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“We were delighted by this place“
BubbleLiquids24 494 days ago
“Really amazing pub. Great choice of beer made by the pub it's self. This is a great pub with an amazing community. The locals make the pub as much as the pub/beer makes it great it's self. The beer is sublime top quality propper British ale. One the best pubs in the world!“
robinshute123 603 days ago
“Unspoilt & quirky brewpub in an interesting old building with a myriad of rooms. A couple of guest beers served in addition to their own. Bottles available to takeaway. The beers are decidedly old school but rather nice!“
Cheeseboard 856 days ago
“Visited on 12th August 2017. Large brewpub that I had been to years ago and I don't think it has changed. Lots of space in the place with large rooms, low ceilings, it's definitely been lived in over the years. Had a good mix of their own beers on, service was friendly, prices good. Definitely a good spot for a beer, just mind the drainage channels crossing the road!“
WingmanWillis 1119 days ago
“This is a recent Wetherspoon outlet and is quite impressive inside with the ground floor not only having a variety of drinking areas, but on quite a few different levels. The access is wheelchair friendly though, and as well as stairs there are ramps or a small wheelchair lift to the different levels. There is a large outdoor drinking area upstairs too.“
gillhalfpint 1579 days ago
“We had to visit the Blue Anchor on our Cornish trip due to MadMitchy’s strong recommendation. The pub is located in the middle of the main street in Helston. If you are looking for parking head further up the hill and there is a small pay and display carpark on your left. When you enter the brewpub you are transported to a bygone era… inside is a multi-room warren of a place with plenty of nooks and crannies. Old wooden furniture, stone floors and open fires a plenty. We opted for our own private room given the bar area was pretty rammed full of locals. They had 5 house beers on cask and a small range of bottles, which are also available for take-away. The cask ales were traditional, interesting and rather complex. They definitely have their own distinct character. Got nice and boosted up here, so the lady friend had to drive me back. Perhaps next time I will stay in Helston and put in a full session here! A great place.“
Scopey 1652 days ago
“An utter delight this place. A terraced thatched pub in the midst of the fading grandeur that is Helston. As soon as you walk in this place you are transported back to days of yore. From the low ceilings and worn floors, to the beams, the numerous drinking rooms and the fireplace. The ambience is much the same. Old fashioned friendly service from the staff and friendly banter from the locals. The beers are brewed out back in an ancient brewhouse and in their words ’old school’. They are actually pretty good, I liked their drinkability and complexity, the latter of which I’m sure is due to the old brewkit allowing random elements of interaction. This is how it should be, not the eggy farts of Harveys! If you are driving (as I was) you can purchase most of their beers to take away in bottles. I was very sorry to leave here, could have stayed all day.“
madmitch76 2524 days ago
“A delight! The Blue Anchor is thatched and, were it not tucked in between shops and houses on Helston’s sloping main street, it wouldn’t look out of place on a country lane. Step inside and back in time. The central corridor seems to be an alleyway that’s been covered over, with outhouses turned into cosy little snugs on one side and the bar, straddling two rooms, on the other. We sat in the back bar which has a flagstone floor, a huge sit-in stone fireplace and a mismatched set of furniture, including a low, spindly rocking chair. There are seven hand pumps serving, amongst other things, the Spingo beers brewed out at the back. The brewery is up a short flight of worn stone steps and doesn’t look as if it’s changed for donkey’s years. Further back still there’s a nice beer garden where, when we visited, there was a marquee to accommodate a local beer festival. (Visited 29 March 2012).“
Boudicca 2955 days ago
“One of the very few places in the UK that can claim to be a part of brewing history and a mighty fine bar to boot. Fortunately it is 300 miles from London and apart from in high summer attracts more locals than visitors. The beers are brewed in tiny vessels in the outhouse, as ever, and have unique "perfect infections" much of the time. but that is part of their charm. The granite-walled pub itself is one of the most memorable in the UK. You can stay in a pub-owned B&B place next door.“
