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80 /100
MACE South Circular Road (Grocery Store)
“Normal Mace from the outside, small shop to get the basics, but in back is the beer cave. I’d guess that there might be 200 cans and bottles. On the left is mostly all Irish craft, small bit of US, a whole shelved fridge for Belgian selection, UK craft next, then more US and finally a mix bag of sorts on the last shelves and fridge. Dublin prices, so tack on another €1 per can or bottle.“
beerfest5 75 days ago
“Great spot. Loved the tour, especially the section with all the ads -some great memories. The Gravity Bar is great due to its fantastic views and it’s enjoyable to have a refreshing pint at the end of the tour. Love going back in again whenever possible“
Padchenko 131 days ago
“A large dimly lit space with a few TVs and two floors available. Stopped in early in the day and place was pretty dead. Service was solid but not particularly beer oriented. They had ~14 taps and a cask or two available with small pours an option. I did not try the food on my visit but appeared to have a large menu. Prices seemed fair for the area. Solid spot.“
deyholla 244 days ago
“Interesting modern style brewery/restaurant in Dublin. There is a small area of outdoor seating, indoor tables and bar, and a large area for parties downstairs. They only had maybe 2 of their own beers on tap when I was there, which was disappointing, but they did have bottles from other Irish breweries. Food menu was gastropub style - mostly appetizer/tapas. The food was very good - I tried the beef cheeks, meat plate, and flatbread. Perhaps not the best beer destination, but a good place to enjoy a drink and meal.“
LilBeerDoctor 261 days ago
“Small bar in Dublin just outside the main touristy area. They had a bunch of Galway beers on tap, probably 10-15. Pretty good beers and plenty of styles to choose from. No TVs, small place with tables, not very crowded. The beer was quite good, so it's worth a stop.“
LilBeerDoctor 261 days ago
“Solid bar in Dublin. Sort of a confusing place - lots of seating areas, a small bar, very crowded. They have a pretty long list of taps maybe 20. All of them were Irish craft beer, so we got to try a variety of different Irish breweries. The food service was very confusing. Most people were ordering from a cafeteria style line, where you could pick an entree and a few side dishes from a buffet. The line did get super long at times. You could also order from a menu at your table, but only if the dish wasn't part of the buffet. Anyway, the Irish meat pie and veggies was very delicious, and plenty of food. Solid stop for classic Irish food and Irish craft beer.“
LilBeerDoctor 261 days ago
“Old fashioned bar in Temple Bar. There are two floors; it was pretty crowded when I was there and barely got a table. Dim lit, wooden tables. The beers are decent - the porter and oyster stout are pretty good. There is a food menu, but I didn't have any. Not really a standout, but a good place, especially if you're seeking out Irish craft beer.“
LilBeerDoctor 261 days ago
46 /100
Marqette (Bar)
“Came here on 12.12.2019. Open bar at T1 with a U-shaped bar. Liked the Session IPA from Hope in Northern Dublin. All the remaining beers are Guinness and Heineken beers. A few good whiskey's available as well. Not terrible for an airport bar.“
Schlenkerla 283 days ago
“Came here on 20.11.2019. Should not be listed as a beer place. Only US mainstream beers available in bottles, not even a Guiness.“
Schlenkerla 305 days ago
“Came here on 20.11.2019. Best choice on T2. No bar seating available. Around 8 beers on tap. Had the Cute Hoor Irish Pale Ale (from Heineken !!!) which was very light in taste but not terrible. Hope I will not get sick. First Heineken since at least 20 years. They also had a quite good Ale from the Franciscan Well brewery in Cork. Irish stew was non exciting.“
Schlenkerla 305 days ago
“Came here on 19.11.2019. Located very centrally in Dublin. Brewery and restaurant area in the vaults of the basement. Very nice ambiance. Food was great (very small portions!). Beers (Lager, IPA, Stouts) were mediocre at the best and were lacking carbonation. Price level was far too high. As there are not too many alternatives, still a place to consider when you are visiting the city“
Schlenkerla 306 days ago
8 /100
Stephen St News (Beer Store)
“Went inside to change my coins for a note to give to a homeless woman so she could get a hostel and the two men in the shop just laughed at me and refused to do it. Absolutely sickening behaviour and she was in tears as we left. The anti-homeless attitude in this country is disgusting and these two men are garbage human beings!“
TasteSampler57 309 days ago
8 /100
Beerhouse (Bar)
FrankenBier 313 days ago
“Takes itself far too seriously - I much preferred the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. Having said that, the view from the Gravity bar is spectacular; and when in Dublin, do as the Irish do and drink Guinness - and this is the place to do it.“
berkshirejohn 351 days ago
“Bang on this gaff... its a must if your visiting Dublin....“
Wirralbeerveg 352 days ago
100 /100 16-18 PARLIAMENT STREET
