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“Small two-roomed brewery bar with the main seating area at the front, which is a little cramped, but workable, and the service area in the even smaller room at the back. They were trying to push a guest ale on me during my visit as it seems to sell less than their own, but after explaining I was here not as a tourist looking for a beer, but to especially try their ale they untapped the next of their own so I could sample it. There’s a selection of bottles available to drink too and if the weather is good capacity is increased by a couple of tables outside on the pavement. I was a little surprised to find it closed in the afternoon on a Saturday, getting there just in time for last orders before it did, but perhaps it does better business with its food than beer in this tourist town.“
ManVsBeer 1179 days ago
“A very tourist oriented pub close to the estuary and the railway which crosses it. It’s perhaps smaller than its purpose at peak times, with food served and it’s popular, so much so orders are taken from a small archway in the wall in the front room, with the bar on the opposite side of this facing into the back room. Both are small but cosy, with cramped spaces to fit as many tables and chairs in as possible - this is by no means a tacky affair though and the design and look of the pub is very good. There’s very little natural light in the back room, but the exposed stone walls and alcove here give it a lot of character. The front room is more modern, and opens up to the elements when the weather is good. There’s some tacky seaside tables right next to the pavement too, which wouldn’t look out of place in a fish & chip shop. The landlady was happy for people to cross the road and sit on the small wall opposite with their glasses as the place was full beyond capacity on my visit. There’s a row of cask ales all from the Marston’s family, including a seasonal brew on my visit.“
ManVsBeer 1179 days ago
“Apart from its slightly greater outdoor space, this is the lesser of the two Marston’s pubs in Abermaw for me, mainly as it feels a little more dated and worn in its traditional pub design, and carried only a couple of regular Marston’s family ales when I visited, unlike the other, which had some seasonal specials. Being a Saturday with sun the front patio facing the road junction was heaving and a space outside could not be found, there was plenty of room inside though.“
ManVsBeer 1179 days ago
“On a corner of the main road just before it heads up hill north from the town centre. The entrance from the road leads you into the top bar, which has a couple of cask ales, but there’s a lower bar too, which in the summer months you’re likely to frequent as this is where the enclosed patio area is too. A better reason to use this bar is that there’s more cask ales and greater choice here, or at least when I visited there was. This had several choices from North Wales, all ’regulars’ from microbreweries, but well kept. There was nothing new here for me though. There’s nothing spectacular about its design and decor, but it’s a functional enough place“
ManVsBeer 1179 days ago
“Had read something about a new beer cafe opening in Barmouth last year, but only now got a chance to visit. Pronounced ’Merthen’s’, after the mythical Welsh legend this is a tiny cafe situated at one end of Barmouth’s main drag. No need for directions, just keep an eye out for one of the many large A-board’s scattered about town directing you there. Morning’s are reserved for standard cafe fayre (full English - sorry, Welsh! - breakfasts mainly), closing 2pm-6pm after which it serves basic burgers and evening meals, using meat from their local butcher.

However, they also brew their own beer (although none were available on my visit), as well as an admirable range of Welsh ales and cider. I had a burger, chips and beer for 9 quid which seemed quite reasonable. Plus they also do a cooked mini pork sausage for dogs for £1, with all money going in a tin for the Dog’s Trust! A great little stop for anyone visiting Barmouth - but due to limited space inside I’d def recommend grabbing one of the 2 tables outside if one’s available.“
minutemat 1222 days ago
“Large hotel with the pub underneath that can be seen and reached in a couple of minutes from the Railway Station. The pub ranges over 2 floors, calmer upstairs, yoofs downstairs. It has had a recent make over by all accounts, not sure I could tell. It appears to be the best bet in Barmouth, apart from the wonderful Myrddins down the road, for beer choice, not that its massive, but a new beer could be picked up here. Worth a look.“
imdownthepub 1545 days ago
“Visited here because of its reputation as one of the most atmospheric pubs in Wales which started life as an old Shoemakers workshop in the 15th Century. It has obviously been enlarged, knocked through, so even though there are nooks and crannies you would be hard pressed to work out the origins of the pub. The beer range is bog standard Marstons stable, the pub trades on its history by selling pub grub to the tourists. Been there, done it never to return.“
imdownthepub 1545 days ago
“This is what Ratebeer places is all about, thank you 47574xeCD for pointing this one out otherwise I would have missed it. From the outside it is just a small cafe, like many of the other cafes in the area, it’s only once you start to read the notice boards liberally scattered around that you begin to get the idea of what the place is about. To the front of the tiny building is a few tables, you are welcome to sit here for drinking as the bar are is even smaller, two is a crowd in there. They have their own beer on gravity around the back, just the one on during our visit, then a decent sized bottled beer list for small Welsh Breweries. You can consume them on site or take away if you wish. The Husband and Wife team are excellent, showing just what you can do with a tiny space, they must work tirelessly to keep on top of this as the food is excellent too. It’s a must visit location frankly, but just a few at a time, not sure what they would do if a coach load turned up.“
imdownthepub 1546 days ago
“Large Marstons pub not far from the Railway Station in Barmouth, it’s like a Midlands city pub plonked into a Welsh sea side town. Knocked through to one big room with a central bar, right in front of you when you walk in. An uninspired range of Marstons stable beers, but a great and friendly bar-guy that dominates the proceedings.“
imdownthepub 1546 days ago
“New Micropub in the beer desert that is Barmouth. Started brewing on the premises in early 2016 with 2 beers so far. They also offer 1-2 other casks and over 40 bottles of beer from the likes of Purple Moose, Cader, Monty’s and Welsh Ciders. Very friendly place seating 15 people, food is fantastic with a varied menu and specials. Very friendly husband (ex Greenalls and Robinsons brewer) and wife running Myrddins. Well worth a visit.“
47574xeCD 1681 days ago
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