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92 /100 196 BROADWAY
“Only came across this place by a recommendation from a close friend who shops with them on a regular basis. The range seems decent, actually its very good. Prices are kind on the pocket and definitely on par or even less compared to some of the bigger retailers. Will visit when lockdown ends and they are back open. Ordered online and my Belgian beauts arrived, well packed, if I say, next day. Bravo!!!“
CaskAromas60 62 days ago
88 /100 196 BROADWAY
“Discovered this place by chance when I was looking at the Cloudwater website: haven’t been able to visit in person because of the lockdown but based on the website alone it’s an oasis in the craft beer dessert of Oxfordshire! To be honest it looks the equal of most of the UK’s specialist beer shops, with the exception of Cotteridge Wines. I live locally and my beer ( a selection of interesting British craft beers, some Belgian and German classics, and some Estonian Baltic Porter) was delivered in a matter of hours. Excellent value as well.“
jarvo 126 days ago
100 /100 196 BROADWAY
“Best place in Didcot“
BubbleLiquids24 495 days ago
82 /100 196 BROADWAY
“Only discovered by accident. Very pleasantly surprised: decent choice with an emphasis on Belgium and German beers also some british brews, traditional and modern. In addition to the better part of an entire wall of beer, there’s also a fridge, with some interesting brews kept nicely cold. Chatted to owner, who was very friendly and clearly passionate about beers. Also, sells wine and a bit of cider, but emphasis is on beer. Will return!“
kirkcaldybrewer 1301 days ago
70 /100 196 BROADWAY
“Friday 24th October 2014. We found this place whilst walking from the Community Hospital where we’d parked Frank (camper) on Wantage Rd, Didcot, the short 15 -20 min walk into town. I feel a little cheeky entering this place as I actually didn’t venture inside, which is normally a prequisite for entering any place on the database I reckon. However my rationale is that Didcot has no entries at all on here and I couldn’t go in as I had gig to go to and food to scoff beforehand so time was of the essence. This place is on the Broadway, so fairly central, I guess you could park nearby on a neighbouring street or failing that Sainsbury’s and then 5 min walk. It is a fairly average sized ’offie’ the beers are close to the front of the shop as you enter, I counted approx 110. The beer choice had Brewdog, Loddon. as well as plenty of smaller breweries incl: London micro’s as. I recall. I have no idea of pricing. It certainly looked the type of place that was well worth a visit, and when next in the area I certainly will.“
Fin 2158 days ago