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“Good place - friendly, small but not tiny like some micropubs. Strong emphasis on local stuff, I think about eight taps from memory.“
kwik-lime 115 days ago
82 /100 ESSEX ROAD
“I don't often add private members' clubs to the database but in this case I'll make an exception, at any rate they allow CAMRA and CIU members. (They're less strict in the afternoons than the evenings, I've been led to understand.) The club is spacious and utilitarian but it has a great feel to it. The bar has a huge number of cask beers for a club, I think there were 11. Lots of sessionable beers from micros such as Nelson, Big Smoke, Thames Side and Isle of Skye, as well as Courage, Landlord and an Adnams special. As good as a cask ale bar gets.“
jjsint 249 days ago
“There are many towns out there crying out for a pub like this. Smart, quiet and friendly, the Dartford Jug offer a number of cask beers on gravity (8 on my visit). They tend toward sessionable but interesting beers from mainly (but by no means exclusively) local producers. A great place to get acquianted with some new breweries in a plasant atmosphere. Worth a stop if in or near Dartford.“
jjsint 249 days ago
66 /100
Ivy Leaf (Bar)
“Well-worn, large, quiet pub outside of the town centre but within walking distance. The sort of pub with a considerable amount of metal whatsits (kettles, horns etc) hanging from the slightly low ceiling. There are six handpulls for beer, but only four of them were in use on my visit. A couple of new beers to me (Ringwood and Mad Squirrel) so it was a worthwhile trip. With the Dartford Jug in town there may be less need to trek out this way, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the beer is in good condition.“
jjsint 249 days ago
58 /100 3 DARENTH ROAD
“Comely two roomed pub but reasonably predictable beerwise. Just as Mr Pink said, there are two Young's (Ordinary and Special) with Tribute. I had a half which was in very good condition. Not much reason to come here if you're looking for ticks, but it's a nice enough place.“
jjsint 249 days ago
62 /100 36-42 SPITAL STREET
“Nice spoons in a building that looks, from the inside, like an orangery. Lots of windows, high ceiling, in a large single room, with mirrored arches behind the long bar. Not the best selection of beer, compared to other spoons, but 10HP and the usual bottles available.“
Mr_Pink_152 930 days ago
56 /100 3 DARENTH ROAD
“I didn’t realise Dartford hd a blind spot for beer. I’m not sure if this is the beer place in town, but its the only place I could find. 3 Hand pumps, 2 young and tribute. The pub its self looked appealing with a nice open and airy feel. Lots of people were eating, but not me. Might be the best place if you find yourself overnight in Dartford.“
Mr_Pink_152 930 days ago
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