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72 /100 SLOTSGADE 35
“Newly opened (July 2017) with 57 different beers in bottles (hence the name) and 8 on tap. Some local brews included. Decent food and nice service. OK prices, think this is best place in this town for a beer.“
vipinvelp 1663 days ago
58 /100
Skänk (Bar)
“I have visited this place once on an early Thursday afternoon where the place was not overly crowded to say the least. The bar is located in an old building situated by the central square of Hillerød overlooking the castle and the decor is pub-style with comfy leather seats and a bit of outdoor serving in the courtyard. Ten taps offer a selection of local, Danish beer from decent breweries like Ebeltoft, Herslev, Hornbeer, Gamma, Midtfyns and Munkebo. There is also a selection of bottles from the same breweries. The bar makes a point of only carrying Danish beers, which has the upside of making it easier to maintain freshness. I enjoyed one hopforward beer on tap, which I found to be reasonably fresh and a bottle of Hornbeer Fundamental Blackhorn, which was also good. Bartender offered relevant suggestions and recommendations and also offered samples and was eager to discuss various breweries and news. The place also serves wine and soda as well as a selection of snacks. For a local beer bar this is a decent proposition, which I would not hesitate to revisit when finding myself in the area. Pricewise the place is a bit steep as 40 cl pours start at around 60 DKK meaning a price of 10 euro per half litre. This is in my view a bit too close to the prices charged in Copenhagen and given that this place serves more casual, locally made beer and not the more expensive imported or limited edition stuff and that presumably rent is cheaper here than in Copenhagen I’d prefer for prices to be closer to 8 euro per half litre.Value and service ratings have been scored in accordance with my principles described here: https://www.ratebeer.com/forums/hvad-er-value-nar-man-anmelder-et-sted_293753.htm“
humlelala 1706 days ago
“I have been here quite a few times too and I can testify that this is a perfectly normal supermarket now with absolutely nothing but the standard supermarket lineup of "craft" beers, which in my book merits a selection rating of "1" not "4", "7" or "8" and an ambience rating of "1" not "2" or "3". Where do you people go to give ambience ratings of "1"?“
humlelala 2388 days ago
“Normal superbrugs with no special selection. Not a ratebeerplace. Go to Kvickly Allerød in stead.“
HenrikSoegaard 2388 days ago
8 /100
Bilka Slotsarkaderne (Grocery Store)
“Nothing to see here. Move along.“
humlelala 2590 days ago
34 /100
Bilka Slotsarkaderne (Grocery Store)
“Large grocery store. Only usual selection. No local beers. Best: Kona and redhook and many Industrials.“
HenrikSoegaard 2593 days ago
“Nice winestore with litited beer selection. 16 bottle and 5 Dansk Mjød. Bernard, Klosterbryggeriet and Veldensteiner. One Lithuanine christmas gem (Kristopu).“
HenrikSoegaard 2593 days ago
“Apr. 80 bottles. Okkara, Schorschbräu, Coisbo, Kongebryg and some nice Mikkeller. Friendly staff. Best selection in town.“
HenrikSoegaard 2593 days ago
36 /100
Bilka Slotsarkaderne (Grocery Store)
“A typical grocery store with some 10-15 Danish craft beer selections. Some imported US and Belgian ales are to be found as well. The standard mass produced brands are dominating the shelves.“
nazzty 2833 days ago
“Different Danish micros and some foreign but nothing extaordinary. Ok service but typical for a wine shop know real beer knowledge.“
Plovmand 3852 days ago
“Wine store located in central Hillerød with a small but fine selection of Danish micros, Beer Here, Mikkeller and Amager among others. They also offer a couple of meads along with a lot of different wines, whiskeys, rums, tequilas, tee, coffee and handmade "Summerbird" chocolate as well. Very friendly owner and always worth a visit when passing by. Danske Ølentusiaster gets 5% discount.“
Anker 3995 days ago
“As trapez writes but this is the one with the biggest selection in town. They usually has discount on Orval as well as St. Bernardus.“
Anker 3995 days ago
“This is the store with the most interesting selection in and near Hillerød (SuperBrugsen has the the biggest selection, but with a lot of mainstream beers). It’s a wine shop but it’s steadily building up a nice selection of manly Danish micro, with a few exceptions. The owner is very polite and helpful but knows more about wine than beer of course. New supplies and new beers comes in regularly.“
Anker 4104 days ago
“A typical Danish supermarket but with a decent selection of microbrews and the most common Belgian beers. A few British, German and American beers are often available as wells as a few Danish and British ciders. Best at seasonals, often with quite good offers. Don’t expect any specific knowledge from the staff.“
trapez 4115 days ago
42 /100
etc. (Restaurant)
“Small expensive shop, with lots of fine tee, coffee, chocolate, bread and so on.. Their beer selection varies a little bit and there’s normally no more than 5 different bottles, go to Holte Vinlager or Vinoble first.“
Anker 4220 days ago
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