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72 /100 2919 ELWOOD DRIVE
“On the south end of the city in a suburban stripe mall. Oddly i just popped in and had a few samples and nothing impressed me that much, but I decided to grab a couple cans - including one beer which I had sampled and thought was just ok. I opened the cans later that evening and all the beer was very solid. Staff were friendly. Now that I've had these beers, I would definetely go back and explore more.“
TimE 38 days ago
70 /100 12021 102 AVE #105
“A canceled flight leads to a new province in my place ratings! This is a quiet place about a 30-40 minute walk from downtown. Kind of a residential neighborhood. Not busy on a cold Sunday night. Very friendly service; no flights available, but half pours offered. They also had a couple of canned Revel ciders, which made my wife happy. Met a really great guy who gave my wife and I a lift back to downtown with a bit of free tour guide monologue tossed in. Great evening. Unfortunately the beer was a bit mediocre, but you can't have it all, can you?“
bytemesis 75 days ago
90 /100
Say Uncle (Restaurant)
10184 104 STREET
“Really awesome spot for local beer and retro cocktails. Food is dynamite.“
bulldogops 166 days ago
82 /100 11620 104TH AVENUE
“2019.01.03 - Stop #2 on the #greatabbeerrace of 2019 - Re-review. It must be noted that alll the reviews included here are quite dated, and this location got a massive facelift in 2018. This brewpub-taproom flagship got a serious update, fixtures are more modern, looks sleek and sexy. New brewer behind the scenes here, this Brewsters produces some small batch brews on their little system (visible behind the bar) under Brewsters (Oliver Square Small Batch) for the #yegbeer market.“
bulldogops 401 days ago
74 /100 2919 ELWOOD DRIVE
“A nice spot in a strip mall that is new and quite well designed. Service was solid and selection quite expansive. Flights, wifi and good prices with the option of a good meal this place is pretty solid.“
Ferris 467 days ago
72 /100 9850 62 AVE NW.
“A hodge podge brand new place that is nice, but looking for a bit of focus. Service was decent and selection was OK. A decent new spot that is open very late which is good.“
Ferris 467 days ago
76 /100 9570 - 76 AVE, SUITE 102
“Absolutely beautiful place...great décor and ambiance...can't speak highly enough about the design. We thought the food was fantastic and the beers crisp, clean, and very enjoyable...especially paired with the small plates we ordered that included cheeses. Prices are on the high side but a place like this doesn't come cheap (of course a beautiful place will bring people there for one or two times...great food, drink, and service is needed to keep them). I read the previous review...and I get what he's saying...I could see this being possible (especially regarding the beers)...of course I was only there once...and it was literally at opening time on a day with on and off rain...so not crowded yet...and my service was fine...but nothing special. I don't know if this is the learning curve or what...but I would like to think the place will get better and listen to reviews and concerns like those mentioned below...otherwise a great concept will be wasted.“
PRBeer 547 days ago
70 /100 9929 60 AVENUE
“Definitely a place to visit when In Edmonton...not amazing...but not bad at all. Seem to be nice people...service was good. They had 8 beers when I visited...Sunburst session IPA was good...Dragon IIPA even better. Aprikat and Full Moon were also noteworthy. If you are visiting Edmonton craftbeer places for 2 days or more...this is the second day place.“
PRBeer 547 days ago
80 /100 10004 JASPER AVENUE
“Great place to check out if passing thru as they have a large selection of Alberta beers and others from nearby provinces (parking is rough to find though). Initially the place looks very cool...but on closer inspection I felt like it was a bit older and not really kept up well..."however" that was forgiven once we realized we had a great bartender, a good beer selection, and some really good food. We talked to him at length...and he gave us plenty of attention. All in all, a very pleasant visit. This place might not be for everyone...but in addition to the beer...definitely give the food a try.“
PRBeer 547 days ago
74 /100 8224 104 STREET NW
“Definitely worth a visit if nearby...food along is worth it (excellent BBQ)...nice beer list even if not large. I was able to try the fantastic Sea Change NEIPA here, Go for the food...and know you'll probably have a great beer to wash it down with.“
PRBeer 547 days ago