“Less touristy than other nearby Temple Bar pubs. Cosy and atmospheric, der the main attraction is the beer: the range of in beers is wide, and all are excellent plus a number of well-picked guest beers. Great!“
Piepenhenrich 358 days ago
60 /100 20-21 TEMPLE BAR
“Have visited a few times over the years but most recently on Sunday 15th September 2019. I had no advance knowledge, as the brewery - nor the venue, were on RB despite having been added to UT in 2016/17 but this restaurant now has it's own micro brewery under the name Jack Smyth. The building itself is a standard restaurant set up, with a downstairs also, kind of a tourist trap but I've always gone back here cos the food is decent ... Boxty's are large savoury pancakes in essence and the ingredients are of good quality and they are well filled. There were 4 Jack Smyth offerings on tap during my visit, which conveniently filled up the 4 flight taster which came in at a fairly hefty E10. Beers were pretty average (think 2.9/3.0 rates) but this was definetely the best way to take them down ! Service was decent considering they were busy ... as they always are given their location. Overall not a go to destination but decent food and probably the only place you'll get to tick the Jack Smyth beers.“
Theydon_Bois 362 days ago
82 /100 75 DAME STREET
“Visited on the afternoon of Sunday 15/09/19 ... previous visit on a Monday evening in 2018 also. Underground bar off Dame Street, below Brogans, interior pretty old skool and dimly lit. 15 to 16 beers on tap, displayed on an electronic board behind the bar, allied to perhaps 40 or so bottle/cans in the fridges ... these are a steady selection and for the interesting beers and new ticks have been on tap. Service on both visits has been friendly and knowledgeable and on this occasion it was the owner who chatted away during our hour plus stay and the place gradually picked up custom from when we arrived after opening with 7 or 8 present, to 30 plus. Beer range is solid ... 7 to 9 Irish craft beers with a few local Dublin hoppy numbers, which was my main interest, added to this guest from Estonia - Sori, Croatia - Garden and the UK plus an oud biersel lambic on tap ... which was getting switched for Nath the following week ! Overall a great little bar that I will always head back to in Dublin as a top priority ... purely independent and no breweries owning any taps here !“
Theydon_Bois 362 days ago
80 /100 75 DAME STREET
“Underground bar with low ceiling. Noisy and busy. Friendly helpful staff. 20+ beers on tap and an excellent selection.“
Pyobon 366 days ago
“Lovely interesting place with multiple levels, wood paneling, shelves and shelves of bottles, interesting nooks. Huge range of beers. Friendly service. Excellent food. Had a very pleasant Friday lunch here.“
Pyobon 366 days ago
“There’s a lot of taps but not many with beers you would choose. It is a comfortable bar. Live music. Quick service.“
Pyobon 367 days ago
74 /100 11 WEXFORD ST
“Comfy bar very much focused on craft beer. Front bar is lively / noisy. Back are is quieter. Friendly service. Around 20 pumps plus cans and bottles. I don’t think food is available. Seemed a little pricey to me but maybe I chose some expensive string beers.“
Pyobon 367 days ago
58 /100 129 CAPEL ST
“Visited at 11:00 on Saturday 7th Sep 2019, it was rammed (nowhere else had opened in this part of Dublin). Large central bar with seating all around it, nice, noisy vibe even that early. Wife had an Irish Coffee, me a pint of Smithick's Pale Ale, no new rates for me in here, so we didn't stay longer. Guinness or Lager seemed to be the most popular beers being taken while we were there.“
BlackHaddock 371 days ago
70 /100 8 POOLBEG ST.
“Visited with my wife on the afternoon of 7th Sep 2019. Three roomed place with plenty of 'local charm'. We sat in the large back room which is a bit like an old railway station's waiting room more than a snug or saloon bar. Large if fairly uninteresting tap selection, I managed two new rates, hoped for more, but even though I've only had 60 odd Irish beers the choice here didn't help me with as many new ones as I expected. The whole place needs some help as it's looking tired and well worn, still liked it though!“
BlackHaddock 371 days ago
“Visited with the wife on Saturday 7th Sep 2019. First customers of the day (12:00), liked the vibe and layout of the place. We stayed on the ground floor, so no idea what's above! Loads of their beers on tap and an interesting if expensive bottle list. We had a three beer flight and two halves between us, five new rates which could have grown in number if we'd had the time and inclination to carry on drinking.“
BlackHaddock 371 days ago
“Visited Aigust 2019. Good looking modern style. 6 own beers on tap. Flights of 4 available. Estrella Galicia available...if this means something. Noisy. Next one please!“
Taboada 375 days ago
76 /100 DUBLIN 2, 47/48 TEMPLE BAR
“The icon, the prototype Irish pub. Although mainly catering to tourists it remains a certain level of authenticity - which comes at a high price (price of the beer, that is).“
Piepenhenrich 378 days ago
82 /100 75 DAME STREET
“Visited August 2019. Basement bar with a nice draught selection. My kind of place. Next one please!“
Taboada 379 days ago
“Visited August 2019 on my way back to the hotel. Associated to Galway Bay Brewery. Friendly staff. Loud music.“
