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“Online purchase 12/6/2021. Amazing what a Google search of “Portuguese beer uk” can turn up. Definitely a place to keep an eye on if they expand into other slightly more difficult beers to find here. Ordered 15 or so Portuguese beers plus a few Scottish gems. Arrived quickly, superbly packed. A few of the beers were past their BB date which wasn’t advertised/offered discounted but as what appears to be a mainly a bar coming out if lockdown it was no issue for me.“
Grumbo 18 days ago
“This is a review for the online store, but I believe this place may also be a physical bar as well. I was alerted to the online shop because there was a decent range of beers from Croatia & Portugal available. Some Portuguese breweries that I'd not come across before. Beers took almost a week to arrive but no bother. Decent prices and the packaging was great“
Cheeseboard 82 days ago
74 /100 113-117 QUEENSBERRY STREET
“In my opinion Tam O Shanter is the best beer pub in Dumfries. It is a traditional boozer located a minutes’ walk from the town centre. The main bar area is like sitting in your aunts front room! They also have a back room with a pool table. The pub is tied to Broughton, so they have 5 cask ales (including two beers over 6%), 1 keg and several bottles from them. They also had a 1 guest cask from Lawman and a few bottles from Sulwath. Beer quality was excellent, prices good and service excellent. Best pub in town.“
Scopey 1931 days ago
“The Cavens Arms seems to be the main ale destination in town (although I personally prefer Tam O Shanter). They seem to win the CAMRA local pub of the year every single year. We visited on a Thursday evening to find this place rather busy indeed. Interior is lost in time and very old-school (including heavy floral patterned carpets). They had 6/7 different ales on tap on our visit. These included Fyne Ales, Broughton, Theakston and such like. Had Broughton Ghillie which was fresh and well-conditioned. Range was less exciting than I expected given the previous reviews, but all beer was in good nick. One of the best venues in town.“
Scopey 1931 days ago
60 /100 81-83 BUCCLEUCH STREET
“We arrived in Dumfries pretty late on a Thursday evening and heading straight here as it is one of the few places to serve food late (until 11pm). The building is actually rather grand and is located at the Northern end of the high street. It was rather busy on a Thursday evening with most seats taken in the downstairs area. They have 12 hand pumps, although most of these were duplicates, so probably only about 7/8 different ones on our visit. Unfortunately ale range was tame and contained nothing local, so we opted for some bottles. Price was very cheap indeed, especially the food. Not a beer destination per se, but this place was a saviour for us hungry types late on a Thursday!“
Scopey 1931 days ago
56 /100
Globe Inn (Bar)
“The Globe Inn is a 17th century boozer tucked off the high street in Dumfries. There is restaurant area to the left and and bar & snug to the right as you enter. We visited on a Thrusday evening to find only 3 other punters, who were pretty boosted. The beer selection is pretty limited with 2 cask ales and a number of macro keg options. We opted for a Sulwath ale and the rare McEwan’s 60 shil. Service was fine. Interior is pretty ok, but the music was pumping to the max. Worth swinging past for a quick ale, but there are much better places in town.“
Scopey 1931 days ago
56 /100 81-83 BUCCLEUCH STREET
“Not much to add to what ManVsBeer says, if you’re familiar with the Wetherspoons experience. Allowing for the fact it was a busy Saturday afternoon, and the local football team were at home, I thought service was slow: (only two bar staff). Nowt wrong with the place, and they had Deuchars IPA for the bargain price of £1.69p a pint. I had a pint of Devils Backbone for £2.85p, but felt the ambience at The Caven just down the street was well worth the £3 a pint for guest ales there.“
Martin243 2119 days ago
“Visited on a Jolly Boys outing to watch Queen of the South play Hibs. Manages to retain a pubby feel, although food appears to be the main business. We gat sat in a comfortable little alcove near the bar. Despite being a busy Saturday afternoon, service was good, and although there was nothing extraordinary in the pumps, there was a wide selection, and the Jaipur I had was in excellent condition, and, as jsint says, all guest ales, including Skullsplitter were £3 a pint. I didn’t eat but the member of our party who did was impressed with his haggis, leeks, and cheese. A must if you find yourself in Dumfries.“
Martin243 2119 days ago
28 /100 156 HIGH STREET
“The pub with no beer, well no good beer anyway. All keg and bottle, all macro, no craft. I suppose it is a good enough place, pleasant enough, and so forth... but your best bet is the McEwans 70/ and so forth. Not a beer pub at all sadly.“
jjsint 2278 days ago
58 /100 113-117 QUEENSBERRY STREET
“Decent boozer in a town full of boozers, few of them decent. Rough and ready and initially a bit intimidating for those of us of a more sensitive nature, the Tam is friendly, down-to-earth, and the second-best cask choice in town (after the Cavens, q.v.) Two Broughton ales compement three more from local-ish breweries. You’ll get a tick or three here. A few Innis & Gunn bottles if you’re missing those ticks (which you probably aren’t). Cask quality isn’t as consistent as I’d like.“
jjsint 2278 days ago
“The real ale pub in town. The Cavens Arms offers 8 real ales... 4 are macros not worth bothering with but the other four will be tried & true Scottish offerings such as Orkney and Harviestoun. Absolutely rammed to high heaven when I was there the first night, but the staff managed to be engaging and efficient. I returned on Sunday night, which was quieter, saner and pubbier. They’d changed 4 of their 8 ales in 24 hours... Ok. And this part I really cannot stress enough: guest pints were all £3.00. Including the wonderful Orkney Skullsplitter (8.5%), for which I was happily paying £2.70 in the 1990s.“
jjsint 2281 days ago
54 /100 156 HIGH STREET
“Off the pedestrian High Street through a fairly elaborately designed alleyway that does its job in attracting your attention, the actual pub building is set back from the commercial premises that front the main shopping street. Inside it is a two room affair with the bar area serving both sides, although the place does not get busy enough in the daytime to warrant more than a single server so you may need to be in the front bar to attract attention. The ale selection with a naturally Scottish bias is mainly in keg.“
ManVsBeer 2603 days ago
60 /100 39 WHITESANDS
“Queen of the South FC was founded here in 1919. Parking is by using a disc system, it’s free but you have to get a parking disc from tourist information first! 3 ales on tap, pretty uninspiring choice. OK.“
niquillis 2980 days ago
60 /100
Globe Inn (Bar)
“Situated down an alleyway off the high street it is a small pub with two bars, one side an open drinking space with pew like tables in rows, the other a small cosy square room. It’s full of Robert Burns memorabilia given this was one of his haunts and doesn’t feel too changed since that time. Ales available.“
ManVsBeer 3178 days ago
60 /100 81-83 BUCCLEUCH STREET
“Small by Spoons standards in a converted church building that doesn’t feel too cosy. Usual set of drinks, ales and foods on offer as well as wifi.“
ManVsBeer 3178 days ago
“A very decent pub. They have a constantly changing list of quality beers, which varies between (in my opinion) boring, middle-of-the-road cask beer, to some absolutely excellent and very interesting beers. I’ve had Black IPAs, Double IPAs and more on tap here, and that’s not especially common for such bars. The service is excellent, and the price of beer very reasonable. Food is good quality, but I wouldn’t call it especially mind blowing. One small thing is that the bar is mostly seating space for people eating, and while it’s not a problem to perch at the bar and drink, there isn’t loads of space for those only in for a beer. Very much worth visiting, and deservedly the winner of the best pub in Dumfries for the last 5 years.“
pivoveskotsku 3280 days ago