54 /100 9570 - 76 AVE, SUITE 102
“I've given them a dozen chances, and they still won't commit to prioritizing their "brewery" over the foodie restaurant crowd. Food is great, but expensive. The beers are clean and well made - but almost always a variant of a wheat ale. They describe beers well but fail to tell you what style they are, what IBUs, or anything else a beer geek might want to geek out on. They are snobby to the max, and love to cover their patio on sunny Edmonton days lest "folks get warm" on the patio while there are 80% of the air conditioned seats inside without an occupant. Owner and his crew have, without fail, taken up a prime table on the patio each of the 5ish times I've waited 30+ minutes to get a seat on the patio. This is very much a play toy for the owner. I love the service from the wait staff - they are generally excellent. I lowered my service rating to account for the ridiculous wait times I am quoted when all I want is a quick beer while stopping in.“
gramity 565 days ago
90 /100 8204 106 AVENUE NW
“I love this place. The beer selection is incredible and while the eats selection isn't huge, its great- delish. German comfort all around. Forest Heights needs Cartago!“
efficientcarrot 570 days ago
52 /100 11727 KINGSWAY
“Once upon a time quite an exciting place, but now only if you are looking for Scotch. There are much better and focused options in Edmonton than this. Don't expect to much in the way of exciting or even interesting craft beer.“
Ferris 577 days ago
“Really the only option in the airport. It is a bistro in the airport that is wide open so there is no escape from the surroundings. Service is passable, but clearly not interested in beer. A few local craft taps with most Belgians being in bottles. Since there is no choice, might as well stop, but the prices and lack of selection keep me away.“
Ferris 577 days ago
80 /100 10004 JASPER AVENUE
“Cool spot that is located... you guessed it, underground! Comfortable mix of tables and booths and bar seating, decent tap lost with a great representation on the Alberta craft scene. Good pub food. I enjoy this place.“
DuffMan 729 days ago
64 /100 100-10909 JASPER AVENUE
“Trendy bar at the heart of party area Jasper Avenue and 109th. Some macro and local taps, but frequent deals on local pint offerings.“
bulldogops 756 days ago
80 /100 11965 JASPER AVE
“Cool little cafe on the west end of Jasper Ave. 4 taps, and a rotating bottle list that will satisfy a number of curiosities.“
bulldogops 756 days ago
80 /100 2919 ELWOOD DRIVE
“2018.01.10 - Sat upstairs, had a flight and a salad. Staff was friendly, flight and food were reasonably priced, food was good and beer was good. MegaWatt NEIPA stood out. That was delicious. Atmosphere is pretty sweet,with some nice seating upstairs, and a geek friendly bar seating.“
bulldogops 765 days ago
76 /100
Arcadia (Bar)
10988 124 STREET NW
“Chill local beer spot that is unabashedly dedicated to its identity. All Alberta beer, all vegan-friendly food. Cask nights, and a decent rotating tap schedule (6 taps) and one door beer fridge with a rotating list of AB beers in the fridge. Great spot for Oiler games as owner is a fanatic.“
bulldogops 768 days ago
70 /100 9929 60 AVENUE
“A #yegbeer institution. Industrial strip mall tasting room isn't anything that drives in beer crowd. but a good spot to pick up growlers and pony kegs on the reg for your weekend needs. Dragon series is cool, and some of the back alley brews are pretty snazzy.“
bulldogops 771 days ago
72 /100 8224 104 STREET NW
“Unsure why review is missing for me until now. Ambiance certainly lacking now that it's sandwiched between it's other 2 concepts, Meat, and Pip. This is a dive bar frequented by Theatre geeks and Old Strathcona regulars, and is a must for people watching at the Fringe - but only frequenters know it. Food is outstanding at all 3 concepts, beer selection varies some local draught and some pan Canadian bottle lists with some intrigue.“
bulldogops 774 days ago
64 /100 11606 JASPER AVENUE NW
“This was The Druid pub in Edmonton for a long time. Was a macro/Diageo house for a long time for beer, but has since installed a 24-tap self serve beer wall, that has roughly 12 Alberta and BC craft taps at any given moment. Cost per oz is fairly high for self serve though. I had 3 tasters of 3 AB beers I hadn't tried, so selection isn't just core-brand focused.“
bulldogops 775 days ago
66 /100 10351 - 82ND AVE
“Decent Whyte Ave opening that tries to offer unique taps and bottles, but is more focused on cockatails and being a live music venue.“
bulldogops 781 days ago
96 /100 11819 ST. ALBERT TRAIL. NW.