Taboada 380 days ago
68 /100 1-2 BURGH QUAY
“Visited August 2019. Flights available. Three floors. Live music. Very busy. Next one please!“
Taboada 382 days ago
“Visited August 2019. Cool and big venue with a good live music inside. Good bottle list but a little expensive. Next one please!“
Taboada 390 days ago
74 /100
Bar Rua (Bar)
“Visited 15/08/2019. About half of their taps are from Carrig Brewing with most of the rest being other Irish craft breweries. Good live music and tasty food. Really worths the visit. Good ambiance. Next one please! “
Taboada 390 days ago
“Had reserved table for 30, only possible to take 20 when we arrived. Very unpolite and unfriendly staff. 0.4 points beccause it was not possible to give 0“
achwell 394 days ago
70 /100 DUBLIN 2, 47/48 TEMPLE BAR
“Stopped in here for a pint with my Dad and brother, because you have to right. Its a huge bar with many different rooms and bars inside each with slightly different offerings. There was a band in the middle rocking out some traditional Irish very well. We found a spot deep in the cavern and sat for a while drinking pints and watching the tourists go by. They have a lot of whiskey and some bottles with their label on them but not being that into whiskey I did not partake. Beer wise the usual suspects plus a couple of Irish micros scattered at the different bars. They say the pints of Guinness go up 1 Euro an hour at night in the Temple bar area, we were there late afternoon and it still seemed pricey. Glad to check it off and it is a beautiful bar with great music, but really crowded and touristy for me.“
johnnnniee 408 days ago
“You can't come to Dublin without a tour of this place right. 5 or 6 floors of information about the history and how they make Ireland's iconic beverage. Culminating in the gravity bar at the top of it all with spectacular views of the city in all directions. The price of admission includes a ticket for one free drink that you can use in one of several bars on the way up or at the top. There is a restaurant and a cafe and also a huge gift shop. You can pay extra to have a guided tour. There are several brands offered and curiously when I ordered a cider for my wife I had to assure the bartender that she had a gluten allergy or he couldn't serve it to me. I'm not sure what that was about but I played along. The Guinness tastes the same, but it was great sipping on it looking out over the city. I'd do it again.“
johnnnniee 408 days ago
66 /100 30-32 PARKGATE STREET
“We stopped in here for dinner on our next to last night in Ireland because it was close to the hotel and the vegetarian with us said she could find something to eat here. Nice looking Irish pub dark wood with Victorian accents and a hodgepodge of different table and chairs. Beer wise this place is nothing special. It has all the usual suspects Guinness, Coors Light, Heineken, Hop 13 etc as well as 2 beers from 5 Lamps. 6 people liked their meals I thought my Guinness pie was a bit tough. Service was great. Not enough of a beer draw to bring me back and though the whiskey/scotch list was large that's not my thing either.“
johnnnniee 408 days ago
“Stopped in here with my Wife, Dad, and Brother while on vacation. Its a bit outside of the city center but luckily we were also staying a bit outside and it was a fair walk from our hotel. Long room with the bar against the right wall and a dining only area deep in the back. Somewhat empty bar with only a few other patrons at 8pm on a Wed night. Warm dark wood everywhere mismatch of chairs and stools creaky wood am Irish pub! They had maybe 20 or 30 taps with more micros than I'd seen in one place on this trip and also an extensive bottle list that was at least a hundred deep. Mostly Irish but USA and other parts of Europe represented as well. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I seemed to not be as shocked by the bill as I'd been on previous night or maybe it was the 4 or 5 rounds who knows. This was the best beer centric stop we made in Ireland, I would go back if in Dublin again.“
johnnnniee 408 days ago
“Stopped in here with my Dad and Brother while on vacation. A few tables outside on the side walk but inside there is lots of room with multiple bars on multiple floors. Some of the floors are reserved for those dining, were were just drinking today. They have their own beers on tap tasters and pints as well as the usual assortment found at every pub in Ireland. Service was prompt and attentive. Pricing was standard Temple bar expensive. I really enjoyed the plain porter, Id return and maybe eat as well.“
johnnnniee 408 days ago
68 /100 DUBLIN 2, 47/48 TEMPLE BAR
“Go there at friday night, its so crazy! Other way its pub for tourists mostly.“
magicmn 410 days ago
“A famous, cool looking old pub, but way too touristic location.“
magicmn 410 days ago
84 /100 75 DAME STREET
“One of the best craft beer bars in Dublin. Good choice of local and imported IPAs, sour etc. Bartender is so kind and was really interesting to talk with him! Highly recommended if you will be tired from Guinness:)“
magicmn 410 days ago
70 /100 1 DAME COURT
“Old classic authentic pub, even several tourists are around non-stop. Cool looking, atmospheric, solid. Good pint too. Worth to drink a beer or two or even more:)“
magicmn 410 days ago