Tim Webb 3146 days ago
“Really like the Blue Anchor. It reminds me off Schlenkerla, or U Fleku. Its damp, it smells funny, and it’s full of old people. The brewery looks like a janitor’s closet. The beer is more drinkable than it deserves to be - I don’t even like the Middle but I kept ordering it anyway. I love this place.“
Oakes 3336 days ago
“Unspoilt is the key word to this marvellous place. Lots of different small rooms, a mini maze. When I visited the Helstonbury music festival was arranged in the back garden, live modern music while drinking some of the oldest beer in Britain, not bad for a late afternoon.“
gunnar 3340 days ago
“A place to savor and return to again and again. Remarkably unspoiled indeed. Medieval inn atmosphere with uneven stone walls. Cozy nooks with something for everyone. Crusty locals. Fireplace in winter. The beer is best described by a quote I heard by a local, "People love the Spingo beers but no one can quite explain why."“
Beershine 3491 days ago
“This brewpub is a complete unspoilt gem. I visited in early September 2006 following recommendations from friends, this site and the Good Beer Guide. This is a centuries-old sprawling low-ceilinged pub and home of the Blue Anchor Brewery. Staff and locals afforded me the warmest of welcomes, and conversation was struck up within literally seconds of arrival. I wish to thank Tom, the barman of 29 years, for showing me around the brewery and allowing me to take the photographs. The pub is divided up into several small rooms with a covered alleyway separating the two main structures of the building. There is a rear bar behind the main pub hosting live music, and a beer garden that accommodated the beer festival that I was lucky enough to attend. I only tried one beer from the festival (Ales of Scilly "SCUPPERED") as I was there to taste the Spingo ales of which I had three: Jubilee IPA, 4.6%. Refreshing, quite malty ale. Spingo Middle, 5%. The best beer all night. Very fruity start with a nutty taste following, and a lusciously dry, peppery finish. Spingo Bragget, 6.1%. An apple-and-honey ale brewed from a centuries-old recipe, tasting more like a cider than a beer. The brew was too sweet for my liking but it has to be experienced. Apart from the live music at the back the only sound you will here elsewhere in the pub is lively, hearty conversation - with one exception: A good quality piano is situated in the front room. I was invited to play and nearly missed the bus back to Penzance! I wish to thank the locals, especially those of the cricket team (Tim, Nathan, Petebutignorehim and the lovely American lady whose name escapes me at the time of this posting). The pub simply must be visited. I will be back!“
ladnewton 4044 days ago
“A very nice place but the landlord had a bad day and the service wasn´t very friendly. Maybe Wednesday afternoon isn´t the best day to have some real ales and good service. Or maybe they don´t like tourists ? (7.6.2006).“
lada66 4808 days ago
“Amazing place. I have been there every time I’ve been to the UK. Locals are friendly (you gotta make an effort mate) and the guv is top notch. Nirvana in Cornwall.“
bullmoose62 4876 days ago
“Ducked as I entered the pub near the bottom of the hill in what is the old town of Helston. The bar’s on the right as is typical of old coaching inns, only this has that eerie feeling only to be blinded by the loyal locals that would not dare leave there home on the southern tip, yet equally wouldn’t dare drink at any other pub. The barman was stubborn, brutish and stand-offish until a local and a young British adventurer - who’d been to Oz before - sat down at there usual table, the one we were on, and sparked up a conversation. After that the loyal locals opened up and the night went ’Spingo’. Met the brewer, met the boys in the Almanac and met many people that just made this a special place. The history of the pub is still up in arms (just what is old, and what is new!), but what makes the history is the characters you meet. A really enjoyable night for both myself and my wife.“
ALLOVATE 5172 days ago
“A real unspoilt pub, nothing has changed here since 1066; very british; but may remind You of some rural franconian pubs.....“
pivnizub 5530 days ago
“Superb traditional Cornish pub / brewery stocking its own, strong, range of beers. Current refurbishments mean change, but everything is being handled sympathetically. A must seek out if you are in Cornwall.“
imdownthepub 5968 days ago
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