“This is by far the best source of beer in Alberta. Nobody comes close to the variety. Service is excellent, staff is knowledgeable and can suggest some great beers. Also very good selection of spirits and no slouch on wines. This is the only place in Edmonton I'll buy my beer at.“
jeruvy 865 days ago
74 /100 17328 STONY PLAIN ROAD
“108 taps, some decently crafty offerings but a lot of big beer overload here too. This place has too many component pieces of its identity.“
bulldogops 902 days ago
82 /100 8204 106 AVENUE NW
“Very nice addition to the Forest Heights neighbourhood. Rotating AB tap is nice to see, focus is on larger curated bottle list.“
bulldogops 913 days ago
70 /100 10308 – 81 AVE
“First visited 2016.05.19 - cool new taproom with a nice vibe. Service was lacklustre, not really beer-focused. A decent range of beers available, and some pretty good food. If well-managed, has some longevity.“
bulldogops 926 days ago
“8 tap growler bar that has some pretty interesting items rotate through it. Cooler is among the larger of the Sobeys Liquor stores.“
bulldogops 932 days ago
80 /100 9570 - 76 AVE, SUITE 102
“Beautiful brewpub/restaurant that is the cornerstone piece of the new Ritchie Market. Currently starting off with 4 beers on draught, beers were excellent and service is quite good. Looking forward to them filling growlers and growing their selection in the brewpub. Didn’t eat but anxious to dive in to a well-thought out flavour-first menu.“
bulldogops 934 days ago
74 /100 9570 - 76 AVE, SUITE 102
“A new and very nice place that is open and trendy. A bit loud, but I am sure they will fix that. Service was great, although not beer forward and beer was simple and clean. Food is funky and great, although a touch pricy. Beer is pretty cheap. A good spot, but they are new so lets see what happens.“
Ferris 942 days ago
70 /100 10308 – 81 AVE
“Good spot in old part of city. Half dozen or so taps of their stuff, nice charcuterie plate. Beer was solid overall, probably the best I’ve had from alberta.“
rejtable 1060 days ago
88 /100
Arcadia (Bar)
10988 124 STREET NW
“Great Place to chill, tons of music events, cask events and trivia nights. Taps are always changing.“
HopsCommander13 1114 days ago
82 /100 11819 ST. ALBERT TRAIL. NW.
