy breweries should take note of this set up in particular the pricing, just because it’s keg Twisted Barrel Brewery prove here that you don’t have to ramp up your prices. Good luck to them we shall definitely be returning.

Fin 1601 days ago
“Apr ’16 Review 54pts. Visited for a pre Cov Beer Festival Spookkie. It has certainly improved in here, it feels cleaner and just slightly less gloomy. The staff are certainly keen and willing in here.
Apr ’14 review 46pts. This is a huge barn of a place within the cinema complex close to IKEA. It is a vast glass fronted building with a long bar to the left. It is very gloomy inside with dark furnishings and fittings, seemingly out of place with the building. Rather soulless, more drinking barn although on the positive side it seems to be well staffed on the bar and pretty clean.“
imdownthepub 1617 days ago
“Visited on Saturday 5th March 2016. City Centre Spoons, quite a large place and plenty of room amongst the hardcode on a Saturday morning. Beer range looked Ok, Spoons prices are always low! Food was OK. Handy to know it’s there but better places in town.“
WingmanWillis 1656 days ago
“Visited on 4th March 2016 for Simon’s stag event. Arrived at 6 and met with the standard brewery and tap venue, chairs and tables amongst the brewing equipment. The VIP area had no velvet rope but a little concrete fence to keep out the riff-raff. Excellent range of beer in keg and bottles with a few guests and collabs chucked into the mix. Beers were decent. Service was super friendly and the guys happy to chat about beer. Prices were pretty good with pints at around £3.50. Could do with another toilet when it gets busy and maybe some food but overall a great place and will go back.“
WingmanWillis 1656 days ago
70 /100 122 GOSFORD ST,
“Visited on Friday 4th March 2016. It’s located between Draper’s and Whitefriars. Noticed it as I walked past. Student friendly with a mix of keg and cask beers. Cask beer in decent nick. Craft beers were from Tiny Rebel. Prices not bad. It’s quite bright and music playing, TV on. Might not be to everyone’s liking. I was happy enough with it. Would visit again plus it’s open for long hours so handy for early or late rakes!“
WingmanWillis 1656 days ago
“Visited on Friday night, 04/03/16, here for the best part of the night 6pm to midnight for Simon47574’s stag drinks. Located approx 15/20 mins walk from the city centre in the trendy Fargo Village quarter the TB Taproom is a modern space and you sit amongst the brewing kit but with enough chairs and benches to seat a good 40 folks. 10 beers on tap during my visit, all their own aside from one Midlands guest. All beers are via keg dispense supplemented with bottles in a couple of fridges ... 50/50 split of their own and guests including a number of their own that weren’t available on tap ... All told a good dozen or more TB ticks on offer. Service was prompt and super friendly ... One of the brewers working the bar and happy to chat about their own stuff and the beer scene at large. Mixed crowd, largely 20/30 somethings but no annoying kids and a few more senior drinkers appreciating the beers. Facilities wise food was nuts and crisps, apparently they have had food carts for events but not a regular thing. Just the one toilet for the venue but this didn’t prove an issue and crowds never built beyond 2 or 3 folks. The place remained busy right through till closing with a good lively vibe throughout the night. Finally mention must be given to the VFM prices on the beers. Thirds also available. A pint of their 6.4% pale was £3.45. Overall a solid brewery tap, good range, decent beer and a good atmosphere. A must visit if in Cov over a weekend.“
Theydon_Bois 1657 days ago
48 /100 BOND STREET.
