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50 /100 1–11 TOWNHEAD
“Good selection of cask ales and a nice range of craft beers in their core lineup (Sixpoint, Lagunitas, Brewdog...). Atmosphere is a bit dry and the crowd was quite varied when I was in - there was an 18th birthday party juxtaposed with sanctimonious caskheads. The food fare is quite diverse but I got the impression that even Gordon Ramsay would run of expletives were he ever to have the misfortune of becoming hungry in there. Fish & Chips, steak and pulled-pork are all words that you’ll find on a piece of paper that’s headed with the word ’Menu’. Prices are very reasonable indeed, no sign of poor housekeeping (in the beer department) either. Best place in Kirky for good beer.“
GlasgowTAD 1837 days ago
56 /100 1–11 TOWNHEAD
“Great food great prices good beer same as most weather spoons good place tho“
CalumScotland 3313 days ago
94 /100 1–11 TOWNHEAD
“Good place, a little snob for my tatse, I don’t like the beting machines, but nayway, I was there for the beers, the prices are cool, at least because they are in a festival right now. I like they have beers from countrie snot that famous for beers.“
Nekronos 5388 days ago
70 /100 1–11 TOWNHEAD
“My work, WOO HOO. The best in kirkintilloch and the surrounding area. Ales can be particularly good around march and october, when we have our beer festivals. Otherwise its always a safe bet that your going to get something good, as in most wetherspoons. Ales sell suprizingly well, though i think this may be due to the staff upselling on them.“
DonMagi 5532 days ago
34 /100 1–11 TOWNHEAD
“Typical ’spoon pub. Slightly smaller than the big ones in the city centre. They seem to sell more real ale than most I’ve been to so the beer tends to be slightly fresher than your average spoon. Standard spoon food. full of wankers.“
GarethYoung 5537 days ago
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