“Great selection, and about even with Keg n Cork. They probably have more beers than the latter, and the growler station as well. Some more interesting finds here as well. The division by style is annoying as it always is, but there are lots of singles and growlers available. Nice place.“
solidfunk 1147 days ago
80 /100 3845 99 STREET
“Great beer store with a great international and Canadian selection, with a focus on the international. They are easier to navigate as it’s done by country rather than style like Sherbrooke. Employees pretty knowledgeable as well. Decent prices for the most part, and some interesting international stuff and some West Coast U.S. stuff you don’t see in Washington, D.C.“
solidfunk 1147 days ago
84 /100 10308 – 81 AVE
“Probably the best overall brewery for beer and the best brewpub I’ve been to in Alberta. Their beers were all solid with a couple of standout saisons and some above average stouts and IPAs. These guys will probably dominate Alberta’s top 50 list when they get more rating numbers. They also do cask, usually starting at around 4 when the brewers get something ready - the almond cranberry saison I had was delicious. Great to see a place like this doing good things off Whyte right beside the old comic shop I used to go to while a kid.“
solidfunk 1147 days ago
70 /100 9929 60 AVENUE
“Decent taproom here where they will let you sample the beers, though you must ask and they dole them out half grudgingly. A couple of interesting things on tap and all their basic beer lineup. They gave away a holiday beer bottle for free when you bought anything here, and it was actually decent. Prices were cheap.“
solidfunk 1147 days ago
“Great spot for Belgian brews on tap of you are airside... depending on how often you can get a Delirium Tremens in proper glassware on draft in your area if may be a good enough reason to fly out of here just for that. About two dozen Belgians on tap and in the bottle. Kind of pricey but not too crazy. Food is good too. I am here more often than I care to admit.“
DeanF 1153 days ago
76 /100
Color De Vino (Beer Store)
9606 82 AVE NW
“Owners completely took over a derilect liquor store on Whyte Avenue a year ago, and have turned it into a wondrous destination for fine wine, artisanal spirits, and interesting craft brews.“
bulldogops 1246 days ago
52 /100 10229 105TH ST
“Gorgeous old building downtown great for private functions. Trying to crank out more than their lager now, but still quite boring on the craft scene.“
bulldogops 1281 days ago
70 /100 10351 - 82ND AVE
“A decent typical spot on Whyte ave, but with people who actually care about beer. Good staff who were interested in discussing beer. A boring local few taps, but they offered flights and a good local bottle list. Trendy, but bucking the trend by offering beer out of the norm. Well done.“
Ferris 1286 days ago
76 /100 10308 – 81 AVE
“A very nice and clean/trendy restaurant bar. Service was great with decent knowledge and enthusiasm. Beers are solid, with spa few stand outs and a tadpsting flight. A very welcome addition to a city that has little interesting beer to offer.“
Ferris 1286 days ago
68 /100 10013 - 101A AVENUE NW
“Large over trendy space that really is looking for the downtown business crowd and trendy evening crowd. Service is variable but the bar ensures someone who knows something. Selection is huge but not very interesting. Food is overprices and variable in quality. This is just another in the chain of too many taps and not enough quality. Preset flights that are not very interesting.“
Ferris 1291 days ago
70 /100 11736 104 AVE NW
“A large open space with a nice patio. Service is variable, from lots of knowledge to none. Selection is pretty good, but not as adventurous as the Calgary location. Food is solid with some nice things on the menu. Prices are OK. No flights, but tastes and 1/2 pours.“
Ferris 1291 days ago
72 /100 9929 60 AVENUE
“I strip mall tasting room that isn’t particularly nice, but functional. Service is pretty good as it is the brewers and staff of the brewery that take care of you. They always have a seasonal or 2 on. This place shines in the way it supports the local community and hosts home brewing dinners among other things. Good people, just average beer.“
Ferris 1291 days ago
70 /100 10250 106 ST
“This place gets big points for being a pool hall with good craft beer. Rare and nice to see. Lots of bottles and a few taps, the owner is actively trying to make this a great spot for great beer. Not necessarily beer geek quality, but awesome if you want good beer while you shoot pool.“
Ferris 1291 days ago
60 /100 10229 105TH ST
“A stunning building that is used for private events. If you have an event there you might actually, if you are lucky, get a chance to try their 1 craft beer. This could be so much more, but it just isn’t.“
Ferris 1291 days ago
58 /100 8101 GATEWAY BLVD
“Offensive to the craft beer lover. It is a direct rip off of Craft Beer Market, which rips off every large craft beerish chain in the USA. Not original and more geared toward a crowd that really doesn’t care. Service is horrible and they usually know enough about beer to be detrimental. Selection is huge, but still at the same time horrible. Food is passable bar food. Prices are high unless there is a deal going on. This is a college/young/hip place that is using the beer as a gimick and it shows the minute you walk through the door.“
Ferris 1291 days ago
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