“Visited around 4 pm on Wednesday, 16th September 2015. Multi roomed town centre boozer, split rooms either side of the bar, decor is a touch jaded and trad. There were a few other punters, all blokes aged 55+ , half a dozen loners and a group. The beer range is rather pedestrian. 8 cask lines but all bitters and goldes from the larger regional brewers ... think Wells, Caledonian, Wadworth and Theakstons. To be fair the 2 beers I had were in excellent condition, just a shame they were boring offerings. Service was prompt and friendly. Far from a go to destination, that said Coventry is a bit of a beer desert.“
Theydon_Bois 1830 days ago
“Really pleased for these guys - a small Coventry brewery which has now set up this tap house and it works really well. Good selection of the chaps’ own stuff, they love to talk about how they brewed it, and it sits in a new trendy part of our city. Good work!“
Sjohnh 1848 days ago
“Visited 26/06/15 a week after opening. Brewery and Tap Bar situated in the Fargo Village group of units at the end of Far Gosford Street, approx 10min walk from Coventry City Centre. Bar is purely keg, with 6 taps dispencing 5 core beers and one guest from either their own "pilot" range or a guest. Tap Takeovers planned. Ambiance was great, the brewery is next to you, the place is open airy and the 2 head brewers were serving, both really chatty and service was fantastic. I think I may be visiting this place quite a bit ! Well worth a visit, and glad Coventry has now got a good beer venue for Craft.“
47574xeCD 1909 days ago
“Visited on Wednesday 22/04/15 around 10.30pm. Located inside a former church spire this small bar (think Euston Tap in terms of ground space) also has a roped off heated patio area outside seating 50 or so I’d guess. The interior still retains many of the old church features with wooden pews, hymn boards and the like dotted about. Bottle only selection, around 50 or so, largely Belgian but offerings from around Europe and the US. As other have touched on, nothing rare but some solid picks. There’s a guest bottle list to the right of the bar on a chalkboard. Here I found a brand new Twisted Barrel beer that wasn’t on RB. Service was prompt and friendly. Got chatting to one of the guys who told me they have links to both Drapers Bar and Beer Gonzo. The place was fair buzzing on our visit although everyone was packed into the outside patio so we bagged a table inside with no problems. Solid bar in a great setting. Whilst the ardent ticker won’t pick up many winners here, if I could only come back to one of the five bars I visited on my Cov crawl, Inspire would most definitely be the one !“
Theydon_Bois 1975 days ago
62 /100 46 HILL STREET.
“Visited on Wednesday 22/04/15 around 8.30pm. Factory conversion forming a moderately sized single room boozer with seating around the edge and bar to the right vas you enter. 6 cask lines on offer during our stop, largely local micros including Byatt’s and Church End, a Sharps seasonal and draft Bass in amongst the others. The place was ticking over with a local crowd and service was fine. Not too exciting a place but as Cov goes one of the better ranges of beer.“
Theydon_Bois 1975 days ago
“Visited on Wednesday 22/04/15 around 8 pm. Soulless Spoons set amongst a leisure park comprising gym, cinema etc, off a pedestrian street. Patio out front and dark and gloomy Spoons interior with no natural lights aside from the front entrance. Doing a decent trade during our stop, mixed bunch but primarily office workers eating meals. Service was fine. One of the worst selections I’ve come across in a spoons. Only one guest cask beer and that was from Marstons, even the coming soon guest was from the not so craft arm of GK! Gets a 6 on selection largely due the US stuff that is guaranteed in bottle/can. Do yourself a favour ... jog on and give this one a miss!“
Theydon_Bois 1976 days ago
56 /100 22 SPON STREET
“Visited on Wednesday 22/04/15 around 7 pm. Trad old boozer with wooden beams and stone floor, a couple of nooks and crannies and a real wood fuelled fireplace in the centre. Service was friendly from the narrow bar dispensing 4 cask ales, one actually being on gravity in the cellar. Nothing too exciting but at least a porter on offer from RCH to break up the golde monotony. CAMRA discount offered. The place was doing a tidy enough trade from a largely older crowd. Some local nutter was on show making darth vadar noises and spinning his false teeth around in his mouth @straight to stoat face! Overall not a go to pub, beer range a touch pedestrian but a pleasant enough environment, nutter aside!“
Theydon_Bois 1976 days ago
64 /100 14-16 BROOMFIELD PLACE
“Visited on Wednesday 22/04/15 around 6 pm. Victoriana stylee boozer opposite the rugby club around a mile or so from the city centre. Couple of rooms, trad interior, couple of benches out the front where we set up camp. Pretty quiet on this visit, just my group of 4 plus 3 locals. Friendly old pub dog on offer - she was great! Service prompt and friendly, no CAMRA discount but this may appear in the future. 4 real ales and 2 ciders on cask, Salopian, Robinsons, Golden Duck and Kite from the beer range. My friend tells me there’s normally more on offer but I can only go with what’s put in front of me. Overall a decent enough back street boozer, friendly staff and well kept beer. I am of the understanding they are to launch their own brewery imminently (April 15).“
Theydon_Bois 1976 days ago
50 /100 45 CRAVEN STREET
