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66 /100 121 MARKET STREET
“On the first corner of the shopping centre by the main road junction through Droylsden where the tram stop is also situated, this is a shop unit micropub that has smallish but crafted selection of bottles on shelves and in a fridge in one corner. You're able to peruse these, which have a fair mark-up on them for a relatively poorer suburb of Manchester. It's mainly a bar though, and a pretty good one with a row of five hand pumps mainly stocked with ales from local micropubs, backed up by some keg options from the area too. It's slightly bigger than most micropubs of this ilk and has quite a few seats inside, but plenty outdoor on the wide pedestrian pathways in front of the venue too.“
ManVsBeer 620 days ago
56 /100 169 MARKET STREET
“Practically next to the Beehive, with just a few car parking spaces separating the two, but this is a better pub to frequent. In its own extended building, it's a large double roomed pub around a central bar, indeed, you can go walk a 360 degrees around the interior if you want. Serving a couple of its own ales on cask, and even more on keg, it's a popular convivial locals pub which shows all the live football, so expect it to be busy at weekends. The traditional decor looks to have been updated fairly recently. Some Joseph Holt bottle are available in the fridges. It's close to Droylsden Football Club so you may end up here if you're a visiting fan.“
ManVsBeer 628 days ago
42 /100
Beehive (Bar)
“Two roomed pub on the cusp of the small shopping centre complex in a traditional urban style. The best room to the right includes a stage area through an open plan wall section, all carpeted, warm and convivial. This is a much larger space than the bar area to the left which is more spartan and includes a dart board and pool table. Unusually for a pub of this ilk no pay television sport though. The selection is practically all macro, except for one hand pump on the bar in the best room side that had a stout from the Lancaster microbrewery on it during my visit. Keg Boddingtons is in here too.“
ManVsBeer 629 days ago
62 /100
Beehive (Bar)
“Community pub with 2 rooms, a tap room with dartboard and a split level lounge. We enjoyed the TPA from Tweed brewery“
gillhalfpint 1157 days ago
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