“Visisted for a third time 09/04/15 in the search for Hearsall Brewery beers. Oddly the same 3 beers available as the previous visits, and the one "guest" is the same as the October 2013 review below!! Irish feel to the pub, small bar with 4 sticks, only 3 with beers on. Abbot (yawn), Bass (Yawn) and yes, Church End Goats Milk.... Had that and it was good. We got moved though as we were sat at "reserved" tables for the ladies darts league. That was a sight to behold. Chatting to the barman the Brewery had suspecded brewing several months ago due to a license issue and they are hoping to brew again in the Summer.“
47574xeCD 1989 days ago
76 /100 14-16 BROOMFIELD PLACE
“Visited 09/04/15 whilst scooping Coventry GBG pubs. Quite a gem this, and the best original style pub so far visited in Coventry. Tucked away by the Rugby Club but signposted from the road, there is a small seating area of the front and main door to the "Saloon bar". The bar now has 11 sticks on, 9 for beer and 2 for cider with another 9 further ciders in boxes. Service was fine and the barman knew his beer. Good prices and varierty was good with beers from Nobby’s, Keltek, Church End, MerriMen, and a "cellar aged" Bass. Also present were a coupld of guys with banjo’s and guitars playing some adhoc stuff, which added to the backstreet atmosphere.“
47574xeCD 1989 days ago
86 /100 22 SPON STREET
“Coventry is no town for real ale fans, so finding this lovely old pub came as a welcome relief. Great service from the fellow behind the bar and a good selection of beers was complimented by a good atmosphere. Sampled an Old Slug Porter from RCH brewery and sat in one of the characterful old rooms. Ale quality was fine and the roaring fire provided much relief from the snow falling outside.“
Beermenace 2073 days ago
72 /100 22 SPON STREET
“Fantastic old building in medieval spon street. Full of nooks and crannies where you can sit and sup an ale. Good selection - mostly ales but a few interesting bottles too. Loud jukebox, which is great when your can load it up yourself - less so when half an hour of U2 is loaded on!“
Sjohnh 2156 days ago
60 /100 22 SPON STREET
“Jul 14 rating 60. There is a solid improvement in here, new Landlady, more choice on the Real Ale front, better kept beer, quite decent now.
Dec ’12 rating 52. One of the few remaining old buildings in Coventry centre, part of a chain which means the beers can be somewhat standard fare but the atmosphere is good and the building is worth a look round. The food seems very popular here.“
imdownthepub 2249 days ago
36 /100 2-10 TRINITY STREET
“Jul ’14 rating 36. Verging on the awful, Stale food smells pervade a mad house of a Spoons. One to avoid.
Feb ’13 rating 44. Pretty standard Wetherspoons within the city centre, near the Shopping Arcades. Struggles with the usual Wetherspoons issues, service and beer condition. Good place to go to get away from the shops though.“
imdownthepub 2249 days ago
66 /100 46 HILL STREET.
“Jul ’14 Mark 66. Improving pub each time I visit, this time managed to get into the rather pleasant, although noisy from the nearby ring road, garden. The beer range is mainly from local breweries with the odd guest from further afield.
Prev mark 60. A pub that was converted out of an old factory gatehouse and also has a large garden, rare in Cov. Changing range of Real Ales often holding a few of the local Byatt’s beers, normally with 7 hand pulls in operation. Good to combine with the Town Wall Tavern.
Update Dec ’12 - Quite empty on a Thursday lunchtime, reasonable range of beers including a Byatts seasonal. At least the televisions were switched off this time. Still definitely worth a look.“
imdownthepub 2249 days ago
72 /100 14-16 BROOMFIELD PLACE
“Small and cosy pub close to Coventry Rugby Club in a run of cottages. Dark and stripped down, not too many hoe comforts in here, but this adds to the feel. Beers are often gravity served direct from casks behind the bar with a decent choice available. It also won the local Camra Cider pub of the year, so a good stop for you fermented fruit lovers. Well worth the trip out of town.“
imdownthepub 2456 days ago
50 /100 45 CRAVEN STREET
“Boozer with an Irish feel, part of the Chapelfields run. There is a friendly feeling in there, although it was very quiet on my recent visit. It may be a Brewpub, but their own beers seem to be a rarity. There were just a couple of ales available on my visit, neither over interesting.“
imdownthepub 2456 days ago
80 /100 45 CRAVEN STREET
“Friendly pub in the Chapelfields area of Coventry. Distinct Irish theme in decor. Humorous staff and locals make for a welcoming atmosphere. 30 minutes spent in the pub last night, never long enough to do it justice. Furthermore CAMRA’s 2013 Good Beer Guide did not mention the home brews only discovered on website. However I was able to enjoy a perfectly kept pint of Church End Goats Milk. Pub is LocAle accredited. Filling rolls (locally known as "batches") are available at the bar, and when they’re sold out they’re sold out! Pub is well worth seeking out, and will not disappoint. A short walk from the Broomfield Tavern, and a contrasting venue.“
ladnewton 2515 days ago
76 /100 14-16 BROOMFIELD PLACE
“Intimate welcoming backstreet local in the Spon End district of Coventry. A recent entry into CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide. 5 hand pumps. At least two guest ales on at any time, with Church End beers featuring regularly. My pint of Church End Vicars Goat was excellent. The pub is LocAle accredited. Friendly staff and locals made for a pleasant visit last night. A good-humoured quiz was in full swing last night, and the pub regularly hosts live music. Well worth the effort of finding, either as part of a local crawl or to spend an evening. Scooper and tickers will find few fresh listings, but the quality of the ale and the warm friendly atmosphere will not disappoint.“
ladnewton 2515 days ago
50 /100 BOND STREET.
“The pub seems toi have been in the middle of a permenant building site for the last few years. Beer selection is fairly uninspired at least during my current viisit, but it’s an oasis in the depressing city centre and a short wallk from the Gatehouse and the Old Windmill pubs“
Clembo1957 2648 days ago
66 /100 46 HILL STREET.
“Coventry City Centre, a good selection of real ales and a decent looking menu. One of the best pubs in Cov !t“
Clembo1957 2648 days ago
“Architecturally stylish converted bank/Lloyds overlooking the council house. Generally beer-less although Ruddles, Coming Soon and Byatt’s are semi-permanent. Upstairs recommended. A stepping stone en route to Whitefriars.“
DruncanVeasey 2754 days ago
“Long and narrow Lloyds version of a Wetherspoons a little away from the shops towards the commercial area. Really slow to get served at most times with many beers having coming soon tags. Handy to move on to the Whitefriars.“
imdownthepub 2776 days ago
“A Lloyds Bar marketed pub in the Wetherspoon chain, however it is not a typical one. There’s hardly room to swing a cat let alone have a swinging time in this one, it does look more like a normal pub in the regular style of this chain. Situated entirely in one corner meeting room of a grand building in the city centre it is comfortably decorated with soft furnishings, however the ground floor space alone would have made this too small for its purpose, therefore a second level exists within the same room thus making it a very intimate and densely packed pub. The Lloyds Bar name might account for the fact that the University area begins across the road from it, but on the other side the commercial centre begins so this is an extremely popular place to drink, expect to stand. A row of ale pumps are available.“
ManVsBeer 2783 days ago
“Perfectly situated Wetherspoon to feed off the nightlife of Spon Street in Coventry city centre and for events held at the Arena next door. For casual drinkers that are looking for this place it is situated directly behind IKEA beyond the indoor market. It’s a large open room inside, high ceilings and very well decorated. The bar is long which is handy for those packed nights and two rows of ale pumps provide plenty of choice which is not bad for a Lloyds Bar part of the chain.“
ManVsBeer 2783 days ago
60 /100 2-10 TRINITY STREET
“Flanked by shopping centres’ in the commercial heart of the city this has more of a traditional pub feel to it than the other Wetherspoon outlets in the immediate area. This one is set over two levels with a small bar upstairs to compliment the larger one below. There’s also a patio area on the upper level. Given its location it can be a busy place all day every day so expect standing room only at some times. Ales are on two rows of pumps.“
ManVsBeer 2783 days ago
50 /100 BOND STREET.
“Jul ’14 Mark 50. Now under new management, the beer range is very uninspiring unfortunately, they seem to be concentrating on food.
Dec ’12 Mark 64. This pub is a step back in time for its location as it is being gradually being surrounded by large office blocks and new building. It is moving with the times though, despite its appearance from outside. The inside is smart and welcoming, there is a bar and lounge and the very unusual Donkey box room between them, where I like to go when I am visiting. It has a good mix of drinkers and diners, the meals seem to be very popular. The beer range is a little staid but there is quite often a guest beer worth having. Essential on an inner ring road tour or not far from the Beer Festival.“
imdownthepub 2830 days ago
“Lovely suburban boozer on the edge of Coventry city centre. A small, well kept range of real ales. A nice place to sup, in a beautifully decorated, warm, cozy venue.“
DanielBrown 3822 days ago
“Really nice place - lots of Belgian bottles, in a church spire location. Bar staff were friendly and although I didn’t encounter anything particularly rare, it was nice to have access to such a selection of tried and trusted favourites.“
DanielBrown 3834 days ago
“Wide range of Belgian ales available, including most trappist beers. The selection of beers is updated monthly. The bar is in a church spire which gives it a great atmosphere. Live music on some evenings and beer tasting events on the first Wednesday of each month. Quite expensive and no draught beers, but it is a great place for bottled continental beers.“
d_a_goody 3835 days ago
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